I’ve helped thousands of people out of debt, now it’s your turn…

Hi! I’m John, the MoneyNerd and I’m here to help you with your finances.

For 5 years I was chased by lenders and debt collectors. I learned tips, tricks and loopholes to beat them at their own game and didn’t pay back a penny!

Since then I’ve become financially comfortable and I’ve been helping people like you with my mission to take the stress out of money.

Where to go next? Start here

Follow my super simple 3 step process:

1) do a financial snapshot

I recommend everyone does a financial snapshot to find out exactly where they stand.

2) check your debt options

Once you know where you stand, you’ll be better placed to look at your debt options to decide what’s best for you.

3) improve your finances

Once you’ve decided what debt option you’re taking, then you can follow the steps to improve your finances.

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