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Gladstones Solicitors Parking Fine – Should You Pay? 2022


For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Has Gladstones Solicitors recently contacted you about unpaid account arrears or a private parking ticket? If so, you can take a little bit of comfort knowing you’re not alone. But you can take even more comfort and achieve clarity by knowing what to do next. 

This post is dedicated to any motorist who has recently received a Gladstones Solicitors parking fine letter.

Beating Debt Collectors

There are several ways to deal with Gladstones Solicitors debt collectors and improve your finances.

Choosing the right way to tackle your debt could save you time and money, but the wrong one could cause even more harm.

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Who is Gladstones Solicitors?

Gladstones Solicitors is a legal firm that focuses on debt recovery services. They help other businesses to recover unpaid arrears and debts. They are well-known to help private parking companies to recover payment from unpaid private parking tickets. 

Because they are a law firm, they may also advise private parking companies about the potential to take motorists, who are reluctant to pay, to court. However, this doesn’t mean they will. 

Read on to uncover whether you have to pay Gladstones Solicitors and your other options. 

Are Gladstones Solicitors real?

Gladstones Solicitors is a real law firm that is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (Reference 559050). Although it’s quite rare for a legal firm to exclusively focus on debt recovery, they are a legitimate company. You can call them on 01565 755 088.

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Who owns Gladstones Solicitors?

At the time of writing, the majority shareholder of Gladstones Solicitors Limited is Mr John Llewelyn Gladstone Davies. He is also the only director of the company. 

Gladstones Solicitors parking fine letter

You’re likely to receive a letter from Gladstones Solicitors to ask for a payment of an unpaid private parking ticket. This means the private parking company has outsourced the job of collecting the parking fine to Gladstones Solicitors. 

They may do this when you have ignored their own letters to pay. Gladstones Solicitors will be paid for these services. Here’s an example of such an experience:

“I received a private parking ticket in 2019 from Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd.

The letters were ignored […] Then earlier this year (2021) I started to receive texts and letters asking for payment of the parking ticket offering me a discount again but I ignored these letters. 

The parking company then passed my case to Gladstones Solicitors who have been chasing me for the money. […] They are also threatening to start court proceedings and mentioning that I may receive a CCJ if the amount is not paid. Apparently, the £160 charge would amount to £275 if taken to court.”

  • Peter44 (Pepipoo Forum)

Will Gladstones Solicitors take me to court?

Gladstones Solicitors may advise the parking company to take you to court if you don’t pay, and they could represent the client if legal proceedings do escalate. But there’s also the chance that the car park operator doesn’t want court action, in which case any legal threats are empty threats designed to make you anxious and pay faster. 

But you should never assume that Gladstones Solicitors’ client won’t take you to court. Because as the earlier forum post suggests, things can get more expensive. 

Can I ignore Gladstones Solicitors?

To avoid the potential of court action, you should not ignore a Letter Before Action from Gladstones Solicitors. 

But does this mean you have to pay? Read on to find out!

Should you pay a Gladstones Solicitors parking fine?

You may or may not have to pay the Gladstones Solicitors parking fine, depending on your situation. But you should also know that private parking fines (not council ones) aren’t even real fines. They’re closer to invoices from a business, in this case, the car park operator. 

Nevertheless, the car park operator has the right to issue a fine when they run a car park that conforms to the laws. And they have the right to chase you to court if you don’t pay when you should have. 

We’ve outlined some common situations and what you could do to delay or get out of paying the fine.

How to deal with Gladstones Solicitors parking fines

Here are three common situations and how to deal with Gladstones Solicitors parking fine letters in each of them:

Can you still appeal the parking fine?

Some private parking fines have to be appealed against within a month of receiving them. But there are some that can still be challenged a year after they were issued. If the car park operator has passed on the “debt” to Gladstones Solicitors, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have run out of time to lodge an appeal.

You can first appeal to the car park operator and then appeal to an independent tribunal if the first appeal is rejected. You’ll need a good reason why the parking ticket should be cancelled and probably some proof to back up your statements. 

Is the fine too old to be collected?

If the parking ticket was served over six years ago, there’s a chance that it could have become too old to be collected, also known as a statute barred debt. The matter will not be allowed to go to court, as statute barred debts are no longer matters for the court. This is to stop the courts from becoming backlogged with older cases. 

If your debt is statute barred, you can tell Gladstones Solicitors this is why you won’t be paying. 

Have Gladstones Solicitors got the wrong person?

If they have got the wrong person due to an administration error, you could simply inform them. But if they’re not willing to listen, you could instead ask them to prove you owe the debt with a prove the debt letter. This might also be used to delay the process if needed. 

If you know you owe a parking fine and don’t plan on appealing (or can’t appeal anymore), you should consider paying to avoid the potential of court action. 

More information on private parking tickets

Further guidance on dealing with private parking tickets can be located in this guide. Learn everything you need to know about Parking Charge Notices with MoneyNerd!

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