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Meal Plan and Grocery List Tracker Spreadsheet

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For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Do you want a free meal planner that will help you save money, waste less food or help you stick to a new diet? You’ve come to the right place – we have a free meal planner to download here.

Let’s learn more! 

Meal Planner Spreadsheet

What Does the Average Person Spend on Groceries? 

The average person in the UK is estimated to spend just under £40 on grocery shopping each week. Therefore, a couple could be spending around £320 per month on their food bill. It’s no small amount, which is why so many people target their groceries as a way to save more money.

“Top-Up” Grocery Shopping Creates Overspending

One of the best ways to control your grocery spending is to buy for the week and then stay away from the supermarket. But in reality, that’s harder than you might anticipate. An array of reasons could have you standing back in the Tesco line, such as forgetting an ingredient or giving in to those chocolate cravings. 

More often than not, these little trips to the supermarket end up in what is known as “top-up” shops where you buy other items you don’t really need. This is one common reason why we fail to stick to our weekly shopping budget and miss savings goals. 

But a meal planner could help…

What Is a Meal Planner?

A meal planner is a simple sheet that you can keep on your computer or print off and add to your notice board or fridge. You can write on it the meals you plan on having for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, as well as all the ingredients required to make those meals. 

You can keep it digital or print it off!

To spice things up, you might want to come up with meals ideas on small pieces of paper, write the ingredient of the meals on the back and pop them all into a jar. Then, take it in turns to pick meals out as a lucky dip for the week ahead. It’s great if you can’t decide what to eat next week.  

Who Should Use a Meal Planner?

A meal planner is fantastic for anyone who wants to save money on their groceries by avoiding overspending. 

It will stop you from buying items you don’t need that will be wasted, and it will help avoid family squabbles over what to eat next. Another benefit of a meal planner is that it helps you arrange your weekly dinners by day and the expiry date of certain ingredients, so there is even less waste and no need to replace fruits and vegetables during the week.

Where Can I Find a Meal Plan Spreadsheet?

We’ve already made one for you. MoneyNerd has a free meal planner spreadsheet you can download to use on your computer, or print it off to add to the fridge. 

Take advantage of our free meal plan schedule now to help your family waste less, eat better and save money!


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