MoneyNerd was created to help you, so our number one priority is to do good by our readers, everything else (including making money) is secondary. Our business philosophy is “do good by our readers and karma will repay us”.

Key Principles

  • Do the right thing for our readers, everything else is secondary
  • Be clear what is a marketing message
  • What we write must not be compromised by advertisers

Editorial Integrity

  • What we write must be correct to the best of our knowledge
  • Company and product reviews should be based on objective and observable facts and not influenced by opinions

Editioral Independence

  • The writers’ stance should remain independent from commercial objectives. Do the right thing for our readers.
  • The writers should write freely about all topics, regardless if the views differ from the commercial objectives
  • Products provided by advertisers and partners should be written about as if they had no affiliation with the site and other products and services should be recommended if it’s in the reader’s interest.