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RBS debt management products can help people get out of debt. Just like many other UK banks, they have services that can make your debt more affordable if your application is successful.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is predominantly a Scottish bank – although they do operate a network of branches in England and Wales – and is owned by the NatWest group.

On their website they say:

“We understand that sometimes people struggle financially. Bills can pile up and it’s difficult to make ends meet. If you’re worried about paying money back or you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, rent or other bills, it’s time to ask for help. We’re here to support you.”

What debt solutions does RBS debt management provide information about?

Find out below whether RBS debt management provides the kind of help you need.

RBS debt management provides information about two debt solutions on their website including:

  • Debt Consolidation Loan – taking out a loan to pay off all your other loans so that you only have one monthly payment.
  • RBS Balance Transfer Credit Card – a similar debt consolidation product.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has two products that can help with debt management. These are the RBS debt consolidation loan and the RBS balance transfer credit card

Both of these products can help customers to complete debt consolidation.

RBS Debt Management Review

RBS Debt Consolidation Loan

The RBS debt consolidation loan is available to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in the UK. However, an additional requirement of this loan is that you have held an RBS bank account for at least three months. 

The representative APR of this loan at the time of writing is 3.9% on credit between £7,500 and £19,950. The maximum APR you could be charged is 29.9%.

RBS Balance Transfer Card

RBS currently offers two balance transfer cards. They are identical except one of them is aimed at debtors who want longer to pay back their debts.

They will accept balance transfers from most credit cards and store cards, but you cannot transfer from NatWest cards because RBS operates under the NatWest group.

A 0.48% or 1.99% balance transfer fee applies for the normal and longer repayment cards respectively.

The amount you transfer within the first three months (minimum £100) will be subject to the balance transfer fee, but you will pay 0% interest on that balance for the first 18 months. After this the APR rate can increase to 19.9%+. 

Scottish Debt Solutions

RBS debt management doesn’t provide information about Debt Solutions which are specific to Scottish residents, such as Sequestration and Trust Deeds.


Sometimes it’s easier to talk face-to-face rather than over the phone. RBS debt management does offer in-person services, which means you can go into their offices to speak to them.

Information correct as of 20/04/21 (RBS Personal)

RBS Debt Management Reviews

It’s important to see how other customers have rated their experience with RBS debt management. Take a look at their up-to-date reviews on Trustpilot.

*Information correct as of 11/06/21 (TrustPilot)

Company information:

After researching Companies House and their website, we found the following information about RBS:

Date of incorporation: 9 May 1983
Company status: Active
Company number: SC083026
Company type: Private limited Company
Address: 42 St Andrew Square Edinburgh EH2 2YE
Opening Hours: Branches Vary
Phone number: +4403457242424

Information correct as of 20/04/21 (Companies House)

FCA registration:

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the conduct regulator for financial services firms and financial markets in the UK. 

FCA regulated: Yes.
FCA status: Authorised.
FCA regulated activities: Banking, Insurance, Mortgages & home finance, Consumer Credit, Payment services & E-money, Pensions, Investments, Other activities
FCA reference number: 114724
Trading Names: Drummonds, Child & Co / Holts / Adam & Company plc
Place of business: 36 St. Andrew Square Edinburgh Midlothian EH2 2YB UNITED KINGDOM

Information correct as of 20/04/21  (FCA)

Data protection registration:

Data protection registration means that this company is registered with ICO, the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest. The privacy of your data will be protected.

Registration No: Z5534378
Data controller: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Independent Financial Services Limited
Address: 42 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2YE

Information correct as of 20/04/21 (ICO)

Where are RBS Debt Management located?

You may want to speak with a debt management company in person. If you do, it’s important to find a company whose offices are near your own address. Take a look at their office location on the map.

Address: 36 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH2 2YB, UNITED KINGDOM

To get a feel for the company, have a scroll through their Twitter feed!

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