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Complain to Your Lender – Sample Letter Template

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.


If you want to make a complaint to your lender, you will need to send a creditor complaint letter. This can be daunting, cause stress and take time to compose. That’s why MoneyNerd is making it easier with our free downloadable lender complaint letter templates. We have a template for individuals and partnerships, so everyone is covered. Simply add your personal details and pop it in the post; it’s that easy!

Make your complaint to a lender more effective and professional with these downloadable templates – and read on to learn more about the process.

Letter Template

To Whom It May Concern

Regarding Case #: [your case number]* (required)

I would like to make a complaint against your company. The details are set out below.

[explain the nature of your complaint]* (required)

If you fail to resolve my complaint within eight weeks, or if matters are not settled to my satisfaction, I will have no alternative but to escalate my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This could result in you being ordered to pay compensation if my complaint is upheld.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Downloadable Resource

The download links below take you to a Google document template where you can make a copy or save in any document format you like. Note, you may have to login to your Google account.

Download – Single (for one person)
Download – Joint (for couples)

Why might you complain about a lender?

The credit and debt collection industries are rife with bad practices and questionable behaviours. You might want to complain about a lender for an array of reasons, but some of the most common complaints are about:

  1. Harassing calls and texts
  2. Irresponsible lending 

We have created a specific letter template for creditor harassment here. But if you want to complain about a lender for another reason, including irresponsible lending, then you should read on and download the applicable creditor complaint letter template above. 

How do I complain about a lender?

You should always complain about a lender directly with the lender first. You should do this in writing and keep a copy of the letter. It’s also recommended to use a recorded or tracked delivery service for proof of your complaint in case it needs to escalate. 

If the creditor does not respond to you in a reasonable time or they do not respond in a way you would hope, you can escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. You should not go straight to the Ombudsman. 

Our free letter template for complaining about irresponsible lending is step one!

What is classed as irresponsible lending?

Irresponsible lending, also known as unaffordable lending, is when a creditor gives you a credit agreement that you are not suitable for – and could plummet you into debt. Creditors must only lend to people who can pay the money and any interest back on time. They must carry out extensive checks to do this. 

Can I claim for irresponsible lending?

Lots of UK lenders, especially payday loan providers, have been found to lend irresponsibly. As a result, they have been hit with heavy fines, had their licenses stripped by regulators, and had to cancel the credit agreement. 

If you use our lender complaint letter template to claim for irresponsible lending, you might get a  loan refund. 

How long should I wait for a reply?

You should expect a reply to your creditor complaint letter within eight weeks. If you have not heard back by then, or they have responded without resolving the issue, you can escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. 

Provide as much evidence and information about your complaint to the Ombudsman, and they will come to an impartial decision. You might get a credit refund if your creditor gave you credit when they shouldn’t have. 


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