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TDX Group Debt Recovery – Should You Really Have To Pay?

TDX Group Ltd Debt Recovery

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Getting a letter from a debt collection agency can feel intimidating. It’s important not to panic, however, and put a plan together to solve the problem.

Here we take a look at debt recovery business TDX Group Ltd and walk you through your options and answer any questions you may have. It’s essential not to ignore any debt recovery letter – taking action and taking control can make a big difference.

If you are in debt, various helpful organisations can be accessed online or if you need independent support and advice. You can find a comprehensive list here.

TDX Group debt recovery

I’ve just received a letter from TDX Group asking for money, what should I do?

There may be many reasons why you have gotten into debt. You might have overreached yourself financially. You may have lost your job and are unable to meet your current commitments.

If you have received a letter from a debt collection agency, it means you owe someone money. The first step is to read it properly and understand what the company is asking you to do. Ignoring the letter won’t make the debt go away and it won’t stop TDX Group from contacting you in the future.

Agencies like TDX Group are not there to make your life difficult. If you contact them, they will do their best to help put an arrangement in place that you can manage.

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Who is TDX Group debt collection?

Founded in 2004, TDX Group describes itself as a data and technology-driven company based in Nottingham that provides debt recovery services for a range of businesses and industries.

They have just launched a software called CyberFinancial which they say is “an end-to-end collection and recovery platform that’s powered by Equifax”.

The company currently has 400 employees in Nottingham and Spain. In addition to helping clients recover debts, they also actively buy debt from organisations and businesses.

Who is Equifax?

Equifax is a well-known credit check reporting service. It is an American owned company and handles the data of some 800 million consumers around the world.

In 2014, TDX Group was acquired by Equifax.

Is TDX Group a legitimate debt collection agency?

The short answer is yes. They are a member of the Credit Services Association which means they are duty-bound to behave fairly and legally when collecting debts.

Why is TDX Group contacting me?

Most businesses will do everything that they can to help their customers if they are owed money. If you have been contacted by TDX Group, you have a debt that has not been paid.

  • TDX Group will initially contact you by letter stating that the debt has been passed to them for collection.
  • It will outline what you should do next and state that you have a certain period (normally 14 days) to respond.
  • Letters will normally be followed up by telephone contact to discuss the repayment of your debt.
  • If you fail to respond, TDX Group may send one of their representatives to your home to discuss the debt.

Who does the TDX Group act for?

TDX Group provides its debt collection services for a wide range of businesses. They offer them for telecoms companies such as Sky and energy companies such as British Gas.

I’ve paid this debt, what should I do?

It’s not unusual for people to be contacted for a debt repayment when the matter has already been resolved. If you have paid the debt, it’s important to contact TDX Group directly and inform them.

We advise that you also ask them for confirmation that the debt has been properly serviced.

How long do I have to respond to TDX Group?

When you receive a TDX Group debt collection you will normally be given a set period to reply. While debt collection agencies can be flexible about how long they give you, their patience is not endless.

Can I Ignore calls and letters from TDX Group?

While it can be easy to ignore a payment request, the longer you leave things the worse they are likely to get. We suggest that you pick up the phone or go online and address your debt as soon as possible.

Again, TDX Group is there to try and help not push you into paying if you can’t afford it. Talking through your situation with one of their representatives should give you peace of mind and options to repay your debt.

If TDX Group does not get a response from you, they may escalate the debt to the next level which could mean a visit from court-appointed bailiffs to recover what you owe.

What action can TDX Group take?

TDX Group is a debt collection agency and as such must abide by current legislation. They have every right to chase you for repayment but they cannot harass you.

Once you have contacted TDX Group you can stipulate how they contact you. For example, you may say they can’t phone you at work unless you specifically allow it. You might also want to limit the time of day they contact you.

  • TDX Group can send their officers to your property to discuss the recovery of your debt.
  • These individuals are NOT bailiffs and cannot remove your property.
  • Neither do you have to let them into your home if you don’t want them there.
  • They must also leave if you ask them to.

What happens if I don’t pay my outstanding debt?

If TDX Group wants to take recovery further, they can only do this by going through the courts. This could mean that a County Court Judgement of CCJ is issued against you. Bailiffs can then be sent to recover the debt if you are unable to pay.

In certain circumstances, they can also apply for what is called an attachment of earnings order. This is where the money is taken directly out of your account to service the debt.

Can I write-off debt from TDX Group?

