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Armstrong Watson Debt Solutions Review

We have created an Armstrong Watson debt solutions review to bring you up-to-date information on their debt help services. Here you will discover more about who they are, how they operate and answers to their FAQs.

Just because they promise to get rid of your debt doesn’t mean they are the right answer for your money worries. Let’s take a closer look at Armstrong Watson and their debt services.

Who Are Armstrong Watson?

Armstrong Watsons are predominantly accountants and financial advisors, but among their services you can find a limited number of personal debt solutions. If you dig deep enough past their HMRC enquiry services and wealth management related services, you will uncover their debt solutions. They are based across the north of England and Scotland and have been in operation for more than 150 years.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Two personal debt solutions can be provided to you through Armstrong Watson:

When you hear the word bankruptcy, it is usually met with horror. But this is a real debt solution that offers the best future for some people in serious debt. But even declaring yourself bankrupt is not always easy because your application must be accepted. And that’s where Armstrong Watson claim to help with their specialised insolvency service.

Before considering this option make sure you understand what bankruptcy really means!

What Do People Say About Armstrong Watson Debt Services?

At the time of writing our review, we couldn’t find any specific customer experiences regarding debt solutions and their IVA service. Consequently, we decided to take a look at their online presence instead. Their website is fairly straightforward to use and does have an informative blog section, although most of the content is directed towards people with money or wanting to invest.

If you do want to find out more about the company’s debt solutions you have to click their services tab and cast your eyes right near the bottom of the list at the ‘Restructuring, Recovery and Insolvency’ option. It does appear that these debt solutions are low on their priority list compared to other services offered.

Armstrong Watson FAQs

Find out the most frequently asked questions surrounding Armstrong Watson personal insolvency services:

Are Armstrong Watson regulated insolvency professionals?

Yes, absolutely. They are regulated and registered to provide services relating to debt and other financial matters. You can feel confident that they will act according to industry standards and not mislead you.

How can I contact Armstrong Watson Carlisle?

We have supplied the contact details for Armstrong Watson at the end of this debt solutions review. You can speak with them directly on the phone if you prefer.

Which debtors can Armstrong Watson help?

Because Armstrong Watson only offer bankruptcy and IVA services, their personal debt solutions are aimed at people who have significant debt and are struggling to cope. If you have debt below £1,700 then they are probably not the right company to help you. Even if you have a lot of debt, there is never a certainty that Armstrong Watson can help.

Is an Armstrong Watson IVA cheap?

The fee for an Armstrong Watson IVA will depend on the amount of debt you owe and other personal circumstances. You may have to pay monthly fees for the duration of the IVA, and if that is the case you are looking at a cost of hundreds of pounds, if not thousands. There may be cheaper options available, but you will have to do some research and get some quotes.

How much does an Armstrong Watson bankruptcy application cost?

To apply for bankruptcy, you need to make an application that costs hundreds of pounds. This is before you pay for the services of Armstrong Watson to put together a compelling application on your behalf. The exact fee can be found by speaking directly with them and it should be provided in writing before you commit to their bankruptcy services.

Am I certain to get an Armstrong Watson IVA approved?

It is never certain that an IVA will be agreed with your creditors as they have no obligation to accept the agreement. IVAs require you to make minimum monthly payments, starting from £100. If you cannot pay this or prove to be able to make these payments, you will not get an Armstrong Watson IVA approved. Even if you can, Armstrong Watson are not able to 100% guarantee they can get you an IVA.

Will an Armstrong Watson IVA stop debt callers?

When you use an Armstrong Watson IVA, your creditors should stop calling, texting or emailing because they become aware of the new agreement. Due to admin errors and automated calling software, this may not happen instantly, and you might have to send another request to your creditors to stop contacting you. Armstrong Watson will probably not do this for you.

Does Armstrong Watson provide free debt advice?

There is no indication that Armstrong Watson provide debtors with free debt advice. Any advice they provide is likely to lead to them selling you one of their personal debt solutions.

Where can I get debt advice in the UK?

If you want impartial debt advice for free, look up the best UK debt charities instead. They can offer free help and support, and some can even offer free debt solutions. They’re worth checking out!

Is using Armstrong Watson personal debt solutions worth it?

Armstrong Watson only offer two debt solutions for a certain type of debtor. They will not be worth your enquiries if you do not have significant debt. Even if you do, there is likely to be cheaper options elsewhere. Make sure you speak to charities first and shop around before committing.

Armstrong Watson Debt Solutions

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