Rosan & Company has the capacity to contact high volumes of people every day to discuss debt they have with other companies or individuals. They are well aware that no one really wants to hear from them, and that they will probably try and avoid their calls and letters until they have no other choice. That’s why they keep trying, as most people will eventually give in!

We know it can be difficult to be contacted by bailiffs, and this article has been designed to help you with all the unanswered questions you may have relating to the bailiffs. We will look at how you should respond to Rosan & Company, and what your rights are, as well as what they can and can’t do in relation to chasing you about the debt.

Who are Rosan & Company?

Rosan & Company Limited were originally based in Sussex but are now based in West Drayton, Middlesex. They were incorporated in December 2012.

They are run by Lee Rosan who controls the company and is the majority shareholder. Lee Rosan is a Certificated Enforcement Agent authorised by Brighton County Court.

Springham Farm Grove Hill, Hellingly, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4HF

Registration Number:

Incorporation Date:

License Granted:

Also Known As:
Rosan & Company Limited
Rosan & Company Ltd
Rosan & Company Group
Rosan & Company Bailiffs
Rosan & Company Debt Collectors
Rosan & Company Debt Collection
Rosan & Company Agency

What Can You Expect When Rosan & Company Contact You

If an agent from Rosan & Company has suddenly contacted you out the blue, you probably have a lot of questions about who they are and indeed, what they want. You may even be concerned about whether they are genuine and have the right to chase down this debt! One thing you can be assured of is that they are a legitimate company, and you should respond to them, as they have legal powers in relation to the debt.

There are many reasons why Rosan & Company may be contacting you, and these are just some:

  • You have failed to pay back a loan you have taken out with your bank
  • You have not paid your court fines
  • You have outstanding parking tickets
  • You have credit cards that are old and you haven’t paid them back

As you can see, the debt isn’t actually with Rosan & Company, so this is where the confusion can be. They are legitimately chasing the debt on behalf of another organisation. Basically, you have debt and it has been passed onto Rosan & Company to deal with on behalf of the company you owe the money to. Some of the most common types of companies are:

  • Credit card companies
  • Payday loan companies
  • Council debt such as unpaid council tax

You can bet that you are not the only customer on Rosan & Company’s hit list. They buy up bundles of debt from companies, such is the debt problem we are dealing with nowadays. Credit companies get tired of trying to chase the debt and they often don’t have the resources to allow them to focus on this, so they sell it onto companies who specialise in debt collection.

Are There Any Ways to Prevent the Contact from Rosan & Company?

It is not unusual for debt collectors to make daily calls to customers with outstanding debt. If your phone keeps ringing and Rosan & Company are on the other line, it could be tempting to ignore them, with the hope that they will bore themselves and give up. However, this won’t happen, they will continue until you respond.

If you don’t answer the calls or other correspondence you receive from them, they may eventually just decide that enough is enough and they will visit you at home instead. It would be unusual for them to just suddenly turn up, they will normally give you at least 7 days’ notice of the impending visit to your property.

There are certain rules that Rosan & Company must adhere to in relation to chasing the outstanding debt:

  • They should only call you at reasonable times of the day
  • They must not contact you at work when you’ve expressed that you do not want them to do so
  • Any information they provide should be clear and concise
  • They must not discuss your debt with anyone else

The main way to prevent Rosan & Company from turning up at your property or contacting you at unreasonable times is to speak to them, and clear up the situation. If you resolve it by paying the debt or reaching a suitable arrangement to repay it, they won’t just show up. They only do this if you persistently ignore them.

If the debt they’re contacting you about does not belong to you, you should ask for proof and evidence that this is your debt and that they have the right to chase you about it. The Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines have more information on this (see section 7).

What Are the Legal Rights of Rosan & Company Have?

Rosan & Company certainly do have a lot of legal powers relating to their ability to chase the debt you owe, and you have rights in relation to how they can and can’t behave while they chase the debt.

One of the rights they have, and one that is quite an overwhelming one, is that they have the right to visit you at your own home to try and get the debt payments from you. They would only take this drastic step if they have continuously contacted you and you are failing to respond to them.

They obviously know that they are reaching you on some level, whether it be via phone or by sending you a letter. They know that if you are not replying, you are deliberately ignoring them and this is when they decide to take more drastic action.

In some cases, they can even force their way into your home, but this is only if you refuse to pay the debt and it belongs to you. They would do this to try and recover the debt by taking some of your possessions.

They cannot use force to get into your home, and if there are only vulnerable people or under 16’s at home, they should not try to gain entry. They must also not visit your property before 6am or late at night. If they don’t stick to these rules, you can report them.

What Actions Can You Take if Someone from Rosan & Company Visits?

You have the right to refuse entry to Rosan & Company unless they are visiting you for debts that they would view as ‘extreme’, such as unpaid court fines. With that being said, bailiffs would much rather reach an amicable agreement with you to repay the debt you owe. They don’t particularly want to go into your property and upset everyone. You should contact them before it gets to this stage.

If the situation has evolved and someone from Rosan & Company does come to your home, you should always check that they are who they say they are. They should carry identification with them that proves:

  • Who they are, including their name and an ID number
  • The company they are representing, into relevant paperwork
  • What you owe, including any charges and interest that have been added
  • That they have the right to force entry, if they are trying to do so, such as a warrant

When they pass these documents over, you should carefully check that the information looks valid, and that everything is recent enough. Your own personal details on their paperwork should also be accurate.

If they do not have a warrant or any other documents that permits them to enter your property, you should just request that they leave. Don’t just leave it there though, contact the head office to deal with the debt as required, either by paying it or updating inaccurate details.

