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Claims Advisory Service Debt – Reviews & Info

Claims Advisory Group Debt

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When you receive a letter or cold call about The Claims Advisory Group debt, you might not know what to do next.

We’ll tell you what they’re all about and what you can do after speaking with their advisors or receiving a The Claims Advisory Group debt letter.

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Claim Advisory debt collection

Who Are the Claims Advisory Group Manchester?

In short, The Claims Advisory Group Limited are financial advisors. The Claims Advisory Group is a bit of an enigma if you search their name online. There are things to suggest they are a genuine company offering legitimate services, whereas other forum users are screaming scam.

We’ll dig into that shortly.

What they are is a financial advisory firm that inform customers of ways they are owed money and make those claims on their behalf. They have been known to provide people that they can claw back Payment Protection Insurance and bank charges, among other things. But they aren’t doing this for the good of their health – and they want you to pay for their claims/service.

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Is Claims Advisory Group Genuine?

Yes, they are. Admittedly there is real mystery about whether the Claims Advisory group are a genuine company. They are based in Manchester and do have a board and employees within the UK.

However, people are talking about the Claims Advisory Group say ‘scam’ because it is believed other scam companies have been using their name to contact UK residents from abroad.

They do this and demand payment before making claims. Plentiful stories like these can be found on forums, Claims Advisory Group reviews and even some news blogs.

But even the real company has come under fire by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)…

FCA’s Warning About the Claims Advisory Group Scam

The FCA published a notice in 2019 about their understanding of The Claims Advisory Group.

They want you to know that they believe The Claims Advisory Group. Have been offering financial services without their authorisation.

Any UK financial services company needs to be authorised and overseen by the FCA, which The Claims Advisory Group are not.

That’s not all the bad news and squabbles the company had in 2019. They even had a court date with the HMRC over VAT payments. But they did in fact win that battle.

So, How Can You Have UK Claims Advisory Group Debt?

If a company is in place to win money back for you from PPI claims on previous credit (such as mortgages and loans) or from bank charges, how could you end up owing them money?

Well, the reason is that their services for helping your claim be successful needs to be paid for. This is done by taking a percentage of your claim. But on some occasions, they do not take the money straight away and ask for it down the road, just like this forum user points out:

“I haven’t got the original paperwork or if I had, I’ve absolutely no idea where it is now. Claims Advisory Group have definitely not previously taken their cut. In the phone call yesterday, they threatened legal action and obviously CCJs if the matter is taken to court. I don’t want to go down that route for the sake of £125 but at the same time some of their threats and tone of voice made me think they can go whistle…”

[Consumer Action Group Forum]

If you have received communications that you have a Claims Advisory Group debt, then this guide is for you. We help you understand your rights and how to reply to Claims Advisory Group debt letters or calls.

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How Much Could You Owe the Claims Advisory Group Limited?

Most people receive small amounts of money from their claims, but a successful PPI claim can be thousands of pounds. You might have received this money months or years ago, only to find out that the Claims Advisory Group never took their cut.

Sometimes they want as much as 10% of your money for their work, and if you received a big PPI payout, you might owe them hundreds or thousands of pounds without ever knowing.

Shocking Claims Advisory Group Reviews

Before we go on, you should know that you are not alone. This situation has happened to hundreds of people and they have made their feelings heard online.

Search for Claims Advisory Group reviews and you will discover a world of online views and stories about how The Claims Advisory Group Limited has requested money and made threats.

Claims Advisory Group Contact Number

You can contact The Claims Advisory Group on 0800 088 4668, but it may be better to use our guidance below instead of calling.

Will Claims Advisory Group Cold Call Me?

Absolutely – The Claims Advisory Group are renowned for cold calling people and telling them that they a) can make a successful claim, or b) owe them money.

Just listen to this:

“Interesting company! I have recorded and received 261 phone calls from this company over 12 months and to this day I get one a day on average and usually a voice-mail message requesting I call them”

[Google Reviews]

This would be classed as harassment!

They Could Also Send a Claims Advisory Group Debt Letter

There are also reports that The Claims Advisory Group send debt letters as well. They will write you a letter asking to pay for their service by a certain date, or face court proceedings.

These Claims Advisory Group debt letters are worrying, but you should never ignore them!

You can respond to them to use the debt collection process to your advantage, and possibly avoid having to pay at all.

Could the Claims Advisory Group Debt Cause Me to Lose My Property?

If you owe debt and refuse to pay, the Claims Advisory Group could choose to take you to court and hope to get a court order for the debt, known as a CCJ.

With a court order, the Claims Advisory Group can use enforcement agents to come to your property and request the money. If they do that, the agents may agree to a payment plan – although they are not obliged to – or repossess valuable items.

