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MoneyNerd is a financial platform that provides free information and advice. Our mission is to help anyone in debt find their way to recovery, and we don’t charge any fees for the information we provide (really!).

For our readers who would benefit from formal debt solution or financial product, we do recommend talking to our chosen partners:

While our primary mission is to arm people in debt with helpful information, we do receive a commission if our readers take out a debt solution with our partners.

Note – we’re extremely strict with who we choose as a MoneyNerd partner. The debt industry has a lot of money-hungry companies who to take advantage of people who are in unfortunate positions. We have vetted each of our partners to provide honest, empathetic, and helpful services to our readers.

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MoneyNerd Partner Fees

Each of our partners charges fees differently, and for full transparency we’ll outline them here.

IVA Fees

An IVA is an individual voluntary arrangement. It’s a debt solution where an Insolvency Practitioner will arrange a debt repayment scheme for you, negotiating on your behalf with the people and companies you owe money to. You then pay one affordable monthly repayment for a set period of time before all of the debt is wiped clear.

The fees for an IVA are accounted for in the repayment scheme and can vary depending on your debt. This means that you don’t spend a penny today – the fees are accounted for in the monthly repayments, and the total amount you repay is less than what you owe your creditors.

Secured Loans Fees

A secured loan is a loan you can take out which is ‘secured’ against an asset you own (typically your home). By having the asset in the loan, this means you can get much lower interest rates than on other loans like credit cards or payday loans .

Our partners at LoansWarehouse get a commission for setting up the loan from the lender, so there is no fee for you to pay. Just like with an IVA, their payment will be accounted for in the interest rate you pay on the loan.

One-to-One Expert Fees

JustAnswer are one of the only platforms that can connect you to a finance expert and let you speak one-to-one. They’re a great solution for us to recommend as we can’t help everyone individually for free.

JustAnswer charge a small trial free of around £5, and then a full membership monthly fee of around £30-£50 (depending on the expert). A membership means you can speak one-to-one with experts from any industry – from Solicitors to Doctors – and even call them or have them review your documents/photos.

Later Life Products

Age Partnership are our partners for solutions like equity release. Their fees vary, but their initial advice and consultation is always free. They only charge a fee when providing a service. For equity release, their standard fee is £1,895 for arranging the plan for you. This is often a small percentage of the total amount of money received by releasing equity in a home.

Other Partners

We are often exploring partnerships with new or smaller affiliates. Regardless of the partner, we will never charge you a fee or ask for compensation for our help and advice. While we are a for-profit business, we only receive commissions for qualified clients that we refer to our partners.

Note – For every 10,000 visitors to our site, only around 1 will be eligible for and take out a debt solution. Our primary mission is to arm you with the information you need on your debt recovery journey.