During these uncertain times, managing your finances can be tricky.

We’ve all had to make adjustments to our spending, and when things are tricky, you’ve got to prioritise the essentials.

Sometimes, however, this means that other payments you might be required to settle will fall by the wayside. When this happens, you’ll begin to receive correspondence from a debt collection agency like IMFS debt collection.

We let you know what to do if IMFS debt collection has got in touch, and answer some of the more frequently asked questions about them and debt collectors in general.

It’s not your fault. Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman have risen this year from 830 to 2,006, so it’s safe to say that you’re not alone.

Deal with your debt today and feel amazing tomorrow.

IMFS Debt Collection

If you’ve had a letter from IMFS debt collection, you may be a bit upset and stressed.

It’s never nice to get a letter claiming that you owe an amount of money you may not even know about, sent from a company that you probably haven’t had any dealings with in the past. 

Here, we’ll lay out the basics that you need to know when dealing with IMFS debt collection.

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Who are IMFS Debt Collection?

Knowing who you are dealing with in the first place is the first, and potentially the most important step, in dealing with a debt collector. After all, a company like IMFS debt collection is not necessarily a company you would have dealt with in the past.

IMFS debt collection, which is short for Improved Financial Solutions, is a debt collection agency and is the trading style of a company called Integrated Contact Solutions Ltd.

IMFS debt collection themselves are an award-winning debt collection agency, originally established in 2004.

What kinds of debts do they collect?

Debt collection agencies are usually split into two groups as to who they collect debts for.

There are debt collection agencies that focus on just one industry, such as parking tickets, or agencies that offer their services to multiple different industries. These can vary from utility bills through to credit card debt.

IMFS debt collection primarily deals with consumer debt collections from the financial services sector. These include debts from credit cards, store cards, current accounts and loans.

The companies they service are very varied, and they are reported to have offered services to leading high street brands and hotel chains, as well as websites such as eBay.

The best way of finding out why they’re getting in touch with you though, is to read the letter or piece of correspondence sent to you by IMFS debt collection carefully. They will mention exactly who the original creditor is in their letter.

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Are IMFS a legitimate company?

There are all sorts of horror stories about people getting scammed by fake companies, demanding debts they don’t owe. And we’ve all had spam emails and phone calls.

It’s good practice to make sure that the company who have sent you the letter are genuine.

One of the best methods of confirming this is by checking whether the company has a page on Companies House.

IMFS debt collection doesn’t have their own page, but their parent company, Integrated Contact Solutions Ltd, do – you can find that by following this link

They have the company number 09972113 and a registered office address of 4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS15 8GB.

The IMFS debt collection website has little information on it, but at the bottom of the page, you can see that they also have this address.

They don’t offer a method of contacting them directly on their website, but if you create an online profile on their homepage, you can:

  • Manage your account
  • Make individual payments
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Upload documents
  • Send them messages and request a call back

    You can find out more by following this link.

IMFS Debt Collection – what to do next

With that basic information about IMFS debt collection, you will be in a good position to know who you are dealing with, and why they’re getting in touch. We now take you through the next steps in what to do with IMFS debt collection.

Follow my ‘prove it’ guide with letter templates and get them to prove that you owe the money.

Gather any previous correspondence

Once you know who the original creditor is, after reading the letter IMFS debt collection carefully, go through your own records and try and find as much information and correspondence from them as you can.

Cross-reference all the amounts on the letters. If there are any differences, you may not have to pay them.

Keep a diary

From the moment you are first contacted by IMFS debt collection, you should start keeping a diary. Note down the dates and times of every letter they send, and every call that they make.

If you can, it’s a good idea to get the names of all the people you end up speaking with as well. This will help you later on, especially if IMFS debt collection makes a complaint.

Know your rights

When dealing with a debt collection agency like IMFS debt collection, you do have some legal rights.

IMFS debt collection and their parent company, Integrated Contact Solutions Ltd, are both regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and as such, have to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

If they disobey any of these things, you may not have to pay them.


Here, we will answer some of the more frequently asked questions about IMFS debt collection and debt collectors in general.

What is imfs debt?

IMFS debt is a debt collection agency and a trading style of Contact Solutions Ltd.

How do I know if a debt collector is legitimate UK?

You know a debt collection agency is legitimate in the UK if firstly they are an established company on companies house. Secondly, most debt collections agency’s are FCA registered.

What is their Phone Number?

What is this number 01133508520

The number 01133508520 belongs to IMFS debt collection. They are a popular debt collection agency who will be calling to collect payment on a debt.

Should I pay them?

If you are certain that the debt is yours, and you have the funds available to pay in full, you should pay IMFS debt collection as soon as you can. This will immediately stop any further letters or phone calls from them.

Can they prove the debt?

Yes. If you don’t think that the debt is yours, use a template ‘Prove the Debt’ letter, and send this to IMFS debt collection. To legally enforce the debt, they will have to respond in writing with the full details of the debt that you owe.

Do they have any rights?

Just as you have rights against them, they also have rights against you.

It’s worth noting that they don’t have any legal powers, or have the powers of a bailiff, so they can’t enter your property or take anything from it.

They can take legal action against you if you avoid paying them, however.

What if I can’t pay them?

If you can’t pay IMFS debt collection, get in touch with them as soon as you can. They may agree to a debt repayment scheme, where you pay back the debt in instalments.

Can I complain about them?

Yes. You should first of all address the nature of your complaint to them directly. If they fail to respond to this, you should escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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