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MoneyNerd GDPR Statement

This GDPR statement elaborates on how MoneyNerd gathers personal data from you, and the methods we employ to use and safeguard this information.

For an exhaustive explanation, please read our privacy policy and cookie policy. This document outlines the crucial aspects you should be familiar with.

Utilization of Your Data

We are permitted to use your personal information only when it aligns with one or more of the criteria below:

  • Necessary for initiating or executing a contract we share with you;
  • You have granted your approval;
  • We are mandated by legal or regulatory stipulations;
  • Required for undertaking a task of public interest;
  • Essential for safeguarding your vital interests; or
  • It aligns with our legitimate interests without infringing on your rights.

Collection of Your Personal Data

We solely collect pertinent personal information, inclusive of sensitive personal data when essential, as you engage with us, alongside any supplementary data shared by you or third parties in numerous ways, including:

  • Upon making an application or inquiry through phone, email, our website, via a third party or other channels;
  • Information acquired from third parties, like a creditor sharing details about an account you hold, or where previous agreements allow your data sharing with us, for instance, introductions via another company;
  • Participation in market studies, contests, and promotions presented by us or on our behalf;
  • Offering reviews or engaging with us via social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook;
  • Utilizing online platforms, like an online portal;
  • When refreshing your information is needed to adhere to our legal or regulatory obligations.

Please note that calls to our offices might be recorded and monitored for quality assurance and training objectives.

Handling Your Information Post-Submission

We might also distribute your personal information with the entities below:

  • IT service vendors offering IT platforms or related services;
  • Payment service firms managing transactions on our behalf (e.g., Direct Debits and card transactions);
  • Communication providers (e.g., phone line providers, and email and text service providers);
  • Printing companies for printing letters and information packets we dispatch to you;
  • Advertisers and social media entities like Facebook, Google, and Twitter for managing our social media profiles or for reaching you via your social media account;
  • Third parties who introduced you to our services.

These entities assist us in delivering our services to you. A contract ensuring their compliance with data protection obligations and appropriate security measures will be in place with providers directly offering such services.

We may also distribute your personal information with your consent, or when mandated by a legal or regulatory obligation or court order, like with the police, local authorities, or courts.

Eradicating Your Held Information

Should you opt not to proceed with any product or service from us, your personal information will typically be deleted post 12 months unless another reason necessitates its retention, such as your consent to marketing communications from us. On request, we can expedite this deletion.

If a proposal is signed and a creditors’ meeting convened, which is later withdrawn, or fails to proceed for any reason, your data will be retained for 6 years from the date our services cease to be provided.

As a customer entering a debt solution, we will retain your data to ensure service provision and adherence to legal and regulatory obligations. Your data will be stored for 6 years post the cessation of our services. Law mandates this data retention, hence we cannot delete it upon request. Post this duration, the information will be deleted or anonymized to prevent linkage back to you.

Should you have concerns about the accuracy of the personal information we possess, or wish for its removal from our records, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] for a review, update, or removal as deemed suitable. Unless requested, your information will be retained as per our data retention policy.

For a copy of the personal data we hold, email the above address with ‘subject access request’ in the subject line.

Cookie Utilization

When browsing MoneyNerd, ‘cookies’ might collect information automatically. These small text files aid in understanding our website operations and can be either temporary or permanent.

Temporary cookies contribute to security during website usage; permanent cookies identify your referral link to our site, verify your browser for compatibility with our website and services, and assist in monitoring website traffic.

Cookies’ Purpose

Benefiting visitors, cookies enable personalized content provision and remember login details and settings. While disabling them won’t halt website functionality, it may hamper optimal performance.

Benefiting website owners, cookies provide insights like visitor’s search engine, visit frequency, and duration spent on the site.

Outlined below are the cookies potentially used on our site and those set by third parties.

Cookie Name Purpose
Google Analytics On-site behavior tracking
Visual Website Optimiser A/B testing and heatmaps
Facebook Retargeting and tracking conversions
Adwords Conversion tracking
Bing Ads Conversion tracking

Except for essential cookies, all cookies will expire post 10 years.

Enabling/Disabling Cookies
By altering your browser settings and following these instructions, you can accept or decline cookies. Bear in mind, disabling certain cookies might affect our website’s functionality.

Privacy Policy Updates
Any modifications to this privacy policy in the future will be updated on this page, ensuring you stay informed about our policies and their impact on you.