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Online Survey Income Tracker – Free Spreadsheet

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For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Do you complete online surveys for money? Some people in the UK are topping up their income and making some extra pocket money by completing paid online surveys for companies. If you want to know more and how to access our free online survey tracker to calculate your earnings – read on!

Survey Tracker Spreadsheet

Can You Make Money from Online Surveys?

Yes, you can make some money by completing online surveys. Paid surveys earn you money because you are providing valuable data for companies asking the question. They might be researching about consumer habits or a particular product to refine their owns services and products. Thus, the answers to your questions are valuable to them. 

How many times did you buy something and then receive an email asking you to give feedback for the chance to win a voucher? It’s the same principle when completing paid UK surveys. You are providing your data which then helps the company to be better and sell more. 

How Much Can You Make from Completing Surveys?

Completing paid surveys is not going to make you rich, and it is not likely to give you a liveable income on its own either. You should see paid UK surveys as a way to top-up your income or give you some extra cash rather than relying on it to pay bills. Of course, there may be some quick survey takers out there that do pretty well from it. 

The people who make the most from paid surveys are those hosting them on their website on behalf of the company, which is why there are lots of paid survey websites out there. 

Another thing to note is that some paid surveys won’t always give you cash in the bank. Instead, they will reward you with discounts or vouchers to popular stores. Many people receive Amazon vouchers for their survey answers.  

Where Can I Complete Paid UK Surveys?

There are scores of websites online telling you that you can make money from paid surveys. It’s usually best to choose a few and stick to them rather than trying to complete surveys everywhere. Some of the most popular include i-Say, PopulusLive and Curious Cat. 

Always do your research before using a website. 

Is It Safe to Complete Paid Surveys?

Also, be aware of scams. Paid survey websites have become a common space for online scammers to try and steal your personal data and use it to commit fraud. This doesn’t mean there aren’t secure ones available, but always look out for reviews before joining. 

What Is a Survey Tracker?

People who do make money from surveys online usually do so many surveys that it is hard to remember what has been completed and how much has been made. A survey tracker is a way to avoid getting mixed up and keep on top of the payments or vouchers you are owed, and from which site. 

If you keep missing payments when completing lots of surveys each month, it is easy to not realise and keep working for free. A survey tracker puts an end to all that and helps you track your income from this side gig. 

Download Out Free Survey Tracker

MoneyNerd is making paid surveys easier by providing you with a free spreadsheet to track which surveys you have completed, how much you earned or are owed – and how long each one takes you. 

Take a look at our survey tracker now and download it for free! Click the button below:


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