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My story

My name is Scott Nelson and I created MoneyNerd in 2016 to help people deal with their personal finances, especially when it comes to debt.

Scott Nelson MoneyNerd

It’s a subject that’s long been close to my heart, yet my background may surprise you.

For years, I worked in the financial services industry, mostly in short-term, high-cost lending such as credit cards and loans. Despite my love for all things finance, I felt I could do more ‘good’ in the world.

In my work, I’ve seen all kinds of people struggle with money. Having been in debt myself, I knew what it felt like to be in that vulnerable position,  and knew I had to help others.

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We’ve worked with brands in the past to produce collaborative, informational content. For information on working with or featuring Money Nerd, take a look through our contact information and resources below.


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For free debt advice, you can call: 01684 217897

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