Having found ourselves shut inside for quite some time, we’ve all been pondering how much stuff we own and whether it is actually all necessary. One way of getting rid of these unwanted bits and bobs is to simply sell it. Having a bit of extra cash in your pocket can never hurt, and, combined with a bit of decluttering, you can feel pretty good about doing it.

There are a few different places online that you can sell things, but two of the biggest platforms that you can use to sell things are eBay and Facebook Marketplace. 


eBay is one of the most infamous and well-known online marketplaces out there today. Officially, it is known as a consumer-to-consumer e-commerce site. In simple terms, this means that it is a website that anyone can buy and sell items from anyone else. So how do you go about selling things on eBay?

First of all, you’ll need to open an account. Then, once you have this ready to go, you can upload your item that you’d like to sell. Make sure you’ve got some nice photographs of what you want to sell, as well as a detailed description of the item. It’s worth noting that you do have to pay for listings on eBay – it’s usually only a small amount however.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another really popular place to buy and sell items from other people. There are probably even more people using Facebook Marketplace than there are eBay, so you should definitely take this into account if you are planning on selling your items using Facebook Marketplace.

To sell using Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to have a Facebook account. These are free to make. Once you have that up and running, go to the Marketplace section of Facebook. Here, you can create a post about what it is you’d like to sell – as with eBay, make sure you’ve got lots of nice photographs, and a good clear description. In contrast to eBay, it’s also free to use Facebook Marketplace too.  


If you’re looking to sell thing slike CDs, DVDs, games, and books, Ziffit is one of the easiest platforms out there. Via their website or app, you can scan the barcode or list out each item you want to sell. You’ll then get an instant price each item, and you can then choose whether you want to sell at that price. 

Once you’ve agreed to sell, you can easily drop off everything at the nearest local point and Ziffit will pick it up free of charge. You’ll then get paid directly into your account. 

Music Magpie 

Another website and app-based service is Music Magpie. Again, you can sell things like CDs, DVDs, and games, along with higher-ticket items such as phones and tech. As with Ziffit, you can scan the item barcodes on the app and it will automatically offer you the best price to sell at. 


Of course, everyone is familiar with Amazon as an online retailer. You can find just about everything there for sale, but you can also list your own items to sell on there. However, the fees for selling on Amazon often make it less effective than other means, unless you’re selling multiple items. 


For local listings, Gumtree is one of the best out there. You can sell just about anything on the site, and there are many different niches to choose from. Whether it’s smaller items such as personal belongings, or larger ones such as vehicles, you’ll find a wide variety of local buyers at your disposal. 

Selling Checklist

When it comes to some of the things you can sell, your imagination is the limit. Whether it’s items or tech around your home, you’ll be surprised who will be willing to buy it.  Below, we’ve picked out some of the things you might own that you could make some money from:

  • Clothing – from vintage t-shirts to waterproof jackets, just about any sort of clothing can be sold.
  • Music and DVDs – vinyl records are big at the moment, and maybe you have some gathering dust in the attic or the garage. You can easily make some money from them. The same goes for any old cds and dvds you have lying around.
  • Old mobile phones – there are a whole load of websites that have cropped up which specialise in buying your old mobile off you. If you have any at the back of a drawer somewhere, you could make a bit of money.
  • Furniture – got any old chairs or other bits of furniture that just don’t need to be there? Then see if you can put them up for sale on eBay!
  • Books – if you still have any old university textbooks knocking about, they could be quite desirable – especially for cash-strapped students who might need them.
  • Old toys – believe it or not, some toys are worth thousands! So having a clear-out of some old toys could end up making you a few extra bucks.

There are many more items that you might own that you could try your hand at selling. Give it a go today!

Final Points

Last on our ultimate sell-it checklist are some general points to bear in mind when selling online. Of course, the chances are that you’re just trying to de-clutter and make a few quid while doing so. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when selling online: 

  • Know your worth. Some of the items you have won’t be worth much. However, others will be worth more than you might expect. Do your research before selling to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. 
  • Understand fees. You’ll find that some of the sites you sell on will take a fee for the transaction. This can make your overall profit less than you might hope for. 
  • Balance fees with price. Some sites won’t charge a fee to buy your old stuff, but they will give you a reduced amount. Try and balance out which website is the best for you and your aims. 

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