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Do you have to pay NSL Parking when they send you a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)? We uncover who NSL Parking really are and your options to deal with an NSL PCN. You might even be able to get your private NSL parking ticket cancelled. 

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances, parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat with an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

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Who is NSL parking?

NSL is a car park enforcement department that serves private businesses and local councils. 

They help these private businesses to clamp down on parking abuse on their property by getting them to monitor car parks for people not paying and subsequently issue private parking tickets.

They are also capable of issuing private tickets to foreign vehicles in the UK from overseas, which is a niche service within car park management services. 

Is NSL a private company?

NSL is part of another company called Marston Holdings Limited. NSL is responsible for the parking enforcement services of Marston Holdings. Marston Holdings offers a wide range of other services, including debt collection, tracing and investigations. 

We’ve already discussed the debt recovery services of Marston Holdings here. If you’ve received a scary debt letter from them, consider reading our guide for support. 

What is an NSL PCN?

An NSL PCN is a Parking Charge Notice from NSL, or more specifically from Marston Holdings Limited. You could be issued one of these private parking tickets if you failed to pay the correct parking fee in a car park they manage, or if you have overstayed your allotted time. 

They’re known to manage car parks for local councils and familiar businesses, such as McDonald’s Restaurants. They’re even known to provide some enforcement services for the DVLA. 

They could identify your parking contravention in person with their enforcement staff, or you may be spotted on special cameras called ANPRs. If you’re spotted on camera the vehicle owner will be sent the PCN in the post. 

NSL Parking can charge you up to £100 for the parking contravention currently. But this amount is set to decrease to £50 in most cases, as per new laws expected to be applied in 2023. 

Do you have to pay an NSL PCN?

NSL has the right to serve Parking Charge Notices to drivers who don’t pay for parking or break other conditions of using the car park. 

When you enter one of the car parks they manage, there should be signage to explain that you automatically agree to their terms and conditions by using the car park. Thus, not paying means you have broken an unwritten agreement with NSL Parking. 

However, a Parking Charge Notice is not considered a real parking fine. They are considered to be more like an invoice. You’ve received an invoice from NSL for a service they provided, which costs more than it otherwise would have if you paid beforehand. 

You are only forced to pay the PCN if you’re subject to a court order telling you to do so. Does that mean NSL Parking will take you to court if you don’t pay? Find out below. 

What happens if you don’t pay NSL Parking?

Expect more letters and possibly late fees if you don’t pay NSL Parking. They’ll usually give you 28 days to pay the fine before contacting you again. They might send you a Letter Before Action, which is an important step in the debt recovery process. 

Because NSL is connected to Marston Holdings – a debt collector – your details could be passed to the debt recovery department of Marston Holdings instead. If this happens, the Letter Before Action may be sent by this department.

These letters give you a final chance to pay or suggest they will take you to court to get a judge to make you pay. This might be a genuine legal threat. Or it could be just a scare tactic. 

If you don’t pay and subsequently receive a court summons, you’ll know the legal threat is real. At this point, you could pay the debt or let the matter go to court. If you lose in court the judge will ask you to pay.

Bailiffs could be used if you fail to pay the debt after a court order has been issued. Using bailiffs is expensive for NSL Parking, but their fees get added to your debt. 

How do you appeal an NSL PCN?

Another option is to appeal your NSL PCN. You can do this by following the appel instructions on the parking ticket. Appeals usually have to be made within 28 days and they must be put in writing. You should not pay the fine and then appeal it. Once you pay you have accepted liability so your appeal wouldn’t be considered. 

A PCN appeal, which might be called a representation, is a way for you to formally argue against the decision to issue you a PCN. You should do so by stating a valid and honest reason why the PCN was unfairly served. You might need to support any arguments you make with evidence. 

For example, you might argue that you were involved in an emergency situation which prevented you from returning to your vehicle in time. You may need a police report or doctor’s letter to make such a claim. 

Read about the best excuses and the not-so-good-ones to appeal a PCN here

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat to an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.


NSL Parking appeal rejected!

NSL has as many as 56 days to respond to the appeal. If it’s accepted you won’t have to pay a penny. But what happens if it’s rejected?

When your PCN appeal gets rejected, you can either back down and pay or take your appeal further. You could appeal to POPLA, which is an independent and free service which will look at your appeal one more time. 

They make the final call and could tell NSL to cancel the ticket. 

Should you pay or appeal an NSL PCN?

The decision to pay or appeal is a personal one based on individual circumstances surrounding the PCN. If you decide to pay, try and pay within 14 days because NSL PArking must offer you at least a 40% discount!