A knee injury can not just impair you from walking but also hinder your ability to carry out every day tasks. This can cause a lot of physical, emotional, and mental stress. 

However, there’s no need to worry. You can easily claim compensation for your knee injury.

Considering the intricacy of this subject matter, I have compiled an in-depth guide about knee injury compensation. The complete process, FAQs, and everything you need to know has been mentioned. 

How can you recognize a knee injury?

If you feel a sharp staggering pain when you put pressure on your knee, it is very likely that you have injured yourself. This could be while you stand or try to walk short distances.

Moreover, if your personal injury hinders your ability to walk, that might indicate a fracture or a tear in your ligament.

In this case, it is essential you get it checked by a doctor immediately. You may be able to apply for knee injury claims later.

What is the amount of compensation for knee injury?

Your knee injury compensation amount will vary upon the severity and the different categories of knee injuries. For a minor knee injury you will be able to receive a claim between £1,000 to £5,250.

For a comparatively complex injured knee, you may be awarded compensation amounts from £13,000 to £22,000.

However, for severe cases, the compensation amounts will significantly increase for up to £22,500 – £38,000.

How much accomodation can I get for a fractured patella?

In case of a fractured patella or a severe tear in the cruciate, the calculated knee injury claim will start from £22,340 and go up to £82,080. However, if you require a knee cap or a cane, you will be able to make an injury claim for £88,000.

How much compensation claim can I make for a broken knee?

The compensation amounts will vary on the severity of the injuries.

If you require long term assistance or support you may be able to make an injury claim for up to £33,000.

However, if you have a minor fracture your injury compensation will be around £11,200.

Can the knee injury compensation vary in amount?

Knee injury compensation amounts can vary drastically. I will list down the estimated amounts for each particular type of injury claim.

  • Bruising and tissue damage: £10,400
  • Displaced knee: upto £19,900
  • Broken knee: £33,000
  • Medical negligence or accident: £19,900 to £73,100
  • Multiple fractures: £88,000

How to apply for an accomodation for pain and suffering?

If your injury has deteriorated your health and is taking extensive recovery time you can apply for a claim. You will need to provide a complete medical history report to your solicitor.

After your case is reviewed you will be allotted compensation for pain and suffering. 

For ongoing medical expenses, including pain and suffering, the knee injury claim will be up to an average amount ranging from £5,250 – £12,000.

However, the injury compensation will increase if your healing time takes longer.

Does the knee injury accomodation vary based on the cause?

The accommodation amount for a knee injury claim may vary based on how you sustained the injury. 

This may include a number of factors such as:

  • Where the injuries occurred
  • How the injuries occurred
  • If the accident was your fault

Your accommodation may vary based on these factors.

What is the compensation amount for multiple knee injuries?

If you are someone who has several but minor knee injuries, you will be able to receive an injury compensation of no more than £5,160.

However, if you have severe multiple injuries the knee injury compensation may go up to £82,080.

What is the average compensation claim for knee surgery?

The compensation amount for an injury leading to surgery could vary depending on the severity.

However the estimated average amounts could be anywhere between £23,000 to £84,000 for this knee injury claim.

How much knee injury compensation will I receive for a soft tissue damage?

A soft tissue damage is considered a minor damage. The knee injury claim in this case will begin from £1,000 and will go up to an estimated amount for no more than £5,000. 

However, if we assume your recovery time is extensive, you might be able to make a more knee injury claim.

How much accommodation can you get for a ruptured knee cartilage?

A ruptured knee cartilage could hamper your ability to walk. You may be able to claim compensation amounts for a ruptured cartilage ranging from £13,000 to £23,000. However, if you need a knee bracket you may be able to claim for more.

On what basis can I claim compensation for an injured knee?

There is a certain criteria you need to fulfill in order to apply for a compensation claim. I will list a few important things that you would need to keep in mind in order to claim compensation.

  • The accident was not your fault: 

You can easily make a claim through personal injury solicitors if you were hit by a car or a motorcycle.

  • Medical negligence:

If you are someone who unfortunately faced a knee injury due to surgical negligence, you can easily apply for an injury claim.

  • Loss of financial and medical expenses:

You can easily apply for a claim if your knee injury has hampered your ability to work. Moreover, if you require extensive long term healthcare, you apply through personal injury solicitors.

  • You were attacked by someone:

If you received a personal knee injury through self defence, you can make an injury claim through a criminal solicitor for almost any type of injury.

  • If you accidentally slipped and fell at home:

You can apply for a broken knee claim, for pain and suffering, and knee injuries for a tragic accident.

  • If you slipped at injured your knee at work:

If your work requires you to carry out heavy tasks and has caused injuries on your knees, you may be able to apply for accommodation, easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average settlement for an injured knee?

For constant pain and ongoing symptoms, the average settlement may be around £5,160 to £11,730.

In case of a ruptured cartilage, an irreversible damage, or a knee replacement surgery you may be able to claim an average amount of knee injury compensation from £22,340 to £82,080.

How much compensation claim can I make for a ruptured meniscus?

Let’s assume you have made a personal injury claim through a solicitor.

In this case you will be able to receive an estimated amount ranging from £25,000 to 50,000. 

However, the amount may vary if the injury is more severe.

What amount of compensation can I make for a minor knee fracture?

A fractured knee cap is termed as a minor knee fracture, however, it takes a lot of healing time.

For a minor knee fracture you might be able to receive a compensation between £11,200 to £33,000.

How much settlement will I receive through a knee injury claim?

For a broken bone or continuous suffering, you can possibly receive an estimated compensation between £39,000 and £56,000. However, if the injury is restricting movement, you may be entitled towards more accommodation.

What is the injury compensation amount for a dislocated knee?

If you have suffered a dislocated knee, which is a more serious issue. You may be entitled to an estimated amount ranging from £55,590 to £84,360. However, the compensation amounts will increase if you require more healing time.

What is the compensation amount for a knee replacement?

You may require a replacement if your knee injuries are hindering your ability to walk.

The estimated amount of compensation for a knee replacement will range between £22,340 to £82,080.

However the settlement is likely to increase if you require more healing time.

How do I make a knee injury claim?

This should be an easy process if the accident was not your fault.

Get your injuries recognized by a certified doctor. Keep your documentations intact as you will require them for the compensation.

Gather as many witnesses as you can. This includes: doctors, people who assisted you, or friends and family at the time of the accident.

Discuss your case with injury solicitors, and you should be able to get a claim conveniently.



If you have sustained knee injuries, try not to stress too much. 

It is important you understand that it is easier to apply for a claim if you were the victim and the accident was not your fault. 

This article has summarized everything you need to know about a knee injury claim . It provides all the estimated values and ranges you might be entitled to for a knee injury compensation. 

Read the instructions above carefully in order to have a better understanding. All the necessary information you may require for a knee injury claim has been mentioned above. 

In case you require further information,try to contact your solicitor or feel free to contact us.

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