Council Fines

A local authority could fine you for different reasons, resulting in a debt you need to pay. We’ve looked at the different types of council fines and how you can handle them. 

Councils have the right to issue fines for specific reasons. They can issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for littering, graffiti and not cleaning up dog faeces. They can serve locals with a Civil Penalty (CP) if they knowingly claim too much housing benefit or incorrectly claim a council tax reduction. 

They can also issue Penalty Charge Notices when you have committed a parking contravention, and they can enforce these fines with a further fine (a charge certificate) if you don’t pay by the deadline. 

If you’ve recently received a council fine, you should read more about the specific processes and what you can do about it. We look at the different ways to deal with common council fines and help you to understand the council fine appeals process. All our content is made easy to read.