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Redroute PCN – Pay or Appeal? 2022

redroute pcn

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What is a redroute PCN and should you pay it? If you drove down (and perhaps parked) on some of London’s busiest roads recently, you may have been stung with a red route Penalty Charge Notice. We discuss these fines and what you can do about them below. 

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What is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)?

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is a type of fine that can be served by a local council or Transport for London. They are issued to motorists for parking contraventions, minor driving offences and for failing to pay a congestion charge or road toll. 

For example, you could be issued with a PCN if you overstayed your allotted parking on council land, or for not paying the London Congestion Charge by the deadline. 

The cost of a PCN differs by location and seriousness of the offence. But the fine is reduced by 50% if the motorist agrees to pay within the first 14 days of being served. 

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What is a red route PCN?

A red route PCN, also known as a redroute PCN, is a Penalty Charge Notice which is served due to a contravention that took place on one of the red routes in London

The red routes are some of the major roads in London. Although they only make up around 5% of all London roads, they are estimated to carry around 30% of all local traffic. Therefore, smooth running of the red routes can reduce inner-city traffic and congestion, which allows businesses and deliveries to take place efficiently. 

Don’t forget that using a red route may also mean having to pay the London Congestion Charge. Transport for London has indicated where all the red routes in London are via this page

How to avoid a red route PCN

To avoid being served with a redroute PCN, you must observe and follow all signs along these major roads. Motorists will see signs that instruct them on:

  1. Parking rules, including when they are not permitted to stop
  2. Turning rules, such as not being allowed to turn right or left at certain junctions
  3. When they can and cannot use bus lanes
  4. Loading bays and yellow box junctions

If you park when you aren’t supposed to or commit a minor driving offence, you may be seen on camera and served a PCN to the vehicle owner’s registered address as recorded by the DVLA. 

How much is a redroute penalty charge?

Transport for London will charge you £160 for a red route PCN. Therefore, a red route PCN is a lot more expensive than most other PCNs. However, you will only have to pay £80 if you make your payment within 14 days due to the 50% reduction offer. 

If you don’t pay the fine within 28 days, it will be increased by 50% and you’ll have another two weeks to pay. And if you continue to refuse to pay, they will ask a court to order you to pay, which will add £249 to the total owed. 

How do I check the PCN of my car?

A PCN will either be left on your vehicle or sent in the post. You cannot check your PCN and the evidence against you unless you have the PCN already because you need the PCN reference number from the top of the fine. If you have lost your PCN, it’s best to contact Transport for London. 

How do I appeal a red route PCN?

You are allowed to appeal a Penalty Charge Notice from London Transport. You will usually need to submit your appeal within 28 days of the incident that led to the PCN being served. 

You can submit your red route PCN appeal on the TfL website or in a letter. But you cannot make a PCN appeal, which is also called a representation, over the phone. Your representation should include the reason you want the PCN to be cancelled and any applicable evidence.

If Transport for London accepts your appeal, they’ll write back to you saying the PCN has been cancelled and you don’t have to pay. 

What if my redroute PCN appeal is rejected?

If Transport for London rejects your PCN appeal, you can either pay the PCN or take your appeal further. If paying, you’ll have lost access to the reduced rate and will need to pay the full fine amount. 

Alternatively, you can escalate the appeal to London Tribunals, which will make the final decision. If you want to escalate the appeal to London tribunals, you only have 28 days to do so from the date that London for Transport rejected your initial PCN challenge. 

Redroute PCN – pay or appeal?

The decision to pay or appeal is a personal one. On the one hand, you can pay just £80 by paying quickly. But if you think you have a strong case, you might prefer to appeal. Consider how much evidence you have to support your arguments before making a decision.

Red route dispensations

If you know you need to go against the traffic signs on a red route, it’s best to seek a red route dispensation to avoid a PCN. This is prior permission to go against traffic signs, which may be required if you’re moving home and need to park.

You must contact Transport for London at least six working days beforehand, preferably earlier. If approved, you’ll have to pay a fee per vehicle to go against the parking signs. You won’t be allowed to go against road signs that put you or other motorists in danger. 

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Thanks for reading our latest red route PCN guide. We hope you found the PCN answers you were looking for. But if not, check out our longer PCN post with other common questions and clear answers with examples.

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