K&I Enforcement Ltd will be contacting a high volume of people each day, with numbers often running into thousands. It’s not particularly pleasant to receive a letter which states that you have unpaid debt. There are many people who struggle with very real debt problems, and day to day life seems like a huge uphill struggle. It is often the case that if you have debts which are unpaid or fines you have received, you may end up receiving correspondence from organisations like K&I Enforcement Ltd bailiffs.

Although this type of correspondence from bailiffs can cause you to feel upset and distressed, you must deal with it, as quickly as you possibly can. If you have a bit of knowledge about debt collectors and how they behave, you can deal with the situation in the best way possible, and hopefully, avoid the worst possible outcome. We will help you understand who K&I Enforcement Ltd are in more detail, as well as the choices you have if they pay you a visit. We will also look at how you can deal with contact from them.

Who are K&I Enforcement Ltd?

Midlands-based K&I Enforcement Limited are a Certificated Enforcement Agency. They were incorporated in June 2009 although they have 40 years experience in the debt recovery industry. K&I Enforcement are controlled by Ian Russell and Karan Russell.

They provide a range of debt collection and recovery services as well as serving legal documents. They also conduct private and commercial evictions.

Ransom Hall South, Ransom Wood Business Park, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, NG21 0HJ

Registration Number:

Incorporation Date:

License Granted:

Also Known As:
K&I Enforcement Ltd Limited
K&I Enforcement Ltd Ltd
K&I Enforcement Ltd Group
K&I Enforcement Ltd Bailiffs
K&I Enforcement Ltd Debt Collectors
K&I Enforcement Ltd Debt Collection
K&I Enforcement Ltd Agency

What Is the Reason for the Contact?

If you have never had to deal with debt collectors before, you are probably wondering who K&I Enforcement Ltd are, and whether they even have the right to contact you. They are a legitimate company, and if you receive any correspondence from them, you should always respond to it. Ignoring it won’t achieve anything. There are several reasons why they would be trying to reach you to discuss the debt. You may have some of the following:

  • Debts you owe to individuals, businesses or other organisations
  • Tax which is unpaid and/or overpayments you have failed to pay back to HMRC
  • Credit card debt or unpaid payday loans
  • Court fines you have failed to pay

It is usually the case that the company, person, or organisation you have the original debt with, will had the unpaid account to K&I Enforcement Ltd and they will deal with it. The reason is usually that they haven’t been able to reach you, or you have failed to respond to them. In this case, it is often better for them just to hand the debt over to companies like K&I Enforcement Ltd, and they will try to collect it. Some of the companies they usually work on behalf of, include:

  • Utility companies, including Npower, United Utilities and other gas and electric suppliers
  • Mobile and broadband companies, including O2, Virgin Media and EE
  • Debts you have racked up with your local council, such as tax

K&I Enforcement Ltd rarely buy the debt individually, they will usually buy bundles of the debt. They are not really collecting the debt for the purpose of paying back the original creditors, they are collecting it for their own gain. They will pay a small amount to get the debt, and when they start getting payments, they are just making profit.

How Do You Stop K&I Enforcement Ltd From Contacting You?

As K&I Enforcement Ltd buy the debt, they need to get payments in or they have instantly wasted money. This is why they can be extremely persistent in their quest to get the payments in. You may end up receiving correspondence from them, and they may even resort to turning up at your house. Some people think that they can just ignore the debt collectors, and the debt will disappear, but you can guarantee that they won’t. It would make more sense to deal with the problem head-on.

Bailiffs such as K&I Enforcement Ltd can also sometimes be used to hand out notices and summons. However, if they do plan to visit your home, they should usually give you at least 7 days’ notice before the first visit. If you want to stop them from visiting your property, the best thing to do is to give them a call and discuss your financial situation with them. Let them know what you can afford, and when.

There are certain guidelines in place for debt collectors, and these are something they can’t do:

  • They must not send you letters that resemble court forms
  • They should not call you at unreasonable times
  • They are not permitted to contact you at work, especially if you have told them not to.
  • They should never use confusing language that you won’t understand

If you wish to contact them, take a look at any of the correspondence you have received to see what the best option is for getting in touch with K&I Enforcement Ltd. Speaking to them will increase your chances of getting a favourable response, and being able to sort out the situation without any further stress or hassle.

If the debt they’re claiming doesn’t belong to you, you may be able to request that they provide you with evidence relating to the debt. The Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines have more information on this (see section 7).

Do K&I Enforcement Ltd Have Any Rights?

K&I Enforcement Ltd operate as a bailiff so as you would probably expect, they have quite a lot of legal powers in relation to getting the debt from you. You should also be aware of your own rights though, as they can’t just do whatever they please to get the money from you.

Unlike debt collectors, bailiffs do have the legal right to visit your home to try and get the debt paid off. They may even have a warrant to be able to enter your property, if you refuse to pay the debt. It is important that you make every attempt to settle the debt, so that it doesn’t get to this stage.

The last thing you want is for debt collection agents from K&I Enforcement Ltd to turn up and try and take some of your favourite possessions away. You can stop this from happening by either paying the debt or making an arrangement to pay it.

Bailiffs may force their way into your property if you won’t pay the debt, but it is usually only in exceptional circumstances, such as if you have not paid your criminal fines. However, this is not something they want to do, they will only resort to this if they have exhausted other efforts. These are some actions they must not take:

  • They must not use force to try and gain entry into your property
  • They cannot enter your property if young people or vulnerable people are in the property
  • They must not attempt to enter your property before 6am or after 9pm
  • They should only ever use the door to gain entry into your property

What Can You Do if a K&I Enforcement Ltd Visits?

Unless they are dealing with exceptional circumstanes, you do not have any obligation to allow bailiffs to enter your property. It is highly likely that they may will say otherwise and they may try to make a point about it. However, the only way they can force entry is you have, what would be deemed as serious debt, such as if you have failed to pay criminal fines. They must also be able to provide paperwork. In these instances, they may go as far as to get a locksmith in an attempt to get access into your property, but they will not be able to break the door down.

The first step to take if you are being contacted by someone from K&I Enforcement Ltd (or another type of bailiff) is to request that they provide you with some kind of identification. They shouldn’t have any issues with providing these forms of ID:

  • Proof of their name and other personal details. This may include an ID badge or similar.
  • Proof to show the company they are acting on behalf of (in this case, K&I Enforcement Ltd)
  • Full and detailed information on what you owe, together with proof you owe it.
  • Evidence to show they have permission to force entry into your property, such as a warrant or writ

You may wish to ask them to put these documents through your door, so that you can inspect them. You should always ensure that the documents are within the required date and that they contain details which are accurate and up-to-date, including your address etc.

If they do not have permission to gain access to your home, you may request that they leave and you can inform them that you will contact the K&I Enforcement Ltd head office to make appropriate payment arrangements. If the debt doesn’t even belong to you, you should update head office so that they can change their information to reflect this.

You should keep in mind that K&I Enforcement Ltd will keep trying to pursue you for the debt, and that if you are unable to pay or you ignore them, they will continue to try to get the payment from you.

What Do You Do if K&I Enforcement Ltd Take Away Your Goods?

If you have given permission to K&I Enforcement Ltd bailiff to come into your home, the chances are that they have already taken your goods to sell, as means of covering the cost of your debt. All is not lost, there is every chance that you can recover your items, as long as you deal with the situation quickly.

The quickest way to get your possessions back is to make sure you pay the money you owe or get the debt settled before they get sold. Another option you have is to agree on a suitable repayment plan with your creditors, or you could even purchase your own items in order to clear the debt.

If the K&I Enforcement Ltd enforcement agent failed to follow the correct legal procedure, this is another way you may be able to get your items back. You can contact Citizens Advice to get further advice on this.

You Have Been Contacted by K&I Enforcement Ltd – What Next?

If you have been contacted by K&I Enforcement Ltd, these are some things you should do – and some things you should definitely not do!

Talk to them

The last thing you should do in this situation is ignore the calls or letters you receive from K&I Enforcement Ltd. Ignoring them is not going to go make the debt somehow disappear, and they will not just stop trying to contact you to discuss the debt. You should also remember that enforcement agents like K&I Enforcement Ltd may even charge an extra fee for having to deal with your debt. These charges include:

  • Compliance – £75. If they need to send an enforcement notice asking for payment, you could end up with this compliance fee.
  • Enforcement – £235 (or 7.5% over £1500). If they are forced to visit you at your home to recover the debt, you could be on the receiving end of this enforcement fee
  • Sale of goods – £110 (or 7.5% over £1500). If they have no choice but to take some of your possessions to sell, they may charge a sale of goods fee.

If you owe the debt or even if you don’t, you should make sure you reply to any correspondence, and avoid the situation getting to the point where they end up sending someone to your home. You can get information on whether you are really responsible for the debt, and take the required steps to deal with the situation.

Find out if this is your debt

If you have received a letter which claims that you are liable for this debt, the first step to take is to clarify whether the debt is yours and whether the details are accurate. The debt may not be yours, and could be a debt which was ran up by someone who happens to have the same name, or it could belong to someone who lived at your property at some point. You may even have already cleared the debt, and they have not updated their records.

