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District Enforcement Appeals – What You Need to Know 2022

district enforcement

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If you need information on the District Enforcement appeals process, you came to the right place. We look at how to appeal against a District Enforcement parking fine and what to do if they reject your first appeal. Let’s get into it!

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What is District Enforcement?

District Enforcement is a car parking service provider, helping private landowners and businesses to secure their car parks in line with the law. They provide services to facilitate the smooth running of a car park, which may involve payment solutions, manned patrols and private parking fine enforcement. 

They are a legitimate company registered in Derbyshire and are members of the International Parking Community (IPC). 

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District Enforcement reviews

There are a number of poor reviews about District Enforcement online. These bad reviews mention unjust parking fines and expensive payment methods. Take a look at some examples:

“Complete joke spent hours trying to find how to pay for a ticket then once paid I get a bill for £7 on my phone just for phoning up to pay for it .”

  • Matthew S (Google review)

“After falsely being served a parking ticket for leaving without paying despite providing evidence in the form of a receipt of payment, the company eventually withdrew my parking fine after appeal but informed me that I “should ensure I  park correctly in order to ensure I don’t receive any further parking fines”. Just awfully condescending and no admittance of a mistake on their part.”

  • Thomas S (Google review)

District Enforcement parking tickets

District Enforcement may issue parking fines to people who use the car parks they manage without paying. This includes failure to pay and overstaying their paid-for time. A private parking fine is also called a Parking Charge Notice. It isn’t considered to be a genuine fine. You should think of a Parking Charge Notice like an invoice from the business. 

Lastly, Parking Charge Notices aren’t the same as Penalty Charge Notices, which can be council parking tickets. But they can be both referred to as PCNs.

How much is a District Enforcement PCN?

Private parking tickets, including those from District Enforcement, are now capped at £50 or £70 for more serious parking contraventions outside of London. Within London, they are capped at £80. 

Moreover, District Enforcement must reduce the fine by at least 40% if you pay within two weeks. This means some District Enforcement parking fines can be as low as £30. 

Do you have to pay District Enforcement?

On a technicality, you don’t have to pay these fines until you’re legally ordered to do so. However, if you get to the point of being told to pay by a judge, you’re likely to incur even further charges and fees. So it’s considered a bit of a catch 22.

District Enforcement may threaten you with legal action if you don’t pay by a deadline. Or they may ask a debt collection agency to take over the process, which will also threaten you with court proceedings. 

You might be able to avoid paying or being taken to court by making a District Enforcement appeal. More on this shortly! 

Will District Enforcement take me to court?

You can’t be certain whether District Enforcement will take you to court or not. Don’t assume they won’t take the case further just because it’s a smaller amount. However, sometimes they only say this to make you scared, so you eventually give up and pay. 

To make sure you don’t get taken to court, it’s best to pay early and take advantage of the mandatory discounted rate. However, there is one other option…

Can you appeal a District Enforcement PCN?

You can appeal a District Enforcement Parking Charge Notice. But your appeal must be submitted to District Enforcement by their deadline, which is usually 28 days after the PCN was issued. This is the same deadline you’re given to pay. 

District Enforcement appeals process

You can make a District Enforcement appeal in writing or online. Your appeal should state why you want the parking ticket cancelled. And it should be accompanied by supporting evidence. This is also called a representation.  

For example, you may state that your car broke down and you had to call a mechanic. The invoice from the mechanic might suffice as evidence, or a statement from them. 

What if my District Enforcement appeal is rejected?

If your District Enforcement appeal is rejected, the company give you another opportunity to pay the discounted rate, which isn’t always the case. As a result, appealing can be a great way to buy yourself some time and raise money to pay off the fine. This can be especially useful if you’re in financial difficulty. 

Rejected District Enforcement appeals can be escalated. District Enforcement will inform you of how to escalate the appeal when denied. As members of the International Parking Community (IPC), all escalated appeals are directed to the Independent Appeals Service.

An appeal to the Independent Appeals Service must be lodged within 28 days of the initial appeal being rejected. At this point, you will have lost the opportunity to pay the discounted rate. If you want to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service after 28 days, you can still do so – but you have to pay a £15 fee. 

You can no longer appeal to the Independent Appeals Service one year after the initial District Enforcement appeal was rejected. 

Should I pay or appeal my District Enforcement parking ticket?

You should appeal your District Enforcement parking ticket if you believe you have a case. Because the discounted rate is offered after an initial appeal rejection, it’s worth making a District Enforcement PCN appeal to buy yourself time if needed. 

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