No more superhero debt collectors in Portugal

Here in the UK the debt collector often dresses just like a security guard, their clothes are simple, understated and are designed to be comfortable and somewhat inconspicuous. However, the same can’t be said for those who collect debts in Portugal.

In order to almost shame the person into paying their dues, throughout time the debt collectors in both Portugal and Spain have worn outlandish and attention grabbing outfits. This ensures that rather than blending into the crowd, they stick out.

Whilst in the past these outfits consisted of a top hat and tails, in these modern times they have opted for something a little more bright and colourful. It isn’t unusual to see men dressed as Superman, Zorro or even the Pink Panther, rocking up at people’s houses and businesses in order to collect money.

Of course, this does seem funny to us over here in the UK, but it hasn’t always been met with the same humour in Portugal. In fact, it has been decided that when it comes to debt collecting there, something has to change.

A bill has been drawn up, which is designed to ensure that the person who owes money is guaranteed not only their rights, but also their dignity too. The first thing to be focused on is that debt collectors cannot call to a premises after 8pm and when they collect debts, they cannot use any tactics in order to degrade the image of the debtor.

This means that one of the things that they won’t be able to do anymore is dress up in order to draw attention to the situation. For those that are tempted to flout these rules, there is a fine to be set in place. This is between €2,500 and €44,000 depending on the infringement.

When this bill comes into place, you will see that the debt collectors in Portugal change their approaches. Whilst they may not entirely agree with these changes, there is no choice but to meet with the requirements and find new ways to ensure that they secure their money from the debtor.