Price Bailey offer debt services to people with different types and amounts of debt. However, they are a commercial business offering financial services to make a profit – unlike debt charities. This means using their services will cost you, but are they worth the extra money?

Uncover what people are saying about Price Bailey and their debt solutions in our review. We’ve done the digging, so you don’t have to!

Who Are Price Bailey?

Price Bailey is a group of UK accountants offering a multitude of tax-related services to individuals and large businesses. But their operation is even larger than that with a team of lawyers offering further services. At first glance of their website, you may not realise that they offer debt solutions because they are somewhat hidden. Most of their offices are based in the south of England but they also work internationally via a Dubai office.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

From bankruptcy to IVAs, there is a good selection of debt solution options available with Price Bailey, namely:

A Debt Management Plan is the only informal debt solution within their services. This is an informal agreement made on your behalf with creditors. They usually agree to more manageable repayments to help you pay off your debt. But they may go beyond restructuring your debt repayments and even get you an interest freeze.

The only downfall to this service is that because they are informal agreements, meaning your creditor(s) could change their mind!

Price Bailey Customer Experiences

After searching high and low across the internet, we were unable to find any reviews on Price Bailey debt services. So, we thought we’d do a quick evaluation of their online presence and how it affects your potential customer experience.

We have to admit, Price Bailey have a smooth and efficient website with navigations to their insolvency services – albeit somewhat hidden – which are also separated between individuals and corporate matters. They even have an online contact form, a freephone number to call them on – and an online payment portal for further convenience. Overall, they have one of the better online experiences for debtors.

Price Bailey Frequently Asked Questions

Are Price Bailey a legitimate company?

Price Bailey is a real company and 100% legitimate. They operate in the UK and must adhere to trading standards and regulations set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you were to choose Price Bailey to help you get out of debt, you will have no reason to question their professionalism or wonder if their services are real.

Can I get a Price Bailey IVA?

A Price Bailey IVA is for people who have multiple debt that total nearly £2,000 or more. If you qualify, there is a chance that you could get an IVA and only have to pay off part of the debt over the next five years before it is wiped. But there is no certainty that your creditors will accept the IVA and therefore no certainty that you will get one.

Do Price Bailey offer a lot of debt solutions compared with others?

There are some debt solution providers that offer twice as many insolvency services as Price Bailey. However, these usually come from companies who are dedicated to personal debt. Considering Price Bailey are also accountants and business advisors, the number of debt solutions on offer is more than respectable.

Will a Price Bailey DMP get me out of debt?

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) could get you out of debt but it is an informal solution that creditors can back out of at any time. If you keep up with repayments, this is not likely to happen, and you will escape debt eventually. But if you fail to keep to the agreement, it might not be your successful debt solution.

How much is a Price Bailey IVA or DMP?

The cost of an IVA or Price Bailey DMP will depend on personal services. The fees involved are not shared on the website and you will need to contact Price Bailey directly. Fees could also be ongoing meaning the total amount you pay is expensive.

What is the difference between Price Bailey and a debt charity?

The important difference between Price Bailey debt solutions and the ones offered by a UK debt charity is the former is commercial and looking to make a profit. Debt charities are not; they are simply here to help you.

Should I use a debt charity instead of Price Bailey?

There may be a free solution offered by one of these debt charities. It would then be cost-effective to ignore Price Bailey and choose the charity instead. But not all of the debt solutions that Price Bailey offer will be available with charities. What to do will depend on personal debt circumstances. Nevertheless, you should always make the most of free debt advice with charities first, or consult the free information on Money Nerd.

Will Price Bailey stop creditors from contacting me?

Price Bailey services involve direct communication with your creditors and will hopefully secure an agreement and stop nuisance calls or debt letters. However, because many debt collection groups now use automated technology to make contact, some annoying communications may continue for some time.

How do we score Price Bailey debt solutions?

We give a nod of approval to the number of debt solutions on offer to individuals with Price Bailey. But we also recognise that Price Bailey are not free and not likely to be cheap. As a result, we score them middle of the road and suggest looking around at other debt solution providers (and charities!) first.

Price Bailey Contact Details


Tennyson House
Cambridge Business Park

Contact number:

0800 434 6460


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