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Have you been stung with a Bank Park ticket and don’t know your rights? Maybe you received the parking ticket for parking in a free car park. Learn more about this and discover your options to deal with Bank Park in this MoneyNerd guide. 

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances, parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat with an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.

What is Bank Park?

Bank Park is a car park operator and car park management service provider. They help run scores of car parks around the UK on behalf of other businesses, starting with their first car park in Sheffield back in 2012. 

Some of the services they offer are signage, car park cameras, payment machines and parking ticket enforcement. 

The business is involved with many charities and prides itself on making contributions to organisations like The Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the RSPCA and a number of children’s hospices. 

Is Bank Park Parking Management legit?

Bank Park is a legitimate company. The business was crowned the winner of the British Parking Awards in 2019. 

What is a Bank Park PCN?

Bank Park can issue private parking tickets as part of their services to deter parking abuse in their clients’ car parks. This usually happens when a driver doesn’t pay or overstays the time they paid to park. It could also happen if you don’t register your vehicle in a free car park (more on this shortly). 

A private parking ticket is also called a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Don’t confuse this with a Penalty Charge Notice, which is a fine you can receive from the council, including for parking contraventions. 

Bank Park is most likely to send the private parking ticket in the post to the registered vehicle owner. The law states they’re allowed to do this, but the vehicle owner then has the right to tell Bank Park someone else was driving if true. If the vehicle owner doesn’t inform Bank Park that someone else was driving within 28 days, they can then be chased for payment instead. 

How much is a Bank Park ticket?

Bank Park is restricted in what they can charge by Parking Charge Notice caps. The current cap of £100 is going to be halved to £50 in most cases. This change will be in place at some point in time during 2023. 

Private car park operators must also give drivers a discount if they pay within 14 days of the alleged contravention. The discount offered must be at least 40%. 

Bank Park reviews – a slippery operation?

Most car park operators receive a lot of negative reviews online due to drivers getting angry that they’ve received a parking ticket. But there was a trend of negative reviews about Bank Park, which all discussed a similar topic. Take a look:

“Like an alarming amount of others, I popped into Tesco in a previously free car park. It said there was a 15 minute window to get a free ticket – I took 9 minutes and now have a £100 fine for a “free parking period”.”

  • RB (Trustpilot review)

“Got a £60 parking fine for not “obtaining a free parking session” in a car park which wasn’t previously managed by these guys […]”

  • Anthony C (Trustpilot review)

“I parked at one of the locations which previously was completely free but now is operated by this company where you get 30 minutes free but you have to take a ticket from a machine.”

  • Stainless (Trustpilot review)

These reviewers are referring to a practice where the driver must take a free ticket and display it in their window. This system is usually in place to stop people parking in the free car park but going elsewhere, such as parking in Tesco but not shopping in Tesco.  

However, as the reviews above illustrate, it can catch people out who aren’t aware. Signs should be clear about this. 

“Do I have to pay private parking fines” (UK)?

Private parking tickets don’t have to be paid unless a court has ordered you to do so. This is because they are not considered genuine fines, but rather, they’re comparable to an invoice. Therefore the company must take you to court to force you to pay. 

Will Bank Park take legal action?

So, if you can only be made to pay Bank Park if you lose to them in court, the big question is will they take legal action against you for ignoring them?

This question can’t be answered because nobody knows exactly what they will do. Some car park management companies do take legal action and others don’t. Some begin litigation in some cases and in other cases don’t. It’s a bit of a lottery. 

You might receive a letter saying they will take court action if you don’t pay. This letter could be a genuine legal threat, or it could simply be an intimidation tactic, hoping you pay because you’re scared. 

If you want to avoid legal action, the only way to guarantee this is to pay the parking ticket. 

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat to an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.


Can you appeal a Bank Park ticket?

You’re within your legal rights to appeal a private parking ticket from Bank Park or any other company. Appeals usually have to be lodged within 28 days of the alleged parking breach, and they must be made in writing. 

Some companies allow you to appeal online, but there is no suggestion this is possible on the Bank Park website. 

Your appeal should state all the reasons you think the ticket shouldn’t have been issued. You probably need to attach evidence to support claims. Bank Park must respond to the appeal within 56 days, or the appeal is accepted

Bank Park rejected your appeal – now what?

You can take your appeal to an independent panel if Bank Park rejects your first appeal. They must provide instructions on how to do this at the time of the initial rejection. 

Choosing to pay or appeal

Make your decision to pay or appeal based on individual circumstances. Consider the strength of an appeal, including the evidence you can provide. If you decide to pay instead, make sure to do so within two weeks to get the discounted rate.