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Claire’s story

Our Customer Claire

 From Distress to Relief: A Debt Management Journey

Claire was, at one time, struggling to deal with her debts, which totalled more than £14,000. She was unsure of how to handle her finances and felt isolated as a result. When we spoke to her, she said she’d “never felt so alone.”

When she contacted The Debt Advice Service for some guidance and support, Claire was delighted with the quality of service she received. She told us that “both Eloise and Shana were so helpful and reassuring… both these ladies deserve a bonus!”

Armed with information from TDAS, Claire decided to apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). An IVA is a long-term debt solution that will allow her to deal with her unsecured debts. Staring a formal debt solution can be scary, but Claire described the whole process with TDAS as “very reassuring,” and she said that she didn’t feel stressed or concerned during the process.

Starting an IVA meant that Claire’s once overwhelming debt repayments were brought down to a single, manageable sum. This has already provided her with significant relief, and Claire says that she feels much more positive about her financial situation.

“Thanks to the people at TDAS, my headaches have gone, and I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” Claire went on to say that she “no longer feels scared and alone because they’re just at the other end of the phone.”

When we spoke to her, Claire encouraged anyone in a similar situation to her to get help – “speaking to an advisor was one of the best things that I’ve done,” and she asks people who are struggling with their finances to “please ring them to end the misery of debt.” 

Claire’s story is a testament to the hugely positive impact that professional debt advice and the right debt solution can have on someone’s finances and overall sense of well-being.

*For the protection of our customers’ privacy, names and images have been altered.