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Chandlers Enforcement Agents – Should You Pay The Bailiffs?

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Chandlers Limited may contact thousands of people each and every day to discuss their debt. It is not an enjoyable experience to be hounded by debt collectors, especially if you are already struggling to make ends meet. If you have failed to pay back any debts, you may be contacted by Chandlers Limited bailiffs.

It can be highly distressing to be contacted by bailiffs, and it is essential you deal with the situation as quickly as possible. This article has been designed to provide you with information on who Chandlers Limited bailiffs are and how you can deal with any requests from them or visits to your home. With this knowledge, you will feel empowered to handle them.

Beating Debt Collectors

There are several ways to deal with Chandlers Enforcement agents and improve your finances.

Choosing the right way to tackle your debt could save you time and money, but the wrong one could cause even more harm.

It’s always best to find out about all your options from a professional before you take action.

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Who are Chandlers Limited?

Chandlers Limited are based in Bromley, Kent, and trade as Chandlers Enforcement Agents. They have been in business since 1996 and collect debts on behalf of businesses as well as local and central government. This includes collecting unpaid taxes, business rates and court fines.

The enforcement work that they undertake is carried out by their team of 22 enforcement agents who have all been fully trained. This quality of this training has resulted in Chandlers Enforcement Agents achieving Investors in People accreditation. They are members of Civea and comply with the Civea Code of Conduct. They also operate under the Ministry of Justice Code of Conduct, the Laws of Distress and the National Enforcement Standards and Code of Practice.

In addition to their enforcement activities they also have a dedicated Trace Team which can help locate people throughout England and Wales, and they perform process serving and the delivery of legal papers with proof of delivery within 24 hours.

Chandlers House, 2 Southlands Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 9QP

Registration Number:

Incorporation Date:

License Granted:

Also Known As:
Chandlers Limited Limited
Chandlers Limited Ltd
Chandlers Limited Group
Chandlers Limited Bailiffs
Chandlers Limited Debt Collectors
Chandlers Limited Debt Collection
Chandlers Limited Agency

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Why Are Chandlers Limited Bailiffs Getting in Touch

If you have not had the pleasure of dealing with Chandlers Limited Bailiffs before, you may want to find out more about them, including if they are actually legitimate. Chandlers Limited bailiffs are an authorised company, and if they reach out to you, you should speak to them. These are some of the most likely reasons they may be contacting you:

  • You have debts you have failed to pay back to businesses or individuals
  • You have unpaid tax bills from HMRC
  • You have failed to pay your payday loans or credit cards
  • You have defaulted on court fines

Although you don’t have the original debt with Chandlers Limited bailiffs, another company will have passed it over to them to deal with, so they do have the right to chase you about it. The debt is usually passed by these organisations when they have exhausted their efforts to get payment from you and don’t wish to deal with it anymore. Some likely companies who use debt collectors include:

  • Gas and electricity companies such as NPower or United Utilites
  • Mobile phone companies or broadband companies, such as Virgin Media
  • Local council parking tickets or other debt

It is more worthwhile for Chandlers Limited bailiffs to buy the debt in bulk, rather than individually. They start making a profit when you make payments, and they can remove goods from your home to cover the debt, if you are unable to pay it. They lose money if you don’t pay, and this is why they are usually so eager to get it.

How to Stop Chandlers Limited From Getting in Touch

Chandlers Limited bailiffs are liked to send you letters and even keep calling you to try and get payment. They might even visit your home in an attempt to get you to pay up. You should never ignore them, as they won’t stop, even if you do. You should always deal with your debt problems.

There are also instances when bailiffs such as Chandlers Limited bailiffs will issue notices and summons. If they are planning to visit your home, they would be required to give you 7 days’ notice of their plans. The best way to avoid this visit altogether is simply to pay your debt, or at least, reach an agreement to pay it.

They can’t just do as the please though! These are some things they can’t do:

  • They cannot send letters that look like court forms
  • They must not contact you at hours which would be deemed as ‘unsociable’. Such as very early morning or late at night
  • They cannot contact you at work, if you have told them not to
  • They should not try to confuse you with jargon and technical terms

If you want to speak to Chandlers Limited bailiffs and try and resolve the situation, you will find their details either on the correspondence they have sent you, or alternatively take a look on their website. As long as you speak to them, you should be able to avoid facing any further charges and interest.

