Claire’s story

Our Customer Claire

 From Distress to Relief: A Debt Management Journey

Clair, burdened by a significant debt totalling £14,264.14, found themselves in a challenging financial situation. They felt isolated and uncertain about how to handle their circumstances, sharing, “I was looking at ways out never felt so alone.”

In their search for solutions, they connected with two advisors from The Debt Advice Service; Eloise and Shana. These advisors provided much-needed guidance and support, adeptly addressing the individual’s concerns. The person was effusive in their praise, stating, “Eloise and Shana were so helpful and reassuring,” and even suggested that “both these ladies deserve a bonus.”

With the guidance from these advisors, the individual decided to apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), a solution designed to help individuals manage their debts over a period of time. The person who facilitated this process was described as “lovely” and “very reassuring,” making sure the individual felt no pressure throughout the process.

The implementation of the IVA notably eased the individual’s debt burden. Their monthly debt payments, once overwhelming, were reduced to a more manageable amount. This reduction provided significant financial relief and positively impacted their financial situation.

The individual’s initial feelings of stress and anxiety were replaced with a sense of relief and support due to their interactions with the advisors. They expressed gratitude, saying, “Thanks to them, my headaches have gone, and I feel so much weight has been lifted,” and added, “I was scared and felt alone, not with these ladies, they were there on the end of the phone for me.”

In closing, the individual strongly recommended others who might be in similar situations to seek help, encouraging them to “Please ring them to end your misery of debt.” This testimonial is a testament to the significant positive impact that professional debt advice and the right debt solution can have on an individual’s financial situation and overall sense of wellbeing.

*For the protection of our customers’ privacy, names and images have been altered.