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If you are feeling rushed to make a decision on how to will deal with your debts, you may quickly choose Wilson Field and one of their debt solutions. What you really need to know is this company operates commercially and will make a profit from helping you get out of debt. If that’s fine with you, you should still learn more about who they are before committing to their services.

Read our Wilson Field debt solutions review now and see if their services could be right for you.

Who Are Wilson Field?

Wilson field is a team of insolvency practitioners helping businesses and individuals get out of debt in the UK. Their 300+ strong team is made up of experienced professionals and the company is recognised by the Licensed Insolvency Practitioners UK body. They are also registered as chartered accountants and can help with tax planning.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Wilson Field do not offer as many debt solutions as some of the competing finance businesses:

  • Debt advice
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) is the only formal debt solution available with Wilson Field. This is an agreement made between an insolvency practitioner with your creditors on your behalf. They work out an agreement with multiple creditors (you cannot get an IVA with one debt) for you to pay them a monthly amount for 60 months.

Once this period of repayments is over – which you must stick to – all your debts are cleared. Debts are wiped even if you haven’t put a big dent in them over your years of repayment.

Wilson Field Customer Experiences

In our reviews of debt solution companies and insolvency practitioners, we always try our best to pick out some real customer reviews about these services. Unfortunately, at the time of creating this review, we were unable to find any genuine reviews about their debt solutions. Nevertheless, we turned to their website to get a feel for their customer service.

The website is one of the best in the industry and easy to use. On top of that, they offer a free confidential phone number, which is open for business seven days per week. If you would prefer to send an email, you can always use the contact form instead.

Wilson Field Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on Wilson Field, see what we dug up below:

Is Wilson Field a respected company?

Yes, Wilson Field is a respected and trustworthy company offering services that are regulated by the FCA. If you decide that Wilson Field is the right team to get you out of debt, you might have to pay high fees, but you can be sure that they are a legitimate team with the ability to get some people an IVA.

Where is Wilson Field based in the UK?

Wilson Field has a large team of over 300 staff members. These workers are positioned at a number of different offices. It is often thought that their Sheffield office is the headquarters of the business, but this is not official.

Why does Wilson Field only offer two services?

Wilson Field is an insolvency specialist group just as much as they are accountants – which is not always the case. However, that doesn’t mean they offer a lot of debt solutions to get you out of personal debt. In fact, they only offer debt advice and one other service. Many of their insolvency services are geared towards businesses and corporations instead.

Is Wilson Field debt advice free?

Wilson Field list debt advice among their services but there is no indication that this advice will be free. Normally, when an insolvency practitioner offers debt advice for free, they make it clear as a way to draw people in and then offer them other paid-for services.

Can I get free debt advice elsewhere?

You can find free advice on how to approach your debts, and know your rights, by visiting the MoneyNerd debt help page. We make our content digestible so you can understand those confusing terms and scary debt language easy. You can also get free debt advice by speaking with a debt charity.

Does have a live chat on their site?

One of the things going for Wilson Field is that they offer a live chat function on their website. Here you can make first contact with the company without having to spend money on calls or wait in long calling queues.

Is a Wilson Field IVA cheap?

Wilson Field will charge you a fee for your IVA application as it is there job to make sure your creditors vote in favour of the new legal agreement. You might even be charged monthly fees as the IVA continues. The exact costs are not divulged but don’t expect them to be cheap as this is coming from a financial team of experts who are also out to make a profit.

Am I certain to get a Wilson Field IVA if I qualify?

Nobody is certain to get an IVA because you need more creditors to vote in favour for the IVA than ones that reject it. Wilson Field should be able to judge the situation and give you a good idea if you will get one – without guarantees.

Will a Wilson Field IVA stop nuisance debt calls?

A Wilson Field IVA should stop nuisance debt calls, but this doesn’t always happen instantly, especially if the people chasing you are using automated technology to stay in touch.

So, Should I use Wilson Field debt solutions?

Wilson Field only offer one debt solution whereas other companies offer lots more, sometimes more than ten. You will probably have a better selection of services at a cheaper cost elsewhere. You will even be able to get some services – like debt advice – for free via another group.

Wilson Field Contact Details


260 Ecclesall Rd S


S11 9PS


Contact number:

0800 901 2475



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