Council Parking Fines

Learn everything you need to know about council parking fines and what you can do after receiving a council parking ticket. 

Council parking fines are fines that are served to motorists by local authorities for parking contraventions on council land. They are formally known as Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), although a PCN can also be issued for other driving contraventions. 

You may be served the PCN with it being left on your vehicle, or you might receive it in the post. The amount of these fines can vary depending on location and the seriousness of the offence. You have the right to make an appeal when you believe the council parking fine is unjust. 

Read our easy-to-follow guides discussing council parking fines in-depth, including how to secure a reduced fine and the best excuses to get out of a Penalty Charge Notice. We have all the information you need to understand, pay or appeal a PCN.