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Hill Dickinson IVA Debt

Have you been considering Hill Dickinson as your pathway out of debt? They do offer two personal debt services to help debtors get rid of nuisance calls and creditors on their heels. But that doesn’t necessarily mean their services are good, applicable to you – or worth your money.

Discover more about Hill Dickinson law firm and their debt solutions in our concise reviews. Here we uncover what they have on offer and if their debt services can really help you to become debt free.

Who Are Hill Dickinson?

Hill Dickinson is a commercial law firm based in the UK specialising in company debt as well as debt solutions for personal debt. The company is an award-winning international firm and currently has more than 850 employees and 185 partners worldwide. However, not all of their (planned) employees made the headlines for the right reason of late. Read on to discover why this law firm had their name dragged through the mud in public recently.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Hill Dickinson offer three debt services with two of them suitable for those with personal debt:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs)
  • A range of business insolvency services

Many customers of Hill Dickinson choose to use their IVA service. This is when their finance professionals contact your creditors and agree a repayment plan over many years (usually 60 months). The plan requires you to pay at least £90 per month and is only available if you have multiple debts of a significant amount. Once your IVA is over, so are all your debts. Some debtors can save thousands by getting an IVA.

What Do People Say About Hill Dickinson Debt Services?

Recently, two law student from the University of Exeter had jobs planned with two different companies for when they graduated. One of the companies that put an offer on the table was Hill Dickinson. However, it emerged that the two students had been sending racist text messages and slurs, and subsequently caused Hill Dickinson to make the news for the wrong reasons. Hill Dickinson did revoke the job offer to the student in question.

Their online reviews aren’t that great either. Take a look at this review left on their Facebook page:

“Shocking company. Cannot answer simple questions. Then take 8 months to do it. Should be shut down immediately.”

[Facebook Page Review]

Hill Dickinson Frequently Asked Questions

Discover some of the common questions asked about Hill Dickinson below:

Is Hill Dickinson legit?

Yes, Hill Dickinson is a completely legitimate and regulated law firm in the UK. There is no question about the seriousness of Hill Dickinson and the debt solutions they can offer.

Is Hill Dickinson insolvency services just for businesses?

Hill Dickinson are like many law firms because they focus on insolvency services for corporations and businesses rather than personal debt. However, they do offer some personal debt solutions and are therefore not just for limited companies, even if they do mostly help businesses.

Can Hill Dickinson get me out of debt?

Hill Dickinson offer two personal debt solutions, which is not many when you compare them to the other commercial debt solution providers on the market. Only one of these will essentially get you out of debt through paying it off, as the other one is declaring bankruptcy.

The short answer to this question is yes, while the long answer is they won’t be able to get everyone out of debt due to limited services.

Am I certain to get a Hill Dickinson IVA?

An IVA can be an appealing option for debtors as they could pay less and wipe off a chunk of their debt in the end. Don’t believe Hill Dickinson or any other company who can guarantee you to get the IVA from the outset because no creditor is forced to agree to the arrangement. Many of them will do because it benefits them as well – but there is never a 100% guarantee.

Can Hill Dickinson expel my creditors from contacting me?

One of the most satisfying parts of getting a Hill Dickinson IVA , aside from being on a path to becoming debt free, is to stop those debt calls and texts. They should stop when you agree to an IVA, but some collection agencies use automated techniques to make calls and texts occur automatically. You may still be within those systems and keep getting debt calls and nuisance letters.

Get in touch with your creditors to stop these calls and texts if you have already started making IVA payments.

Are Hill Dickinson debt solutions cheap?

The amount you pay for the IVA and bankruptcy services with Hill Dickinson will depend on your specific circumstances and the amount of work involved for them. However, as Hill Dickinson is a law firm, you can expect their services to be more costly than debt solutions offered by non-legal teams.

You should shop around before committing to a debt solution with any commercial company.

Will debt charities do the same services for free?

It is known that some of the best UK debt charities can help to provide some debt solutions free of charge. They may not be the exact same solutions offered by Hill Dickinson, but they may be able to offer other solutions at no cost at all. All debt charities tend to offer free advice and could be your first point of call.

So, what do we make of Hill Dickinson?

Overall, Hill Dickinson is only going to appeal to a small number of debtors due to the cost of the services and only offering two options aimed at people with lots of debt. People with smaller debt or those wanting to save on costs should not consider Hill Dickinson for insolvency services. If you are looking for business insolvency, then they could be a good option.

Hill Dickinson Contact Details


The Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street

Contact number:

020 7283 9033


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