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LCMS Limited – Should You Pay? 2022

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For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Who are LCMS Limited and why do they chase people for money? We put this company under the microscope to see what they’re all about, and most importantly, answer whether you have to pay them. This post is for you if you’ve recently received a threatening LCMS Limited debt letter. 

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Who are LCMS Limited?

Legal and Credit Management Services Limited, known as LCMS for short, is a debt collection agency based in Ireland. They offer services to help businesses get the money they believe they’re owed, either from individuals or other businesses. 

At the time of writing, the LCMS website is basic and outdated. There isn’t a lot of information available online and it doesn’t state whether they only collect debts in Ireland – or if they chase debts overseas as well. 

Can LCMS Limited come to your home?

LCMS Limited’s staff members don’t have the same legal powers as bailiffs. If they come to your home you can ask them to leave and they should do so straight away. However, there are no indications online that LCMS actually attend debtors’ homes in any case. 

Some debt collection agencies do come to people’s homes and wrongfully suggest they can repossess items if the debtor doesn’t pay. This would be illegal. 

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So, how does LCM Limited collect debts and arrears?

LCMS Limited chases debts pre-litigation. They trace the supposed debtor’s contact information and make repeated contact asking them to pay. They are likely to encourage people with financial difficulty to get in touch and discuss a payment plan to clear the debt over time. 

Their company website states they will call, send emails and send letters to the individual or business. Frequent communications may be used to get you down so you pay faster. A letter is one of the most important methods of communication for LCMS Limited – and here’s why. 

The LCMS debt letter

An LCMS debt letter is formally known as a Letter Before Action. These letters simultaneously ask you to pay the debt and make legal threats if you don’t pay within a deadline. 

They can be quite intimidating and will certainly get your heart racing. But this is exactly what they’re designed to do. It’s hoped that the threat of litigation will make you pay quickly.

Can LCMS Limited really take you to court?

LCMS Limited might advise their client to take legal action to recover the debt when you have been unwilling to pay. They are allowed to do this, and if the claimant wins in court, a judge will issue an order that states you should pay. This could cause you further expense. 

If you were to ignore a judge’s request, the claimant could then be allowed to use debt enforcement action. This could involve different ways to make sure you pay and often comes with additional charges, such as the use of bailiffs. 

Should you ignore LCMS Limited?

Because there’s a chance of litigation and further expense, you shouldn’t ignore LCMS Limited or any other debt collection agency. Despite what you may read online, not everyone ignores debt collection groups and gets away with it. 

lcms limited

Do you have to pay LCMS Limited?

The better news is that there are ways to reply to LCMS Limited which don’t involve opening your chequebook. You don’t have to pay LCMS Limited just because they ask you to. There are boxes that must be ticked before you have to pay, and it’s your job to make sure they tick them.

But before that, there may be a legal loophole that stops you from having to pay at all. What is it? Keep reading! 

Using statute of limitations to avoid paying

Many debts in Ireland and the UK become too old to be subject to litigation. This is to stop a backlog of old debt cases from forming and stretching court resources. As a consequence of these laws, older debts can never become subject to a court order and you’ll never have to pay them. They’ll still exist unless written off, but you won’t ever be made to pay. 

It’s worth checking if the money you’re being chased for by LCMS Limited is still legally enforceable, or has time run out for it to go to court? We’ve already written a dedicated guide on old debts to help you out. 

Ask LCMS Limited to prove the debt

Most people won’t be able to avoid paying because the debt will still be legally enforceable. However, there is still a way to reply to a Letter Before Action which will either:

  1. Get you some breathing space and time to save
  2. Make LCMS realise they have the wrong person
  3. And even stop the real debtor from having to pay at all

You must ask LCMS to prove the debt is yours. They must then send you a copy of a contract or credit agreement that you signed and which you have defaulted on. If they don’t send this documentation, you’re not obligated to pay until they do. 

It’s important to keep a copy of your prove-the-debt letter. You can show this to a judge if you’re later taken to court for not paying. 

LCMS sent you evidence – what now?

Consider paying the debt if LCMS do send you proof of the debt. The chance of court action could be high if they’ve gone to this trouble and ignoring them now could be a mistake. 

Remember that payment plans are usually available for people who cannot afford the full amount at once. Or you may want to consider making a debt settlement offer! 

Use our debt info hub for more help

Further support can be accessed via a debt charity like StepChange. And more information can be found by visiting our debt info hub. Make the most of free help and resources to tackle your debts!

Are you struggling with debt?

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  • Reduce pressure from people you owe
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Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
  • Affordable repayments
  • Reduce pressure from people you owe
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring