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Trust Deed Glasgow – Your Options and Questions Answered

Trust Deed Glasgow

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Want to find a Trust Deed Glasgow provider with an excellent and transparent service? We discuss the advantages of choosing a local Glasgow Trust Deed provider and where you can turn.

If you live in Glasgow and want a Trust Deed to overcome your debt, you will find the info you need here. 

Protected Trust Deeds Explained

A Protected Trust Deed is a debt solution only available to people living in Scotland. There is an equivalent for people living in England and Wales known as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). 

It is a debt solution for people with more debt than they can handle. You need to have more than £5,000 of debt to qualify and show that you cannot repay this debt over four years. A qualified practitioner will assess your suitability for a Trust Deed, and they must also oversee it as your trustee. 

The Trust Deed is an agreement between you and your creditors to make a monthly repayment typically for four years. This is the usual arrangement but some Trust Deeds can be shorter or longer depending on how much you owe and what your creditors will agree to.  

Any remaining debt you still have once the repayment term ends will be instantly wiped. Some people manage to wipe thousands off their debt when they finish their Trust Deed. 

Can I Get a Trust Deed in Glasgow?

Yes, you can!

Because a Trust Deed is a debt solution only applicable to people who live in Scotland, anyone living in Scotland can get a Trust Deed, including Glasgow. 

You can also find Trust Deed providers in the Glasgow area. These are debt management companies that have their main office or one of their offices in Glasgow city. You might be able to meet up at their local office to discuss your situation. 

Why Should I Choose a Local Provider?

The advantage of choosing a Trust Deed provider from your local area is that it makes it easier to visit the company in person. Lots of debtors who are thinking about a Trust Deed want to sit down face to face with their potential trustee and make sure everything is understood and their questions are answered.

You may be comfortable discussing everything over the phone, but a Trust Deed is an important decision and meeting in person can give many debtors that extra peace of mind. Thus, if you live in Glasgow you might want to find a Trust Deed provider in Glasgow. 

However, don’t get caught out by looking for a Trust Deed provider in Glasgow and then find out they don’t agree to face-to-face appointments. Some companies do everything remotely. 

What Are the Best Trust Deed Glasgow Providers?

There are three main Trust Deed providers in Glasgow. You can learn a little about each of them below. 

#1: Trust Deed Scotland

Trust Deed Scotland is one of the most popular places to get a Trust Deed because they have been in operation since 2009 with plenty of experience. They launched the first Trust Deed TV advert in the region which makes them recognisable. They also have over 3,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot.

#2: Scottish Trust Deed 

Scottish Trust Deed has three offices with one of them being in Glasgow. There is nothing on their website to suggest they do face-to-face appointments, but they do have great reviews on Trustpilot too. 

#3: Carrington Dean Scotland

Carrington Dean Scotland has mixed reviews and are not as popular as the previous two when comparing Google reviews and other forums. You might want to consider them but you are likely to get a better service at the others. 

Where Do We Recommend to Get a Trust Deed in Glasgow?

We believe you will receive a good service from any of the three providers listed above. However, there is one that trumps the others in our view. 

Trust Deed Scotland offer to meet with their clients in person at their Glasgow office. You can book an appointment and discuss your potential Trust Deed in a more personal way. This is great if you are feeling nervous about committing to this serious debt solution. 

Trust Deed Glasgow FAQs

Do I have to live in Glasgow to use these companies?
No, as long as you live in Scotland then you can use any Trust Deed provider in Scotland. It just so happens that a lot of the best debt management companies are based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.
Will my Glasgow employer know about my Trust Deed?
Not unless you tell them. There is one exception if you have a finance role, in this situation, you might be forced to disclose your Trust Deed.
What is the contact number for Trust Deed Scotland Glasgow office?
You can call them on 0141 221 0999. Their lines are open from Monday to Friday 9am-8pm.
What is Trust Deed Scotland Glasgow’s Office Address?
The office address is: First Floor The Reel House 7 W Regent St Glasgow G2 1RW Make an appointment and don’t just turn up!

Get More Trust Deed Information for Free!

If you want more information on Trust Deeds then look no further than our new Trust Deed guide section at MoneyNerd. 

We recommend learning all the details about these debt solutions because entering these agreements is serious. You need to know what happens when you own a home with a Trust Deed, if you can keep your vehicle and what would happen if you missed a repayment. 


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Are you struggling with debt?
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