If you do not owe this debt, you should ask them to prove and give evidence of the debt. The Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines have more information on this (see section 7).

What Rights Do Chandlers Limited Have?

Chandlers Limited are an a bailiff/enforcement agent and as such, they do have legal powers with regards to getting the debt payments from you. They don’t hold all the cards though, you also have rights.

Bailiffs have the right to come to your home to get the debts you owe to them. There are instances when they may even have the right to enter your property and take some of your goods to make up the total debt. If you do not allow them to enter your property, they may end up taking items from outside your home, such as your car.

If you receive a visit from an agent from Chandlers Limited and you advise that you can’t pay them, they may take some items from your home. These could include items you use everyday and cherish, such as your TV.

If the debt is serious, for instance, you have failed to pay your tax bill, they may decide that the best course of action is to force entry, but they would only do this if there is no alternative. These are some rules bailiffs need to adhere to, if it is just normal debt.

  • They are not permitted to force passed you
  • They must not enter your property if only vulnerable people are at home or under 16’s.
  • They must not visit your property at unsociable times, such as before 9am or after 9pm
  • They cannot enter any other way than the doors.

How Do You Deal with a Visit from Chandlers Limited?

You do not have an obligation to let bailiffs into your property, unless you have serious debts, such as unpaid court fines. Chandlers Limited may tell you that you need to let them in, but this isn’t true. They are only allowed to force entry if there are tax debts or other serious types of debts. They should also be able to provide you with paperwork to back up any claims. They may decide to use the services of a locksmith, but they do not have the right to break your door down.

If an agent from Chandlers Limited comes to your door, or any other bailiff for that matter, you should insist that they provide you with identification. These are some typical types of identification they should be able to provide you with:

  • Proof of their identity, such as a badge, ID card etc
  • Proof of who they’re representing (such as, Chandlers Limited)
  • Proof of what you owe, including a breakdown with fees and charges details
  • Proof of their ability to force entry, such as writ or warrant

Don’t worry about having to let them in to provide these documents, you can just request that they slip these through the letterbox, and you can take your time to look at them. You should make sure all the information is correct and up-to-date.

If the paperwork suggests that they don’t have the right to enter your property, you have the right to ask them to leave. You can then contact the Chandlers Limited head office in order to arrange the payment. If the company are contacting you about debt that doesn’t belong to you, you may request that they leave, and you can contact the head office to update them.

If you don’t speak to the head office and either pay, arrange to pay or prove that the debt does not belong to you, you can guarantee that they will just keep visiting and contacting you until you deal with it.

What Rights Do You Have if Chandlers Limited Have Taken Your Goods?

It may be too late, you may have not understood your rights and Chandlers Limited might have already taken some of your goods to cover the debt payment. Don’t worry, all is not lost, there are still steps you can take, but you must act now.

The most effective way to get the items back is either to pay the debt or reach a repayment plan, before they get the chance to sell them. The other option you have is to buy the goods back, as this will clear off the debt.

If the enforcement agent from Chandlers Limited failed to adhere to the necessary regulations, you may be able to get the goods back, without even having to pay anything. You may wish to contact Citizens Advice for further guidance about this.

What Actions Should You Take if You’ve Been Contacted by Chandlers Limited

If you have been contacted by Chandlers Limited about your outstanding debt, these are some things you should do to deal with the situation:

Speak to them

You should never ignore calls or letters from Chandlers Limited, as tempting as it may be. The debt won’t magically disappear, and even if you ignore them, they will keep coming back. Chandlers Limited may even decide to charge you an extra fee if they need to deal with the debt. These fees include:

  • Compliance – £75. If they end up having to send an enforcement notice with a request for payment
  • Enforcement – £235 (or 7.5% over £1500). This is the cost they may charge for visiting your property and taking some goods
  • Sale of goods – £110 (or 7.5% over £1500). The charge for removing goods and selling them on to cover the cost of the debt.