If it has been over six years since you made your last payment or you spoke to the original creditor, you might not be liable for this debt. If you were put under pressure when signed up for the loan, or the creditor failed to undertake sufficient checks on your ability to pay back the debt, you may not need to pay it back.

Paying off the debt

If the debt belongs to you, and it is recent enough, you would be liable to pay it, as long as K&I Enforcement Ltd are able to provide proof. If you have the finances to do so, the best option is to pay the debt collectors what you owe. If you can clear your debt, it will stop the debt collectors contacting you again, and this means you can just carry on with life without having to worry. You should always make sure you get confirmation in the form of a receipt regarding the debt.

If you will not be able to pay the full amount right away, you would be able to come to an arrangement to follow a payment plan. You would be able to contact K&I Enforcement Ltd and let them know what your situation is. The debt collectors may agree that you can pay your debt in instalments, which would mean avoiding any additional fees.

How to Get Help Dealing With K&I Enforcement Ltd

If you are struggling to deal with the contact you are receiving from K&I Enforcement Ltd, there is help available to you. If they have contacted you, and you are not sure what to do next, there are organisations out there who can help. You should try to speak to them as quickly as possible, when you first hear from them and deal with the situation before it gets any worse. If the debt is yours and you are liable for it, the best thing to do, of course, is to pay up and clear the debt. However, if you need help dealing with them, there is help at hand. These are some options you have.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Depending on your situation, you may be able to get some of your debts written off. In some part of the United Kingdom, you have the option of entering into an IVA, which will combine all your debts into one. With an IVA, you will only need to make one single payment each month to the whole debt,and the rate will often be lower. After a set period, the debt you have outstanding can be written off. It would be best to only enter into an IVA if you have substantial debt, as you will probably not be able to get access to credit for some time after the IVA is established.

Debt management

The IVA is not the only option, as there are also other debt management options available, and the right one will depend on your circumstances. Debt management options include debt management plans, consolidation loans, and perhaps as a last resort, you may consider bankruptcy. You should look at the different options, and perhaps seek professional advice on selecting the right one based on your own circumstances.

Citizens Advice

If you are worried about dealing with K&I Enforcement Ltd or you are confused by the correspondence they have sent out to you, you will be able to contact the Citizens Advice. and get some free, impartial advice from them. They have a range of resources and experts available, that can help you get ready for a bailiff visit. There are even advisers who will be able to check any notices you have received.

Check the reviews

If you have a look at the Trustpilot reviews of K&I Enforcement Ltd, you may be quite shocked by what you see. Words and phrases which are frequently used, include ‘bullies,’ ‘threatening,’ and ‘mistreated,’ – quite worrying if you are in the process of dealing with them. If you believe that K&I Enforcement Ltd have failed to treat you poorly, you have the right to make a formal complaint about their behaviour. If K&I Enforcement Ltd do not reply to the matter in a way you are happy with, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and they will deal with it.

K&I Enforcement Ltd – Conclusion

No one wants to have the stress of contact from debt enforcement agents such as K&I Enforcement Ltd. However, the process can be made somewhat easier if you understand the legal rights they have and your own boundaries. If you are aware of what to expect, you will be in a much better position to deal with them appropriately. You should definitely respond to any contact you receive from companies such as K&I Enforcement Ltd, even if you don’t owe the debt. If K&I Enforcement Ltd end up visiting your home, you will not need allow bailiffs to enter your property, unless they can provide evidence that they have the right to do so. You can inform them that you will speak to the creditor directly and they should not continue to pursue you after this.


Do I have any rights if a bailiff visits?

Bailiffs have rights and you also have rights. Bailiffs are only permitted to come to your home between the hours of 6am and 9pm and they will be required to provide you with at least 7 days notice of their plans. They do not have the right to force their way into your property.

Is there a maximum number of times a bailiff can visit?

There is no limit to the amount of times they can come to your home, however, they must visit ensure they only visit your property between 6am and 9pn.

What will happen if I refuse to let bailiffs access my property?

If you refuse entry to the bailiffs, they may end up using a locksmith to enter the property, when you are out for the day.

Will the bailiff be able to break down my door?

Bailiffs do not have the right to break your door down. If they need access, they will be required to use a locksmith. Also Bailiffs can only enter via the door, they cannot try to access your property by entering through the window, or anywhere else for that matter.

Can bailiffs take my car, even if it is required for work?

Bailiffs are allowed to take your car, even if you require this for work. You cannot just park it on another street either, they are used to these tricks! There are some boundaries though, they cannot take a vehicle which is on private property that isn’t yours.

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