In some instances, debt can be written off. This is usually for people who have several financial obligations they are unable to meet, normally over £5,000.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this arrangement is called an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA. In Scotland, it is called a Protected Trust Deed.

These arrangements take your total debt and consolidate it. You then pay an agreed amount for several months (48 months in Scotland, 60 in the rest of the UK). After this, the debt is legally written off.

Will I lose my home if I can’t pay TDX Group?

Most of the debts that TDX Group deal with are unsecured, which means they are not held against your property.

It is highly unlikely that your home will be repossessed – to do so TDX Group would have to go to court to turn the debt into a secured one.

If I don’t pay the debt, can I go to prison?

People don’t go to prison anymore because of a failure to pay a debt so you shouldn’t worry about this. Debt collection is a civil matter and not a criminal one.

What if I can’t afford to pay TDX Group debt collection?

As we’ve already mentioned, doing nothing shouldn’t be an option here. It will only make matters worse.

The TDX Group, like other agencies, should take any reasonable attempt to repay a debt seriously and work with you to find a repayment solution.

Can TDX Group pester me or turn up on my door asking for money?

When you first get a letter off a debt collection agency, you may feel intimidated. Yes, there are some agencies out there that use pressure tactics to get money for their clients. The vast majority of debt collection companies, however, follow the rules.

You have certain rights and the debt company need to adhere to a set of clearly defined practices. A debt collection agency, for example, can’t threaten legal action if they are unlikely to be able to do it. They can’t pretend to be court-appointed bailiffs.

TDX Group adheres to the rules of the Credit Services Association. They should not contact you at unreasonable times, discuss your debt with a family member or your boss at work or take payments that you haven’t agreed to.

What do reviews say about TDX Group?

Most of the reviews online about TDX Group do not cover their performance as a debt collector. Several people have noted that the company has accessed their credit report without permission in recent months. This might be related to debt purchasing that the company is engaged in.

There have been some issues with not supplying credit agreements for debts that have been purchased off other businesses – a prerequisite for being able to accept repayments.

Can I make a complaint against TDX Group?

If you think that TDX Group has behaved inappropriately, you can make a complaint. For example, if they are being too aggressive in their approach, you should be able to contact the company directly. You can do this by:

  • Calling them on 0333 207 6533.
  • Emailing them at [email protected]
  • Write to them at The Complaints Team, TDX Group, 8 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2FS.

If this doesn’t get the response you are looking for, the next step is to contact The Financial Ombudsman Service at Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR. You can also email them at [email protected] or call 0300 1239 123

You can also contact the Credit Services Association Ltd at 2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Great Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 9BA. The email is [email protected] and their phone is 0191 2170 775

I’ve had a letter from TDX Group, what do I do next?

First, you should confirm that you owe the debt in the first place. You may have paid it off or the debt might not belong to you at all. You can check a credit agency like Experian to see if there is a debt noted against your name if you are not sure.

You should call TDX Group to tell them that you don’t owe the debt if there is no liability. If they are unresponsive, ask them for a prove the debt letter which should include the credit agreement or other documentation to show what you owe.

If you do owe the debt and can afford to pay, the sooner you get it out of the way the better. Once you pay, the letters and calls should stop.

There are a couple of options if you are liable for the debt but can’t afford to pay. The first is to talk directly with a TDX Group representative and come to an agreement. This involves putting together a new payment plan and the timescale over which the debt is going to be paid back.

TDX Group will agree to anything they consider a reasonable timeframe. They cannot add high-interest rates or unreasonable charges that extend the life of your debt.

Is my debt statute-barred?

It can take a long time for some companies to hire the services of a debt collection agency. That could mean your debt is statute-barred.

The Limitations Act 1980 allows a debt to become statute-barred if no payment has been made for 6 years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 5 years in Scotland.

  • There should have been no County Court Judgement against you for the debt.
  • You must not have admitted in writing to the debt during the limitation period.

Needless to say, the majority of businesses will take action by hiring a debt collection service long before it is likely to be statute-barred. It’s still worth checking, however.

TDX Group debt recovery

Should I talk to a debt advisory service?

If you just have one debt for a relatively small amount, you will probably be able to manage things with TDX Group and come to an agreement.

Should you have several debts and find yourself struggling, it can be beneficial to talk to an independent debt advisory service.

You might, for instance, be better off putting everything into a debt consolidation loan to manage payments better. Some advisory services can also negotiate terms for you with the debt recovery agency.

Are you struggling with debt?

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Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
  • Affordable repayments
  • Reduce pressure from people you owe money to
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring