Private Parking Fines

Learn all about private parking fines and what you can do about them here. 

A private parking fine is a parking ticket issued by a private landowner or private car park operator. The car park may be attached to a supermarket, hospital, university or other business premises. They are formally known as Parking Charge Notices and should not be confused with Penalty Charge Notices, which are council parking fines. 

The initial Parking Charge Notice is capped at £50 outside of London and £80 inside of London. A discounted rate must be offered to motorists who pay within 14 days. The private parking fines may be left on your vehicle or sent to the registered vehicle owner in the post. 

Private parking fines are complicated because they’re not classified as “real fines”. We have made understanding Parking Charge Notices easy with a selection of easy-to-read guides, including help to appeal a private parking fine. Read our content for free and learn your rights when facing a private parking ticket.