These items are then sold at an auction, usually for less than they are worth, and the money raised goes towards paying off the Claims Advisory Group debt. Sometimes agent can repossess property for the debt, but this is not their aim unless it is necessary.

But our guidance can help you avoid this happening to you!

Can the Claims Advisory Group Agents Come to My Home?

Only law enforcement agents with a live writ or CCJ are allowed to come inside your home to repossess items. The Claims Advisory Group workers can never do this, even if they have already been granted a court order.

If they turn up at your door, you don’t have to acknowledge them, and you can ask them to leave. Although there are no reports of them using field workers on the streets.

How to Respond to Claims Advisory Group Debt Claims

If you have received a cold call or a debt letter from The Claims Advisory Group, you should respond in a way that matches your circumstances. The type of letter you send will depend on the age of the debt.

Here are your options:

1.      Send a Prove the Debt Letter

The Claims Advisory Group must provide proof of any debt you owe them if they want you to pay. You can therefore request proof of the debt. In most cases, it would be a signed agreement that you agreed to pay a percentage of a claim to The Claims Advisory Group.

It is known that when you make a claim with The Claims Advisory Group, they send out forms for you to fill in and you have likely agreed within these forms. But nevertheless, The Claims Advisory Group must provide evidence, such as these forms if they hope to recover the payment.

Without it, the courts are not likely to award a CCJ. You also have a right to request this before paying, which is why you need to send a prove the debt letter.

Send The Claims Advisory Group a Prove the Debt Letter

You don’t have to write the letter yourself as there are excellent templates already available online. These letters clearly state that without proof they cannot contact you again and they will be reported to the FCA if they continue to request payments without the needed proof.

Never provide more information than necessary or sign the letter. But do keep a copy and use recorded delivery to their Manchester address.  

2.      Send a Statute Barred Debt Letter

There is a time when you would not need to request proof that you owe debt. If your Claims Advisory Group debt ticks all of the following boxes, you won’t have to pay at all:

  1. The Claims Advisory Group debt is at least six years old
  2. You have never paid the Claims Advisory Group debt in the previous six years
  3. You never told the Claims Advisory Group that you owe them money in the last six years
  4. The Claims Advisory Group never had a CCJ for the debt

If all apply, your debt is statute barred. Statute barred debt is an older debt that the courts will not make a decision on because they are too stretched with newer cases. The bottom line is that The Claims Advisory Group can never get a CCJ for the debt and you can never be forced to pay.

Send The Claims Advisory Group a Statute Barred Letter

Just like a prove the debt letter, there are templates available online for you to use. Simply add your name, personal details and nay debt reference number, then send it to The Claims Advisory Group Manchester with recorded delivery.

To find great SB letter templates, consider visiting one of the UK debt charity websites, such as:

  • National Debtline
  • Step Change UK
  • Christians Against Charity

These charities can also offer information and support for dealing with any type of debt!

Claim Advisory group

Paying Your Claims Advisory Group Debt

You will have to pay the Claims Advisory Group debt if they prove you owe them the money.

For smaller claims, you are not likely to owe The Claims Advisory Group a lot of money. Others will owe hundreds if not thousands, and some people may be experiencing financial difficulty in the first place.

Even in tougher situations, there is a way to deal with The Claims Advisory Group debt without going to court.

#1: Agree on a Payment Plan

One of the easiest is to agree on a payment plan with The Claims Advisory Group. They may be open to you paying a monthly payment for so many months to clear the amount of money you owe them.

When choosing this option, only commit to payment you will be able to afford. If you stretch yourself too far, you could create even more debts.

#2: Consider an IVA

For people with a Claims Advisory Group debt and other debts that total almost £2,000, you could benefit from an IVA.

This is like a larger monthly payment that only lasts five years. One the five years are up, you no longer have any debts, even if hundreds or thousands of pounds have yet to be paid off.

#3: More Debt Solutions Are Available

Other debt solutions are available and may be better for your personal circumstances. You can learn about possible debt solutions at Money Nerd. Easy-to-understand information is free for you to use and escape your debts.

The golden rule? Never ignore cold calls and letters about your Claims Advisory Group debt.


Is Claims Advisory Service legit?
Yes. Claims Advisory Service is a legitimate business authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in claims management activities.
How do I claim PPI myself?
You can claim PPI yourself by collecting all your paperwork or consulting your credit file then by using a PPI calculator before contacting the bank or lender.
Can I still claim PPI 2021?
Yes and no. The deadline has now passed however if you go through a small claims court you should technically be able to submit a PPI claim.

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Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
  • Affordable repayments
  • Reduce pressure from people you owe money to
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring