Owning a pet is one of the most natural inclinations of a human. Starting in ancient civilizations, through the middle ages all the way to today, pet-keeping has remained. Initially, pets were kept to make our lives easier, performing tasks and functions, but now pet-keeping is predominantly for companionship. 

Here at MoneyNerd, we believe that you can see what a person loves by taking a peek at what they buy! So we thought, why not see which countries spend the most time looking for pet insurance, or put another way, who loves their pets the most?

Key Findings

  1. The UK are mad about pets, with roughly 35% of global ‘Pet Insurance’ searches coming from the Brits.
  2. East coast vs West coast rivalries in the United States aren’t exclusive to rap battles and real estate, with states on each coast easily eclipsing inland states for ‘Pet Insurance’ searches.
  3. Although dogs are by far and away the most popular pets globally, animals like Iguanas and frogs do make some rather surprising appearances! 

Around The World…

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It’s perhaps not surprising to see that the United Kingdom rises to the top of the pile when it comes to pet insurance searches. However, what is more intriguing is how much it eclipses some of its European counterparts. In fact, according to ahrefs ‘pet insurance’ is searched approximately 122,000 times per month in the UK, while in France and Germany combined do not makeup even 10% of that figure, even when accounting for translations!

The United States

In the United States pets are everywhere. 

According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 67% of households own at least one pet! So it’s no surprise to see pretty high search volumes for pet insurance in many of the most populous states. However, one clear trend is that pet insurance searches are far more likely to happen up and down the two coasts, rather than in the landlocked states. Even Texas (the 2nd largest state by population), dwindles in comparison to tiny Connecticut when it comes to pet insurance searches, which has more than double the search volume when it comes to pet insurance…do they have double the love!?


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In Europe one thing is clear, the Brits spend far more time searching for pet insurance (and paying it!) than almost any other country. In fact, on average there are roughly 122,000 searches for ‘pet insurance’ per month emanating from the UK, while there are less than 2,000 coming from Italy and Germany combined! 

Perhaps the disparity is partially explained by the popularity of pets across the nations. With just 19% of German households choosing to own a dog (and even fewer insuring them) while 33% of Brits own at least one dog!

The United Kingdom

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Given the UK’s propensity to pet loving, it’s worth diving in a little deeper. 

Scotland is the winner when it comes to which country in the UK loves their pet’s the most, although it’s a close-run race, with Wales and England only narrowly behind them in ‘pet insurance’ searches according to Google trends.

What’s more surprising though, is drilling down into the numbers, we can see what towns are responsible for the most pet insurance searches! Turns out the tiny town of Tittensor is leading the way! 

Pretty incredible!

Perhaps less impressive is London. Londoners may have house prices, financial institutions and the Royal family to boast about, but clearly they are not so fussed when it comes to insuring the lives of man’s best friend! 

The World’s Favourite Pet

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Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

Well turns out, where you live could play a factor in what pets we choose to love! Although, it’s pretty clear that dogs are the most popular pets in most regions of the world, cat’s give a good showing as they are most common in some of the most populous places on earth!

What surprised us is some of the more unexpected entrants: fish, horses and iguana’s all making the list in certain places! While birds are popular across several major places in South East Asia! 


World, US and UK Maps

To gather the data for these maps we used the search term ‘pet insurance’ in Google trends and were able to pull out which countries and places in the UK search for that term the most. We then removed some of the very small islands, leaving us with larger countries to rank.

Removed countries included places like, The Isle Of Man, St Helena and Guernsey, amongst others. 

Europe Map

Our methodology for the European map was slightly different. Google Trends did not yield enough data to be relevant. So we used ahrefs.com to search for the term ‘pet insurance’ across each of the largest places in Europe. We then also searched for a translation of ‘pet insurance’ in any major languages spoken in each location and added these results to the English search term. E.g. For Germany, we determined how many people searched for ‘pet insurance’ as well as how many people searched for the German translation and added these to give us the total. 


Ahrefs.com data

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