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Step 1: check your credit score

Get your Credit Score for Free – What get’s measured gets managed. The first step to your financial freedom is finding out what your credit score is. Recently credit score companies starting offering it for free! Don’t worry, it won’t impact your score by checking. That’s a myth.

If you’re in debt..

Get a Refund on Your Loan – One of my most popular articles, as featured in the Sun Newspaper. Hundreds of readers have saved thousands by doing this.

If you’re on top of your bills..

Making Extra Loan Repayments – The Pros and Cons – If you’re in a good place, this article looks at if you should make extra repayments.

If you need money..

New Technology Guarantees You a Loan at the Best Rates – This article looks at ping trees, a new technology which gets you the best deal without you having to enter your details multiple times.