Follow my simple 3 step process:

1) Do a financial snapshot

I recommend everyone does a financial snapshot to find out exactly where they stand.

2) Check your debt options

Once you know where you stand, you’ll be better placed to look at your debt options to decide what’s best for you.

3) Improve your finances

Once you’ve decided what debt option you’re taking, then you can follow the steps to improve your finances

About MoneyNerd

I created this site to help people dealing with their personal finances, especially when it comes to debt. It’s a subject that’s long been close to my heart, yet my background may surprise you.

For years, I worked in the financial services industry, mostly in short-term, high-cost lending such as credit cards and loans. Despite my love for all things finance, this particular niche always bothered me. I saw nothing but heartless lenders offering expensive loans to people who couldn’t afford them. There was little in the way of social good unless it was to tick a few boxes.

After realising I needed to leave the lending part of the industry, I always assumed that I would move to a charity. Although that never happened, I still knew I could help people with their financial situations. With my insider knowledge, I wanted to give genuine advice to those who were in debt.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen all kinds of people struggle with money. Countless customers would fall further into debt through high-interest loans and credit cards. I started this site to help those people manage their way out of it and get their finances back on track.