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PO Box 8743 Bellshill Debt Letter – Who is it? 2022

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For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Have you received a PO BOX 8743 Bellshill debt letter and are left confused? You’re certainly not the only one, as this forum user states:

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“I have received a letter today from PO BOX 8743 Bellshill ML4 3WU. I have just read the post and can see it [is] from MH but I don’t owe anything. I have never had a credit card or a loan or a store card.”

  • Big Momma (Money Saving Expert Forum) 

So, ‘Big Momma’ has managed to find out that this address is connected to a debt collection agency with the initials MH – but who are they really and do you have to pay? Read on to find out. 

What is PO Box 8743 Bellshill?

PO BOX 8743 Bellshill is a return address used by multiple businesses and it has even been reported to feature on letters from a local council. Officially, the address appears to be owned by Document Outsourcing Group Limited but this isn’t 100% confirmed. 

What company is PO Box 8743 Bellshill ML4 3WU?

You could receive a letter from different businesses that use PO BOX 8743 Bellshill ML4 3WU. If you receive a debt letter from this address, it’s most likely to come from a debt collection agency called Mackenzie Hall Debt Collection, even though they’re officially based in Scotland. 

This is the debt collection group that contacted Big Momma at the start of our post, and it’s why she referred to them as “MH”. There are other forum users who have posted similar stories online, confirming that Mackenzie Hall is using this address on their debt collection letters. 

We have already discussed Mackenzie Hall Debt Collection in detail in this popular post

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PO BOX 8743 Bellshill debt letter explained

When you receive a debt letter from Mackenzie Hall, they are chasing you for a debt owed to another company. They are chasing you on behalf of that company in return for a fixed fee or commission on any repayments you make – or both. This is why their debt letters can be quite direct and intimidating. Bold letters and red text are to be expected. 

The Mackenzie Hall debt letter is likely to request you pay or get in touch for a payment plan. They’ll probably add a deadline to this request and threaten you with legal action if you don’t pay.

Can Mackenzie Hall take you to court?

Mackenzie Hall wouldn’t take you to court themselves unless they purchased the debt and now own it. But they could advise their client who they’re chasing you on behalf of to take legal action. 

It’s difficult to predict whether legal action will be taken against you, or whether these sorts of threats are just made to scare you into paying, which often works! Assuming they won’t can be risky.

If legal action is taken and their client wins in court, a judge will issue you with a court order to pay the debt. If you don’t pay or keep up with an agreed-upon payment plan, the claimant may then ask the courts to use enforcement action. This may include:

  1. Bailiffs
  2. Taking money from your wages
  3. Securing the debt with any property you own

So, do you have to pay Mackenzie Hall?

The thought of legal action and what can happen will probably make you think you have to pay. You might end up having to pay to ensure these things don’t happen, but it doesn’t mean you have to pay straight away.

There are things you can do before paying, such as checking if the debt can even go to court and asking Mackenzie Hall to work for your payment. Read on for further details. 

Check the Mackenzie Hall debt is still enforceable

Mackenzie Hall often chases consumer debts like loan and credit card arrears. These types of debts can only be subject to litigation within six years or within five years of the last payment made towards them. The period is shorter in Scotland – five years. 

When a debt becomes too old to be legally enforced, the debt doesn’t have to be paid. There will be no obligation to pay the debt. You might still wish to pay to prevent it from damaging your credit report. 

When a debt becomes legally enforceable – i.e. statute barred – you can ask the company you owe to write off the debt seen as though you won’t be willing to pay. You should do this in writing but make sure the debt is in face unenforceable first. Get help from a debt charity. 

Ask Mackenzie Hall to prove you owe the debt

You might still be let off the hook of having to pay when the debt is not statute barred. You only have to pay Mackenzie Hall once they prove you owe the debt. As such, you need to ask them to prove the debt in writing. They should reply to your prove-it letter with a copy of a credit agreement or contract you signed. 

If they don’t reply with the evidence, you don’t have to pay. Keep copies of your request in case the matter goes to court. This is also a good tactic if you think Mackenzie Hall has made a mistake but isn’t listening to you. 

What if Mackenzie Hall proves your debt?

If Mackenzie Hall sends a copy of a signed agreement or equivalent in your name, they are adjudged to have proved you owe the debt. You should make arrangements to pay to prevent the potential of litigation. Remember that they are likely to accept payment plans if you can’t afford the full amount. 

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