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Cost-Saving Tips for Getting Convicted Driver Insurance

There are things you need to know when searching for convicted driver insurance. We reveal some top tips to help you save money on insurance as a previously convicted driver. Read on for the money-saving details. 
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Are you finding it tough to get a good deal on car insurance after a driving conviction? You’re not alone! Over 9,300 people visit our site each month for guidance on this. Getting good insurance after a conviction can be hard, but it’s not impossible.

In this article, we’re going to share some useful tips on:

  • Understanding what a driving conviction is.
  • Avoiding paying too much for car insurance.
  • Learning about different types of driving convictions.
  • Knowing when and how to tell insurance about driving convictions.
  • Finding out how long you need to declare driving convictions for.

We know it’s worrying to think about the cost of car insurance. And it’s even more worrying to think you might not be able to get insurance at all. But don’t worry: we’re here to help you understand and manage this tricky situation.

Let’s get started.

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What is a driving conviction?

A driving conviction can be passed by a court for a driving offence. There are many types of possible driving offences that can lead to convictions. Some are more serious than others. 

When you’re given a driving conviction, you will receive penalty points on your driving licence which remain on your licence for a fixed period, either from the date of the offence or the date of the conviction depending on the offence. You can also be given a fine and sometimes banned from driving for a period of time. 

What’s the most common type of driving conviction?

Some of the most common types of driving convictions are for dangerous driving, careless driving, speeding or failing to provide a sample of breath, blood or urine when a police officer suspects you are driving drunk or driving while under the influence of illegal drugs. 

MoneyNerd has dedicated articles to discussing common types of driving convictions. Find more information on each of them below.

Do I have to tell insurance about driving convictions?

Yes, when you apply for car insurance you must disclose all unspent driving convictions. Failure to report a driving or criminal conviction can have serious consequences. 

Will points ruin my insurance?

Points Insurance increase
3 Points 5%
6 Points 25%+
10-12 Points 80%+

The best way to find better deals is to use companies who specialise in insuring drivers with convictions and points.

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How long do you have to declare driving convictions to insurance?

You typically have to disclose all driving convictions within the previous five years, but there might be times when you must disclose convictions that occurred more than five years ago. 

On the other hand, if you were under 18 years old when you received a driving conviction, you might only need to disclose these convictions if they occurred within the previous 2.5 years. 

Why do I have to declare my convictions?

You must declare driving convictions so the vehicle insurance company can make a true assessment of you and decide whether to offer you insurance or not, and if so, at what price. 

The situation is comparable to someone applying for a loan with an unsatisfactory credit rating. The loan company needs to know about your track record of managing your finances and repayments, so they check your credit score. In this situation, the insurer needs to know about your driving record and needs you to declare driving convictions. 

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What convictions will affect my insurance?

All driving convictions can affect your insurance, but some affect your insurance more significantly, and may even result in your insurance being cancelled.

Do car insurance companies check convictions?

Insurance providers can verify the information you provide on a policy application, which includes checking your driving record and criminal convictions. The insurance company may even check for convictions during your policy, not just at the application stage. 

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What happens if I don’t disclose my convictions to my insurer?

Failure to disclose driving convictions to an insurer can invalidate the insurance

This means your insurance provider won’t pay out if you make a claim. If you have already claimed on the insurance policy, the insurer may ask for the money back. 

Do I need to declare criminal convictions of named drivers?

Yes, you must provide all convictions for all drivers that are included within the policy. Failure to do so can invalidate the vehicle insurance and put all drivers at risk.  

Do I have to declare spent convictions to my car insurance provider?

You don’t need to disclose spent convictions when applying for vehicle insurance. 

In fact, even if you’re asked to disclose spent convictions when applying for a policy, you’re not obligated to do so. 

Do all car insurance companies ask about criminal convictions?

It’s very unlikely that a car insurance provider won’t ask about your driving convictions. The insurer believes this information is essential to understanding the risk of insuring you to drive a vehicle, and therefore they will usually ask. 

If you’ve heard about insurance companies that don’t ask about convictions, you should verify that it’s a legitimate insurer and not a scam before making an application. 

Can you get insurance with a conviction?

Convicted drivers can still get vehicle insurance but the policies they’re offered will be more expensive. Having a conviction doesn’t affect the level of cover you can get. Convicted drivers can still choose from third-party or comprehensive insurance. 

Convicted drivers can get insurance for different types of vehicles too. For example, they can get car, motorbike or convicted driver van insurance. 

What if I was banned for driving without insurance?

The number of insurance options are limited after any driving ban, including after a driving ban for driving without insurance. 

