Divorce – Financial Guide & Costs

Recent statistics indicate that just under one in two marriages will end in divorce. If you’re considering a divorce or about to start the process, you’ll probably want to know how it works - and how much it will cost.

MoneyNerd provides up-to-date information on UK divorce processes after recent changes.

Divorce and Money

Money becomes an important and prevalent topic in the divorce process. If you’re getting divorced with savings and assets, you probably want to know what will happen or how they will be split. You can find this information and more on our Divorce and Money page

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

The cost of a divorce can vary based on a number of factors. You can work out the estimated costs of your divorce by visiting our How Much Does a Divorce Cost? guide. Uncover the real projected costs now.

Is your divorce too expensive?
Is your divorce too expensive?
  • Divorce finances don’t have to be a drain
  • Online solicitors can help you reach a fair settlement
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