If you don’t owe the debt or you have already paid it, you should always respond to the contact from Chandlers Limited before they end up sending someone to visit you at home. You should get confirmation that is your debt in the first instance, and take the most appropriate action to deal with it.

Getting confirmation of the debt

Make sure you get confirmation that this is your debt, before you make any payments towards it. You should also make sure it is accurate. It may be that Chandlers Limited have contacted the wrong person about the debt, or you they may have failed to update their records. If you update them, they will stop pursuing you for the debt.

If you have failed to make a payment towards your debt in the last six years, or this amount of time has elapsed since you even spoke to the creditor, you may not be liable for the debt. If you feel that you have been pressured into taking out the credit, and the company failed to check you could afford to pay it back, you might not be required to pay the debt.

Clearing the debt

If you owe the money, and the information you have received from Chandlers Limited is accurate, and they are able to provide proof, you must arrange to pay it. If you are financially able, the best step is, of course, to completely clear off your debt. When you do this, you won’t need to hear from the company anymore. You should ask them to provide a receipt to prove you have paid it.

You have other options if you can’t pay the entire amount. You can agree on a suitable repayment plan by contacting Chandlers Limited and advising them of your financial situation. They should be willing to help you reach a suitable arrangement to repay the debt.

Help in Dealing With Chandlers Limited

If you are unsure how to deal with the debt you have accrued with Chandlers Limited, there is help out there, regardless of your financial situation. You should always speak to them in the first instance, and discuss your situation. If you owe the money, you should make every attempt to pay it back. There are other options to get debt assistance.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

The IVA is most suited to those who have substantial debt issues. With an IVA your entire debt is brought together in just one monthly payment. You will usually be able to write off the outstanding debt after five years. This is a good way to reduce your payments.

Debt management

You will find other debt management options, if you don’t like the idea of signing up to an IVA. These options include: debt management plans, consolidation loans, and as a last resort, even bankruptcy. If you are not quite sure which option will suit you, speak to a professional debt advisor.

Citizens Advice

If you have need help to deal with Chandlers Limited or you need some advice on the letters you have received, you can contact Citizens Advice. They have highly skilled and trained staff, who are able to provide you with advice in dealing with bailiffs, and getting out of debt.

Formal complaints

It’s good to check reviews when making complaints, and if you look at the Trustpilot reviews of Chandlers Limited, you’ll see that your experience of them is probably shared by others. If you are in the same boat, and feel that you have been mistreated by Chandlers Limited you should make a formal complaint. If you don’t get a response about your complaint, or the response is inadequate, you can progress it to the Financial Ombudsman Service to deal with it on your behalf.

Chandlers Limited – The Final Words

No one really wants to be in a position where they need to deal with debt enforcement agents such as Chandlers Limited. If you know your rights though, you will be in a better position to push back on them. The main thing to take from this article is that you should not ignore bailiffs. It is vital that you take steps to deal with your situation. Be aware of your rights, but also take steps to ensure you pay back the money you owe. Always seek proof of your debt, if you are unsure if it is really yours.


Do I Have Any Rights if a Bailiff Visits?
You don’t have many rights unfortunately, but you should be aware that they cannot come to your property during the hours before 6am or after 9pm. If they do plan to visit, they should give you one weeks’ notice. They must not use force to get you to move and allow them access.
Is There a Limit on How Often the Bailiff Can Visit?
There is no limit on how often they are allowed to visit, the limits only apply to the times they are permitted to visit.
Can I Refuse Entry to the Bailiffs?
You can refuse entry, but they might end up returning with a locksmith. You may not even be home when they do this!
Is the bailiff allowed to break down my door?
Bailiffs do not have any right to break your door down. They must have a locksmith, if they need to enter your property.
Are bailiffs allowed to take my car?
Yes, they can take your car, if they can’t get access to your property. They may even do this if you require access to if for work purposes. Even if you try to hide the vehicle, they will probably track it down.

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Schedule 12, Tribunals, Courts and Enforcements Act, 2007

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Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
  • Affordable repayments
  • Reduce pressure from people you owe money to
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring