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Trust Deed Scotland Ltd Reviews & In-depth Info 2022

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1 in 8 Scottish Adults Victims of Fraud Last Year, Trust Deed Scotland  Comments

Trust Deed Scotland Limited offer, as the name suggests, Trust Deeds. Learn more about this company in our Trust Deed Scotland review. We’ll explain more about them and what they are offering.

And we’ll answer the biggest question of all…. Should you use Trust Deed Scotland?

Find out here!

Who Are Trust Deed Scotland Ltd (TDS)?

Trust Deed Scotland has been in operation since July 2009 and is one of the most recognised debt solutions providers in Scotland. One reason for that is due to their TV commercials. The company was the first of its kind to launch TV ads and make people aware of debt solutions that can help Scottish people get out of debt. 

As of this year, they have also launched a new radio campaign to spread awareness of debt solutions and their services. And the company claim to have reached over 3,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot (well come back to this later).

After investigation, we noticed that Trust Deed Scotland are a trading style of another company called Harper McDermott Ltd, another company that offers debt solutions mostly to Scottish residents. 

What Do Trust Deed Scotland Offer?

Trust Deed Scotland currently offer four debt solutions that are only suitable for people living in Scotland. These are:

Protected Trust Deeds is one of their most popular services, hence the business name. A Trust Deed is for people in Scotland who have at least £5,000 of debt that they would not be able to pay off within four years.

It is an agreement to repay monthly instalments (Trust Deed Scotland will take an ongoing fee from this payment) for a fixed period typically four years. At the end of these four years, any remaining debt is wiped. During the Trust Deed your assets are handed to your Trustee at TDS. 

It is somewhat similar to an IVA offered to debtors in England and Wales and can be an effective solution to get out of significant debt. 

The Trust Deeds offered by Trust Deed Scotland Ltd is protected, which means they are legal agreements that neither party can back out of without severe repercussions. This protects you and your creditors. 

Trust Deed Scotland Review

Read Real Trust Deed Scotland Reviews Online

Trust Deed Scotland claim to have hit over 3,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot in 2020 – and they are not lying. 

If you look them up on Trustpilot you will currently find over 3,300 reviews with 97% of those reviewers awarding them five stars. The majority of the other reviewers gave them four stars, suggesting this is a terrific company to use.

Here is what some of those reviews have said:

“I dealt with Danielle at trust deed and I can’t thank her enough. From start to finish, she kept me updated with every stage. The difference she has made to me & my family will have a lasting impact.”


“Danielle from TDS got in touch after I placed an online enquiry. She did an amazing job advising me what my options were and the pros and cons of each one.”


“At first I was [a] bit nervous and scared to contact TDS but once I phoned all that left me and the team are so kind, helpful and do NOT judge you one bit.”


Frequent Questions about Trust Deed Scotland

Who qualifies for a TDS Trust Deed?
You are likely to qualify for a Trust Deed with trust Deed Scotland if you live in Scotland and have over £5,000 of debt you will not be able to repay in four years while maintaining essential living expenses.
Will Trust Deed Scotland provide free debt advice?
You will receive free advice from TDS to work out if a Trust Deed or another solution is the most suitable for you. Keep in mind that this advice does have commercial motives. You may feel more comfortable getting early advice from a debt charity instead.
Will Trust Deed Scotland stop debt letters and calls?
You will no longer receive debt letters and debt calls from creditors within the Trust Deed agreement. They must communicate with your trustee instead. Other creditors not involved may still contact you.
How much do Trust Deed Scotland charge for a Trust Deed?
Trust Deed Scotland charge a fixed initial cost and ongoing costs. These are not published and depend on personal circumstances.
Can I use Trust Deed Scotland and keep my car?
You can keep any vehicle with a valuation below £3,000 on a Trust Deed. Vehicles used for work may also be kept in most situations.
Can I use Trust Deed Scotland for my student loan?
No, Trust Deeds do not cover student debt.
How do I start using Trust Deed Scotland?
If you are ready to contact TDS, you can find their contact information further below.

Does MoneyNerd Recommend Trust Deed Scotland?

We do not have any problems recommending Trust Deed Scotland to readers. They are a genuine and experienced company with good customer service and glowing reviews. 

You might want to look around first and speak with Step Change Scotland, but if you settle on Trust Deed Scotland, we are confident you will be looked after. 

How to Contact Trust Deed Scotland Ltd

You can contact Trust Deed Scotland over the phone on 0141 221 0999 on weekdays between 9am and 8pm. Alternatively, you can send them a contact request from their website or email them on [email protected]

You can even visit their office in Glasgow which is the sign of a good company who won’t hide behind a phone call only. We recommend arranging an appointment rather than just showing up to avoid disappointment. 

What Your First Move Should Be

Before you get in touch with anyone from Trust Deed Scotland Ltd, you should learn more about Trust Deeds and the smaller details. You can get this information from debt charities or with us at Money Nerd.

See our Trust Deed explanation guides to learn more first!


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