MF Bailiff Co Ltd are a company who will speak to a range of customers on a day to day basis, to discuss some debt they have failed to repay. No one enjoys receiving correspondence of this nature. It can be worrying, and extremely stressful. Many people are suffering from debt problems, and if you are in this situation, you are not alone.

It is by no means easy to deal with bailiffs, but if you are in this situation, the best advice is to take charge of your situation. Don’t hide from it. If you read on, you will find some really useful help and advice on dealing with MF Bailiff Co Ltd, and your debts in general. You will also find out more about your rights, and what they can and can’t do!

Who are MF Bailiff Co Ltd?

MF Bailiff Co Ltd are based in Choppington, Northumberland and were incorporated in February 2014. They are controlled by two directors, Mark Foster and Vanessa Foster.

They are authorised by Gateshead County Court.

17 Frances Ville, Scotland Gate, Choppington, Northumberland, NE62 5ST

Registration Number:

Incorporation Date:

License Granted:

Also Known As:
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Limited
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Ltd
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Group
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Bailiffs
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Debt Collectors
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Debt Collection
MF Bailiff Co Ltd Agency

What is the Purpose of the Contact from MF Bailiff Co Ltd?

If this is the first time you have ever heard of MF Bailiff Co Ltd, you would be forgiven for questioning their validity, and whether they are even authorised to try and get this money from you. MF Bailiff Co Ltd are a legitimate company and if they have contacted you, you should definitely not ignore them. They may be contacting you for a range of reasons, including:

  • Outstanding debts you have with other individuals or organisations
  • HMRC debt such as unpaid tax or tax overpayments
  • Credit card debt or loan debt
  • Court fines with a default

The debt will be with a completely different company, and passed on to MF Bailiff Co Ltd to deal with. This happens when the original creditor gets fed up trying to recover the debt. They sell the debt on to the bailiffs, and they take over it on their behalf. Some of the typical companies they collect the debt for are:

  • Gas and electricity suppliers
  • Broadband and mobile phone suppliers
  • Council tax and/or parking tickets from your local council

It is likely that MF Bailiff Co Ltd will not buy the debt individually, but instead, will purchase bundles of the debt from the original creditor. They are collecting the debt for their own purposes, not to help out the original creditor. They get a great deal as they only pay a small sum for the debt and make profits quite quickly when they start receiving payments.

Will I Be Able to Stop the Contact from MF Bailiff Co Ltd?

Bailiffs in general tend to be extremely persistent when trying to get debt payments, and MF Bailiff Co Ltd are no different! You may be on the receiving end of calls, letters and even emails about the outstanding debt, and it is important you respond to these. If you ignore them, they won’t go away, always aim to deal with your debt issues.

You may find that bailiffs, such as MF Bailiff Co Ltd have been issued to hand over notices or summons. If they are intending to visit your property, they must always give you at least 7 days’ notice. The best way to stop these visits from MF Bailiff Co Ltd, is to pay your debt. If this is not possible, then speaking to them about the debt and your plans to repay it, is the next best possible action.

MF Bailiff Co Ltd cannot just do what they want in terms of chasing the debt, these are some things they are not permitted to do:

  • Send out letters that are made to look like court forms
  • Call you at times that would be deemed as unreasonable, such as very early in the morning or late at night
  • Contact you when you are at your workplace, when you have specifically asked them not to
  • Try to confuse you with technical terms or jargon

You can contact them through their website or the contact details you find on any of the correspondence they have sent you. It is advisable to speak to them as early as possible, as this will stop the situation from escalating and becoming particularly troublesome.

MF Bailiff Co Ltd may be contacting you about a debt that doesn’t even belong to you! If this is the case, ask them to provide you with evidence that this is your debt. The Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines can provide more information on this (see section 7).

What Are the Powers Held by MF Bailiff Co Ltd?

MF Bailiff Co Ltd operate as a bailiff, so they have quite a lot of legal powers around collecting debt payments from you. They cannot just do what they want though, you also have rights in regards to how they treat you.

As a bailiff, they are allowed to visit your home to try and collect the debts. Depending on the nature of the debt, they may also have the right to take some of your belongings as payment, if you are unable to clear off the debt. They could also take your vehicle, if you will not allow them to enter your property.

If you do receive a visit from an agent from MF Bailiff Co Ltd and you advise them that you can or won’t pay, they may decide that the best course of action would be to take some goods from your home as payment for the debt.

If they are contacting you about serious debt you have. For instance, if you have failed to pay your criminal fines or tax bill, the bailiffs may decide that they will need to force entry to your property. This isn’t something they would take lightly and would only really be used if you just refuse to pay.

These are some rules that bailiffs but adhere to, if dealing with standard debt:

  • They are not permitted to force their way into your property
  • There must not be people under the age of 16 at home when they attempt to enter your property
  • They cannot attempt entry after 9pm or before 6am
  • They must only enter your property through the door.

Coping With a Visit from MF Bailiff Co Ltd Visits?

You do not have any legal obligation to allow bailiffs like MF Bailiff Co Ltd into your home, unless it is extreme circumstances. This would include unpaid tax bills or court fines you have failed to repay. They must be able to back up any claim about entering your property with the appropriate paperwork, otherwise you can ask them to leave. If they are permitted to enter and you refuse to allow this, they could get a locksmith to try and gain entry.

If you do receive a visit from MF Bailiff Co Ltd, you should ask them to provide you with identification, in the first instance. The typical types of identification that would be relevant, includes:

  • Proof to show who they are with a photography of themselves, such as an ID card
  • Proof of who they are contacting you on behalf of (i.e. MF Bailiff Co Ltd)
  • Proof that you owe the money they are claiming
  • Proof that they are permitted to gain entry into your property, such as a warrant or writ

When they provide these forms of identification to you, you should scrutinise them and ensure they are above board. For instance, you may want to check that they are accurate and in date.