However, you can still find many insurance providers willing to insure drivers after they were banned for not having insurance. 

Can I get temporary car insurance for convicted drivers?

Yes, it’s possible to get temporary car insurance with a previous driving conviction. There aren’t as many specialist insurers willing to provide convicted driver temporary insurance, but there are some around. 

A similar and common query is if it’s possible to get affordable car insurance as a learner driver with convictions. Find out the answer in this learner driver conviction post

How do convictions affect insurance?

Driving convictions cause some car insurance companies to be unwilling to offer you insurance as you’re seen as a greater driving risk. There will still be some companies able to offer you insurance, but your insurance premiums will be more expensive

How much will my conviction affect my insurance premium?

The cost of your car insurance premiums will increase by different amounts depending on the type of driving conviction you received and how many penalty points were issued. 

There are some sources to suggest that insurance premiums rise by more than 100% on average. But this isn’t always the case. You might still be able to find cheap convicted driver insurance. 

Why is car insurance for convicted drivers so expensive?

Car insurance for convicted drivers is more expensive because these drivers have a driving record which suggests they are more likely to be involved in road incidents. 

The insurance company considers convicted drivers a greater risk and therefore mitigates this risk by charging more for insurance. 

You can compare this to personal loans. Loan providers usually apply a higher interest rate on loans given to people with a poor credit history. 

How can I get cheaper convicted driver car insurance?

After a driving conviction, you might want to wait until you don’t have to disclose the conviction any longer to get cheap car insurance. But this means not being able to drive in the meantime. 

If you need to continue driving, possibly after a ban, there are ways to find cheaper insurance as a convicted driver. We have discussed the best ways to find cheaper convicted driver insurance below. 

#1: Consider convicted driver insurance providers

Instead of searching for an insurance policy with the mainstream standard providers, you might have better luck by searching exclusively for car insurance companies that advertise policies for people with a driving conviction, also known as convicted driver insurance. 

These policies can be advertised in different ways, sometimes referencing specific types of convictions. We’ve covered some of them in the examples below. 

Car insurance with points on licence 

You might find insurers simply advertising policies as insurance with points on licence. These policies could be aimed at anyone, but they are likely to be for drivers with lesser convictions that didn’t result in bans – but not always. 

Insurance for banned drivers

If you received a driving ban as part of your conviction, you might need to narrow down your search specifically to insurance for banned drivers. This will stop you from making unsuccessful applications for policies not open to previously banned drivers. 

Car insurance drink drivers 

Drink driving car insurance is a popular search term and many insurance companies are now using it to market their policies available to drivers with a conviction relating to drink driving. If your conviction was related to this, it might be worth searching these providers to get the cheapest insurance premium. The cost will still be higher than what you’re used to, but these insurance companies will definitely help keep costs down.

High-risk car insurance 

High-risk insurance policies are usually aimed at people who received a driving conviction with many points added to their licence or were also banned for a short period. It could be worth searching this term online. 

#2: Use comparison websites

Don’t forget to use comparison websites to help you find and compare convicted driver insurance. You can combine your search for specific convicted driver insurance with comparison websites to narrow down your search to companies that are willing to insure convicted drivers, but without missing out on possible options. 

#3: Use a specialist broker for cheaper car insurance

There are some insurance brokers who specialise in helping convicted drivers get cheap car insurance in their situation. They help you find cheap car insurance by searching many insurers they know offer policies to convicted drivers. These brokers may advertise themselves as convicted driver insurance brokers, so it’s worth giving this term a search online. 

#4: Consider the vehicle you drive

A driving conviction isn’t the only thing that increases your insurance. The type of vehicle you drive contributes to insurance costs. You may want to consider driving a vehicle that is typically cheaper to insure after receiving a conviction. 

Some examples include Ford Fiestas, Renault Clios and Hyundai I10s – but there are other options. 

What do I do if I’ve been refused cover?

If you’re refused cover due to your driving conviction, it might be best to speak with an insurance broker who specialises in helping convicted drivers get insured. The broker may be able to set expectations of policies available to you and their cost. 

Don’t attempt to drive uninsured as this is illegal and can make your situation worse in the long term. 

How long do motoring convictions affect insurance?

Motoring convictions affect the cost of your insurance until the penalty points are “spent”. 

The length of time for the unspent conviction to become spent differs based on the type of driving conviction. 

Do I need to tell my insurance provider if I’m convicted while I have car insurance?

You’re only obligated to tell your insurance company about a new criminal conviction during your policy’s current term if your agreement states that you have to. Otherwise, you don’t need to inform the insurer of the new conviction until it comes to renewal. 

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Find affordable car insurance for drivers with convictions and points

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