It is important that you speak to the head office of Rosan & Company even if this is not your debt. If you don’t update them, they will just keep hassling you about it.

What Choices Do You Have if Rosan & Company Have Already Taken Some Possessions?

It would be heartbreaking to see some of your most important possessions being taken away by Rosan & Company. You will understandably feel huge distressed about this, but there are ways you can deal with this situation.

Speak to Rosan & Company and either arrange to pay the debt or set up a suitable payment structure to pay it back at a rate you can stick to. Another option is just to buy your own items back, as payment for the debt.

Another option for getting your items back is if Rosan & Company have not followed the correct legal procedure. For instance, if they have visited your property at unsociable hours, or they have entered your property through your window. You may wish to contact Citizens Advice to discuss this further.

Steps for Dealing with Rosan & Company

If you have been contacted by Rosan & Company and you are not quite sure how you should deal with the situation, these are some steps you should consider taking.

Discuss your options

The last thing you should ever do in this situation is ignore the contact from Rosan & Company. If you do this, it will cause extra hassle and potentially additional debt! As they are bailiffs, they have the right to add on extra fees, just for handling the debt. You should avoid this at all costs. Some of these fees are:

  • £75 compliance fee. A compliance fee may be charged if you have been issued with an enforcement notice requesting payment
  • £235 enforcement fee (or 7.5% over £1500). An enforcement fee may be charged if the bailiffs end up visiting your home or business
  • £110 Sale of goods fee £110 (or 7.5% over £1500). They may charge this additional fee if they need to sell your goods to get the debt payments

You should try as best you can to avoid anyone from Rosan & Company turning up at your home and the potential costs associated with these visits. The best thing to do is to speak to them and try to come to an amicable arrangement to repay your debt.

Ask for confirmation

You should always get confirmation that this is money that you owe before you make payments or set up a repayment plan. The debt could be wrong, inaccurate or you may have already paid it and Rosan & Company are contacting you by mistake. When you have confirmation, that is when you can start dealing with the debt.

There is a way that you might not need to pay the debt after all. If you have not spoken to the creditor in six years, or this was the last time you made any payment to your account, you may not be liable for it. If you believe that you were almost forced into taking out this credit in the first place, there may be legalities that mean you can refuse to pay it.

Finalising the debt

If there are no other issues in the way Rosan & Company have behaved and you are happy that it is your debt, you should pay it, if you are able to. When you pay the debt, you will never be contacted about it again, and you can forget all about it. You should only pay if you are able to though, don’t clear the debt and leave yourself with nothing to survive on.

You also have the option of setting up a payment plan, if you do not have the means to pay the debt in full. You can speak to Rosan & Company and advise them of how much you can pay and when you would like to start repaying the debt. You may be able to avoid additional charges if you set up a repayment plan.

Alternative Options for Dealing with your Debt to Rosan & Company

It is not always possible to repay the debt in full or even to set up a repayment plan. You may not be working, and have no income at all to make repayments. You may not have anything left over from your salary when you have taken care of your other commitments. In this case, these are some other options worth considering:

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

If debt is a real issue in your life, and you owe money to several different companies, you may wish to consider an IVA. With an IVA, you get all your debt together into one monthly payment. You may also be able to write some of the debt off, if there is still any remaining after a set period of time has passed, usually around five years.

Debt management

Some debtors prefer to use consolidation loans, which is a loan you take out to get rid of your entire debt, and make just one monthly payment to the loan. It means all your debt is together in one place and you don’t have multiple companies contacting you. In more serious cases, bankruptcy may another suitable alternative. Ask a professional debt adviser if you are unsure of the best option for you.

Speak to Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice are ideal for helping support and guide you when dealing with Rosan & Company. They will check the correspondence you have received, and if necessary, help you prepare for the bailiff visiting you. They know the best course of action for dealing with debt, no matter what your situation may be.

The right to make a complaint

Unfortunately, the experience people have with bailiffs and debt collectors is often fairly disturbing. You just need to browse through the Trust pilot reviews of Rosan & Company and you will find plenty of people who have had a terrible experience dealing with these bailiffs. If you share this experience and opinion, and want to make a complaint, you should first contact them directly.

If you want to complain to the bailiff company you can use our free letter template which outlines exactly what you should say.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service. They will act as a mediator and deal with it on your behalf.

Rosan & Company – Summary

If you have had dealings with Rosan & Company, you may be feeling distressed and alone. You should know that many people share your experience, and if you have been treated badly by them, you have the right to make a complaint. Do not ignore the correspondence you receive from Rosan & Company, even if you don’t have any funds to pay the debt. It is always better to speak to them and resolve it in some capacity. If they visit you at home, make sure they have all the relevant paperwork to prove who they are and that they have the right to be there in the first place.


What rights will I have if a bailiff visits?

You have rights in terms of when the bailiff can visit your home. They are not allowed to come to your door at unsociable hours of the day. They must stick to the reasonable hours of between 6am and 9pm.

Can a bailiff visit more than once?

There are no legal restrictions on the amount of times the bailiff can visit you at your property. However, they must stick to the permitted hours.

I have refused entry to the bailiffs, what happens next?

If you refuse to let the bailiff in and you don’t arrange to repay the debt, they might show up again, but with a locksmith in tow this time!

Are bailiffs allowed to break down my door?

No, they cannot break your door down in an attempt to gain access to your property. They must also only ever enter the property via your door.

Do bailiffs have the right to remove my car?

If you don’t allow access to the bailiff, or arrange repayment of the debt, they will need to recover it somehow. This means that there is the possibility they will take your vehicle instead. Not ideal if you need it to get to work!

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