If you feel that they are not permitted to enter your property. For instance, if they can’t provide a warrant or the warrant is out of date, you can ask them to leave. In this case, you should contact head office and sort out the situation directly with them.

If you don’t contact the head office, MF Bailiff Co Ltd will just keep trying to get the payments. It is worth contacting them to get the bailiffs off your back, if nothing else!

How to Get Your Goods Back from MF Bailiff Co Ltd

If MF Bailiff Co Ltd have already entered your home and taken away some of your goods, don’t worry, there are still things you can to do get these back. You will need to do this quickly though, don’t leave it until it’s too late!

The simplest and most effective way to get the goods back is to speak to MF Bailiff Co Ltd and settle the debt, before they get the chance to sell your goods on to anyone. If this is not within your capabilities, you could also arrange a suitable repayment structure, or purchase the items to cover the debt.

If the agent from MF Bailiff Co Ltd has failed to follow the required legal procedure, this may also give you the opportunity to recover your goods, without paying anything. You should contact Citizens Advice to get more information about this.

General Rules if you have Been Contacted by MF Bailiff Co Ltd

You should be aware of some of the general rules around dealing with MF Bailiff Co Ltd – and what you should and shouldn’t do when you hear from them.

Speak to them

You should never ignore the correspondence you have received from MF Bailiff Co Ltd. If you do, they will just keep on your case, and the situation could even escalate further. There is no point in ignoring them anyway, as they will keep coming back time and again, and they may also end up charging you more for the action they need to take, including:

  • Compliance – £75. If they need to send an enforcement notice with a request for payment, they may charge a compliance fee
  • Enforcement – £235 (or 7.5% over £1500). This is a fee usually charged if they need to gain access to your property
  • Sale of goods – £110 (or 7.5% over £1500). Sales of goods charge is for removing and selling the goods for payment of the debt.

Even if the debt has been sent to you in error, you should always respond before they get the opportunity to send someone out to your property. Update the head office, even if it seems to be incorrect, and either get clarification or make sure they update their records.

Find out if this is your debt

If you have been sent a letter that claims you are responsible for this debt, but you don’t recognise it, you should ask them for clarification. It may be that the debt is not yours and it has been sent out in error. It is important to ensure you only pay debt that belongs to you.

If you have failed to make a payment to the debt within the last six years, or this period has passed since you spoke to the creditor about the debt, you may not be responsible for paying it. If you believe you were forced into signing the credit agreement, or there were insufficient affordability tests carried out, you might not be liable to pay the debt.

Paying your debt

If the debt definitely belongs to you, and you have been offered proof of this by MF Bailiff Co Ltd, you will need to pay it. The best course of action would be to clear the debt completely, before it gets to the next stage. However, there are other options if this is not possible. Clearing it will get them off your back and allow you to get on with your life!

If you can’t make the full payment to the debt, you should agree to a suitable repayment plan. To do this, you can contact MF Bailiff Co Ltd and advise them of your situation. They are likely to come to an arrangement with you, and even freeze any further charges.

Help in Dealing with the Debt from MF Bailiff Co Ltd

If you are struggling to deal with MF Bailiff Co Ltd, or you feel the debt is well passed your ability to pay it, there are some ways you can get help. The best option is to speak to them and devise a repayment plan. If you can manage it, you should try to clear the debt. If neither of these are possible solutions, you can get help from other sources.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

You may be able to write off your debt through an IVA, as this allows you to combine the entire debt into one affordable payment. There is also the additional benefit of being able to write off a significant amount of the debt, after around five years.

Debt management

There is also the option of a consolidation loan, where you take out a loan and pay all your debt from this instead. Alternatively, and more drastically, you have the option of bankruptcy. You should speak to a professional if you are unsure about the best option to suit you. It is important that you take steps that are right for your situation.

Citizens Advice

Another option if you need some general advice in dealing with MF Bailiff Co Ltd is to speak to Citizens Advice. They are in a good position to be able to help you deal with your debt situation and will check any correspondence you have received to ensure it is legitimate.

Formal complaints

A quick look at the Trustpilot reviews of MF Bailiff Co Ltd, will make for some fairly useful reading. There are lots of reports of different experiences which could help you. If you believe that MF Bailiff Co Ltd have not treated you properly, you will be able to make a formal complaint. If MF Bailiff Co Ltd fail to respond to your complete and reach a satisfactory resolution, you may wish to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to escalate your case.

MF Bailiff Co Ltd – Final Comments

Debt enforcement agents such as MF Bailiff Co Ltd are never pleasant to deal with. However, if you have an understanding of your legal rights, and you know a bit more about MF Bailiff Co Ltd, you will understand how to deal with them in the best possible way, without affecting your day to day life. The main comment is to speak to them, and don’t hide away from the debt. Debt problems are common, and nothing to be ashamed of, but you need to be able to deal with them head on! Never allow anyone to enter your property, unless they are definitely legitimate and have the necessary paperwork.


Do I have rights if a bailiff tried to enter my property?

Bailiffs do not have the right to come to your property before 6am or after 9pm. If they do this, you can inform them of the time and send them away. They must also not use force to gain entry, and they should give you notice of their impending visit.

How many times will a bailiff visit?

There are no restrictions on how many times a bailiff can visit your property. The only restrictions are based around the time.

What if I won’t let the bailiffs in?

If you refuse to let the bailiffs in, they may return with a locksmith to gain entry instead.

Can a bailiff break my door down?

They definitely cannot break your door down, and if they do this, you should call the police straight away.

Can bailiffs remove my car from outside my property?

Yes, they can and they may decide to remove your car from outside if you refuse to allow them entry. They may even take it if you require it for work purposes.

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