In the UK, it’s thought that around 27 million adults are suffering from debt-related issues. The average debt per household, including mortgages, was over £60,000, which is a rather frightening statistic. With debt being a very present and real problem in the UK, people will want to look for help. But who do you call if you need debt help?

Luckily in the UK, there are several charities and services offering users a consumer debt helpline, sometimes 7 days a week. We go through the best consumer debt helpline services out there, and who to call if you need help with your debt.

Debt help – the basics

While it can seem embarrassing to face up to any debt problems you might have, it’s worth understanding that there are lots of people out there who want only one thing – to help you. Many of these consumer debt helpline services offer confidential advice, and won’t share your personal information, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else finding out. 

Consumer debt helpline

Consumer debt helpline services can be a really good way of properly coming to terms with your debt, and they can also help to direct you in the right direction with regards to working out a payment scheme. They’re not out to make any money from you, they only want to help you out. 

There are lots of services out there, so it can be daunting to know who to call and which consumer debt helpline is the best. We’ll go through who to call if you need debt help.

The National Debtline

The National Debtline are a debt charity who have been offering free debt advice to people across the UK for over 25 years. They’ve helped out millions of people with debt problems, helping them take control of their debts.

Their website is an amazing resource of free information – they allow you to access all sorts of guides, fact sheets, letter templates and budgeting tools, which all aim to help you with dealing with your creditors.

Most of all, they are famous for their consumer debt helpline. In 2019, they serviced over 100,000 customers over the phone alone, letting customers speak to one of their highly trained advisors. In fact, the service that the National Debtline supplies is so good, the Advice Services Alliance awarded them with the Advice Quality Standard, meaning that their advice is tricky to top.

To get through to their consumer debt helpline, you should call 0800 808 4000. Their lines are open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm, and between 9:30am to 1pm on Saturdays. Their experienced advisers will need to know as much information about your debt as possible, so make sure you have this to hand before you call them up. 

StepChange Debt Charity

StepChange Debt Charity provides some of the most comprehensive debt advice to customers across the UK. Helping people take back control of their finances, and getting their lives back on track is the aim of the game with StepChange.

StepChange have over 25 years’ worth of experience in helping people out with their debts, and in 2019 they helped nearly 650,000 people with their debts. In fact, their website claims that in 2018, StepChange gained a new client every 48 seconds. The consumer debt helpline they offer can provide the advice and support you might need to achieve long-term financial control. 

To get in touch with them using their consumer debt helpline service, you can call them up on 0800 138 1111. Their phone lines are open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. 

This is the general phone line, to discuss any general debt terms. If you have a more specific debt request, such as finding more information about persistent debt, debt management plans, equity release or if you have a lump sum of money to pay towards your debts, you can find all the necessary information on the ‘Contact Us’ section of their website.

Debt Advice Foundation

The Debt Advice Foundation is a specialist debt charity that offers free and confidential advice on any aspect of debt. Their driving force is the prevention and the cure of unmanageable consumer debt, with the primary focus being to help people who are looking for advice and support. 

The Debt Advice Foundation also have a strong focus on education, as they believe that improving financial literacy amongst the next generation of credit users is essential to lowering the already staggering levels of consumer debt in the UK. 

Their website is a treasure trove of information and useful guides, with many links available to other services that could help you in dealing with your debt. While they are slightly smaller than the previous two companies mentioned, their consumer debt helpline is a lifeline for many.

To get in touch with them, you can call them up on 0800 043 4050. You can contact them Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. If you’re calling from a mobile, let them know and they will immediately call you back so you don’t incur any charges for the call. They also recommend you go through their Pre-Call Information Checklist which will help both you and them know where to direct you and what you’re calling about.

Wrapping it up

With so many charities and services offering an array of services, it can be tricky to know which consumer debt helpline to turn to. The companies mentioned in this article, though, are some of the best companies to turn to if you are unsure about who to call if you need debt help. 

If you want to continue your search and find a consumer debt helpline that might be better suited to your situation, these following companies can also offer you excellent, free and confidential advice and information. 

About the author

Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson is a financial services expert, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, including 6 years in FCA regulated companies. Read more
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