Citizens Advice state that around 14% of UK residents have missed an essential bill payment at some time. So, how can we stay up to date on our bills and even make them cheaper? A monthly bill tracker may be part of the solution.

Read on to uncover more about monthly bills and how you can stay on top of them. 

Bills Tracker Spreadsheet

Why Do We Miss Bill Payments?

There are so many reasons why someone would miss a household bill payment. Unexpected emergencies like vehicle fixes or replacing essential white goods can put a strain on our budget, as well as debts, overspending and simple budget miscalculations. 

If you are trying to manage on a tight budget or keep forgetting about how much needs to be paid and when, you could benefit from a monthly bills tracker. 

What Is a Monthly Bills Tracker?

A monthly bills tracker is a spreadsheet that allows you to rack the cost of every household bill throughout the year. It will help you to keep tabs on how much you paid and when so you know how much to expect to pay for variable rate bills in the future.

For example, you might not know how much to keep tucked away for your winter electricity bill, but using last year’s bills will help you estimate this more accurately and avoid getting caught short. It’s also useful if you want to compare how much you have been paying with other providers to find cheaper deals.

Who Should Use a Monthly Bills Tracker?

A monthly bills tracker is suitable for anyone who wants to stay on top of their household expenses and avoid debts. It is especially beneficial if you already have debts to pay and want to manage debt payments with household bills that are paid at different intervals. 

Another group of people who might want to use a monthly bills tracker is self-employed workers who work from home. You are allowed to claim allowable expenses for some of your costs for working from home, and a monthly bills tracker is a fantastic way to calculate business costs and claim expenses accurately. 

Can’t I Just Look at My Bank Statements?

You could scroll through your old bank statements to find the same information, or dive through drawers filled with past bills, but it is not the fastest or most convenient way of tracking household bills.  

It takes just a few seconds to add your latest bill to your tracker – and future you will thank you for it. 

How Our Monthly Bills Tracker Can Help Your Household

Our free monthly bills tracker has space for all the typical household bills from electricity to water and other expenses like Netflix accounts and so on. It covers every month, so you always stay on top of your expenses. 

Download it for free now and avoid missing future payment or getting into further debts!

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Scott Nelson is a financial services expert, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, including 6 years in FCA regulated companies. Read more
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