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Gladstones Solicitors Parking Fine – Should You Pay?

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· May 26th, 2024
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Gladstones Solicitors Parking Fine

Have you got a private parking fine from Gladstones Solicitors and are unsure what to do next?

This is the right place for you. Each month, over 130,000 people visit our website looking for guidance on fines and parking tickets.

In this article, we’re going to share clear and simple advice on:

  •  If you need to pay Gladstones Solicitors parking fines.
  •  How to appeal a Gladstones Solicitors parking fine.
  •  What the debt collection process looks like.
  •  What rights a debt collection agency has.

Research from Which? found that the rise in fines can be attributed in part to unclear rules and the variety of payment methods offered in private car parks1

So, if you’ve found yourself confused and received a parking fine, don’t worry. We’re here to help you understand your options and make a decision that’s best for you.

Most Ticket Appeals Succeed

In some circumstances, you might have a legitimate reason not to pay your parking fine.

It’s a bit sneaky, but the last time I needed legal advice, I paid £5 for a trial to chat with an online solicitor called JustAnswer.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor feeds, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

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*According to Martin Lewis, 56% of people who try to appeal their ticket are successful and get the charge overturned, so it’s well worth a try.

Gladstones Solicitors unpaid ticket letter

If you’ve received a letter from Gladstones Solicitors demanding payment for an unpaid ticket, it indicates that the private parking company has enlisted Gladstones Solicitors to handle the collection of the fine.

This typically occurs when you’ve ignored the previous requests for payment.

Here’s an example of such an experience:

“I received a private parking ticket in 2019 from Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd.

The letters were ignored […] Then earlier this year (2021) I started to receive texts and letters asking for payment of the parking ticket offering me a discount again but I ignored these letters. 

The parking company then passed my case to Gladstones Solicitors who have been chasing me for the money. […] They are also threatening to start court proceedings and mentioning that I may receive a CCJ if the amount is not paid. Apparently, the £160 charge would amount to £275 if taken to court.”

  • Peter44 (Pepipoo Forum)

Have they got the wrong person?

If they have got the wrong person due to an administration error, you should simply inform them of the error.

If they’re not willing to listen, you could instead ask them to prove you owe the debt with a prove the debt letter.

It might also be used to delay the process if needed. 

If you know you owe a parking fine and don’t plan on appealing (or can’t appeal anymore), you should consider paying to avoid the potential of court action

Should you pay?

You may or may not have to pay the Gladstones Solicitors parking fine, depending on your situation.

UK parking enforcement for private fines means the issuer has to start legal proceedings against you.

» TAKE ACTION NOW: Get legal support from JustAnswer

But you should also know that private parking fines (not council ones) aren’t fines. They’re closer to invoices from a business, in this case, the car park operator. 

A Parking Charge Notice falls under contractual law.

Nevertheless, the car park operator has the right to issue a fine when they manage a car park that conforms to the law. And they have the right to chase you to court if you don’t pay

The legal consequences of unpaid parking fines could leave you with a County Court Judgement on your credit history.

Successful Appeal Case Study


Initial Fine £100
Additional Fees £171
Total Fine £271

The Appeal Process

Scott used JustAnswer, online legal service to enhance his appeal. The trial of this cost him just £5.

Total Fine £271
Cost of legal advice £5

JustAnswer helped Scott craft the best appeal possible and he was able to win his case.

Scott’s fine was cancelled and he only paid £5 for the legal help.

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In partnership with Just Answer.

How to deal with Gladstones parking fines

I’ve outlined how to deal with Gladstones Solicitors parking fine letters below, and I also cover how to contest a parking fine if you have enough supporting evidence.

Can you still appeal the parking fine?

Private parking fines must be appealed within 28 days.

You can first appeal to the car park operator. If your appeal is rejected you can take the matter to an independent appeals service.

You’ll need a good reason why the parking ticket should be cancelled and proof to back up your statements

Under some circumstances, an appeal could be made later than 28 days. Provided the circumstances are exceptional.

Appeal Process Steps

As mentioned earlier, if you believe the fine was unfairly issued, you have the option to appeal. It’s essential to understand this process to tackle any obstacles efficiently.

That’s why I’ve put together this table that explains each step you should take to appeal your private parking fine. For more information, don’t forget to read our specialized guide.

Process: Steps you should take:
When you receive the ticket… You should gather as much evidence as you can to support your appeal claim and prove that the ticket was unfairly issued.
If you were given the ticket in person/attached to your car… You must make an informal appeal (sent to the local authority/council that issued the PCN) within 14 days. This should be a letter with the evidence proving why the ticket was incorrectly given.
If it was posted to you… You will be given 21 days to submit an informal appeal (from the day you received the letter). Your informal appeal should be a letter with the evidence proving why the ticket was incorrectly given.
If the informal appeal is rejected… You will receive a Notice to Owner and will have 28 days to respond to this with a formal appeal. You can conduct the formal appeal online or via paper form. The Traffic Penalty Tribunal can send you one of these forms.
If the formal appeal is rejected… You will receive a Notice of Rejection. From here, you are free to challenge the council’s verdict at an independent tribunal.
If the independent tribunal disagrees with your appeal… You should pay the ticket within 28 days of the tribunal rejecting your appeal. If you don’t, the fine will be increased by 50%.
If you don’t have the money to pay the fine, you should contact Citizens Advice or another debt charity.

Is the fine too old to be collected?

If the parking ticket was issued over six years ago, there’s a chance that it could have become too old to be collected, also known as a statute barred debt.

The matter will not be allowed to go to court, as statute barred debts are no longer matters for the court. It is to stop the courts from becoming backlogged with older cases. 

If your debt is statute barred, you can tell Gladstones Solicitors this is why you won’t be paying. 

Proving parking fine debt is up to the solicitors and if they can’t, you may not have to pay.

See the message posted on a popular forum about an old parking fine.

Source: Moneysavingexpert

Getting the support of a Solicitor can take a huge weight off your mind.

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Reviews shown are for JustAnswer.

Can you ignore a Solicitors LBC?

A Letter Before Claim (LBC) is a notice sent by a private parking company to encourage you to pay a private parking ticket for parking violation penalties.

If you receive a Gladstones Solicitors LBC, you shouldn’t ignore it because further enforcement action may be taken.

Instead, you should attempt to come to a repayment agreement and get help using our debt form.

Will they take you to court?

The potential legal implications of parking fines that go unpaid could lead to court action.

Gladstones Solicitors may advise the parking company to take you to court if you don’t pay, and they could represent the client if legal proceedings do escalate.

But there’s also the chance that the car park operator doesn’t want court action, in which case any legal threats are empty threats designed to make you pay faster. 

You should never assume that Gladstones Solicitors’ client won’t take you to court because things could get more expensive. 

Gladstones Solicitors Contact Details

Address: Gladstones Solicitors Limited
Unit B, 1st Floor, 210 Cygnet Court, Centre Park, Warrington, WA1 1PP
Phone: 01565 755 088
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.gladstonessolicitors.co.uk

Hire a Parking Solicitor for less than a coffee.

If you’re thinking about appealing your parking ticket then getting some professional advice is a good idea.

Getting the support of a Solicitor can make your appeal much more likely to win.

For a £5 trial, Solicitors from JustAnswer can look at your case and help you create an airtight appeal.

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In partnership with Just Answer.


  1. Which? – The rise of private parking fines
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