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your journey starts here

After coming from financial ruin, I started MoneyNerd to stop people from making my mistakes. This site is aimed at people who don’t want to stress about debt.

1) do a quick financial snapshot [2 minutes]

I recommend everyone does a financial snapshot to find out exactly where they stand, this includes checking your credit score for free.

2) check your debt options [5 minutes]

Once you know where you stand, you’ll be better placed to look at your debt options to decide what’s best for you.

3) improve your finances [20 minutes]

Once you’ve decided what debt option you’re taking, then you can follow the steps to improve your finances.

4) borrow smarter [5 minutes]

And finally, once you’re in a good place, learn how to borrow smarter next time!

I truly believe if you invest a little time in the process, your life will become stress-free. Good luck!

Are you being chased for debt?

There are two types of people that will chase you. Debt Collectors have no legal rights and Bailiffs that do, as they’re appointed by the court, usually after they’ve applied for a CCJ.