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Did you get a Parking Eye Scotland fine and wondering if you should pay or appeal it? Many motorists are asking the same thing because mistakes have been made when issuing the charges.

I look at why you may have to pay a Parking Eye Scotland fine, and when you could appeal it. Read on to find out more!

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances, parking tickets are not enforceable.

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Who is Parking Eye Scotland?

Parking Eye Scotland is a parking management firm. The company is also known as Parkingeye. They manage car parks for landowners throughout the UK and are authorised to issue Parking Charge Notices.

Parking Eye uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology in many car parks they manage for landowners. However, this technology is not always reliable.

There have been times when motorists receive parking charges for overstays which are incorrect! This is because ANPR mixes up numbers with letters and doesn’t work well in adverse weather conditions.

Is Parking Eye authorised to issue tickets?

Yes, landowners authorise the Parking Eye to issue tickets for parking violations. The notices can be sent by post to your home address or left on your car.

The operator accesses your details from the DVLA because they are members of the British Parking Association (BPA).

Parking Eye Scotland fines fall under contractual law

Parking fines on private land in Scotland are not fines. They are invoices raised by an operator because you broke their rules when using a car park.

It is a civil case between you and the operator unlike fines you get from the Police or a traffic warden.

The T&Cs of using a private car park must be clear and visible. In short, an operator must erect signs at the entrance of a car park so you know the ‘rules’ before you park.

Note: If the signs are clear or visible, you could challenge the charge!

Do you have to pay Parking Eye fines in Scotland?

Just like other areas of the country, a Parking Eye fine in Scotland could be enforceable if the operator takes you to court and wins. That said, don’t automatically think you have to pay the charge but don’t ignore it either!

Note: Private parking charges are not the same as Penalty Charge Notices.

How much is the parking charge?

The amount a private operator can charge for a parking violation on private land is capped at £50 except in London. Previously, it was £100 but this all changed in 2022.

That said, Parking Eye must offer a discount when you pay within 14 days. This can be 40% which is the minimum an operator can offer you. In short, if you pay within the time period, a parking charge may only cost you £30.

What happens if I don’t pay Parking Eye Scotland fines?

If you don’t pay the parking charge or you ignore the ticket, the operator will send you reminders. The threats to take legal action get more intense with each letter.

Don’t ignore the parking charge or the threats. The operator could start legal proceedings against you. However, don’t automatically pay the fine. First, check it was correctly given and that you committed a parking infringement.

Plus, your details could be sent to a debt collection agency if you ignore or don’t pay the fine.

Note: Sometimes it’s worth paying the fine within 14 days to prevent further action!

Can I get a CCJ for Parking Eye Scotland fine?

Only a judge can order you to pay a Parking Eye Scotland fine. The operator has no legal right to demand payment from you unless they win a court case that is.

Don’t ignore any official papers you get because things can escalate quickly and you could end up with a CCJ on your credit history.

What is the Parking Eye appeals process?

You can appeal the charge on the Parking Eye website. However, you must make the appeal within 28 days of receiving the ticket. Moreover, you have to submit your appeal in writing and provide the following information:

·         Why you are challenging the charge

·         Evidence to support your appeal

Note: When you appeal a parking charge on private land, the operator cannot take the matter any further until things are resolved.

What happens if Parking Eye rejects my appeal?

If the operator rejects your appeal, you have the right to take the matter to an independent appeals service. In this instance, it would be to Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA).

Note: Parking Eye must provide you with information on how to do this in their Letter of Rejection.

What is a 10-minute grace period?

Parking Eye is a BPA member and an accredited management company. Therefore, they must abide by the Code of Practice. The operator must allow you a 10-minute grace period when you return to your car.

Note: If the operator issues a ticket before the 10-minute period has elapsed, the charge should be cancelled!

Good excuses to appeal a Parking Eye Scotland fine

You could appeal a Parking Eye fine if the following applies:

·         The signs were not clearly visible therefore you didn’t know the rules

·         You received the parking charge over 14 days after you used the car park

·         You were overcharged

·         You were not the driver at the time the ticket was issued

·         There were mitigating circumstances

Lastly, Parking Eye Scotland fine, pay or appeal

Whether you pay or appeal the fine depends on whether the parking charge is unfair or incorrectly given. You should weigh up the chances of winning an appeal against paying the charge within 14 days to get the reduced amount.

However, first make sure the parking charge is correct and that the operator followed the Code of Practice. But never ignore a parking ticket you get on private land and don’t ignore any correspondence either!

Thanks for reading this post on Parking Eye Scotland fines. My advice is to either pay the fine within 14 days or appeal it within 28 days. The biggest mistake you could make is to ignore things because it could get expensive and messy!

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat to an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.