Grencar Ltd speak to people on a daily basis about their outstanding debt. It is not pleasant to receive calls, emails or letters which say that you have debt you need to repay, and there are lots of people who are suffering from debt issues. In some cases, if you not paid your debts or you have unpaid fines, companies like Grencar Ltd bailiffs may try and reach out to you in an attempt to get payment.

Although contact from bailiffs may be hugely upsetting and worrying, it’s important that you deal with it head on, and don’t just bury your head and hope they disappear! Thankfully, there are always solutions to manage your debt situation and to prevent it escalating and becoming even worse. We will help you understand who Grencar Ltd are, how you should deal with them if they contact you and how to respond to any threats they send you.

Who are Grencar Ltd?

Grencar Ltd is a small debt collection agency based in Dorking, Surrey. They have been operating since 2012. They have just three employees and there are three main business areas in which they operate.

The first is recovering debts for local authorities. This includes collecting unpaid Council Tax and business rates. Because different local authorities take a different approach to non-payment, Grencar Ltd tailor their approach to debt collection to match each client’s needs.

The second is collecting rent arrears from commercial landlords. Where tenants fail to respond to a statutory seven-day notice following non-payment of rent, this can involve seizing the tenant’s property. Ultimately, it may also involve Grencar Ltd taking control of the premises provided that there is a forfeiture clause written into the lease.

The third is dealing with unpaid parking fines and other fixed penalty notices. Grencar Ltd have ANPR-equipped vehicles and the ability to access the DVLA database giving them a range of both static and rolling enforcement options.

Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR

Registration Number:

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Also Known As:
Grencar Ltd Limited
Grencar Ltd Ltd
Grencar Ltd Group
Grencar Ltd Bailiffs
Grencar Ltd Debt Collectors
Grencar Ltd Debt Collection
Grencar Ltd Agency

Why Are They Getting in Touch?

If you are wondering why Grencar Ltd are contacting you, quite simply, you owe them money. As they are an authorised company you should speak to them and discuss the debt, as they won’t go away even though you probably wish they would! There are many different reasons why Grencar Ltd are trying to contact you, and these are a few of the potential reasons:

  • You owe money to someone, or an organisation
  • You have an outstanding tax bill or you have tax overpayments you haven’t given back
  • Debts which include credit card and payday loans
  • You have outstanding court fines

The individual, or company you owe the money to, will give the unpaid account to Grencar Ltd, so that they can move it forward. it’s usually because the original creditor has failed to reach you and they want it out their hands. For example, if you owe HMRC money, they may use Grencar Ltd after failed attempts to get the money back.

The chances are that you won’t even recognise the name of the company who are contacting you, but regardless, you still need to pay up as the debt has been passed to them. Grencar Ltd work on behalf of a range of different organisations, including:

  • Gas and electricity companies, including some of the most well-known brands, such as NPower
  • Companies who provide mobile and/or broadband services
  • Local council – usually unpaid parking fees or unpaid fines.

Grencar Ltd may buy packages of the debt, as this gives them a better chance of making a good profit. They are chasing the money not for the creditor, but to make themselves some money. As they pay such a small price for the debt (sometimes only 20%), they make profit thereafter, so this can be quite substantial, if they start to get payments in.

Is There Any Way You Can Prevent the Contact from Grencar Ltd?

It may be the case that the agents from Grencar Ltd are persistent in their contact, and no wonder when you think of the profits they can be making! They may be so persistent that they continuously call you or send letters, and in some cases, they may decide to turn up at your property. It may seem like a good idea to just stop contacting them, but they won’t give up. If they do, then they are losing money. This is why it is better if you just deal with the problem head-on.

Bailiffs such as Grencar Ltd could be used for the purpose of serving you with court documents or for notices and summons. If they are planning to visit you, they have an obligation to give you 7 days’ notice before they turn up at your property. There is one way to stop them coming to your home, and that is to take care of your debt, or by making an arrangement to pay it.

These are some actions they are not permitted to take:

  • Send letters that are similar to court forms
  • Try to contact you at unsociable hours
  • Contact you at your workplace, especially if you requested that they don’t do this
  • Use complicated words that you don’t understand to try and confuse you

If you are looking to contact Grencar Ltd, you will be able to track down their details on the correspondence they sent you. The sooner you contact them, the better your chances of ensuring the matter is resolved in an effective way, as soon as possible, without ending up with further costs or visits to your home.

If they are claiming that you owe debt but you don’t recognise it, you ask them to send proof and give evidence of the debt. The Financial Conduct Authority’s guidelines can provide more information on this (see section 7).

What Can Grencar Ltd Do To You?

Grencar Ltd is a bailiff so naturally, they do have legal powers regarding collecting the debt you owe. You should know that you also have rights though, and you shouldn’t put up with any unfair behaviour on their part.

One of the rights they have is the ability to visit your home in order to collect the money you owe them. They may even have the legal right to enter your home, and if you refuse to pay, they could end up taking some of your possessions to cover the debt. If you do not allow them in, they may take your car.

If an agent from Grencar Ltd comes to your door, and you won’t allow them to enter, they may decide to take items from your home that you use on a daily basis. This may include your games console and television.

There are some instances when Grencar Ltd will be allow to force entry into your home, but they would do so as a last resort. This includes of you have criminal fines you have failed to pay back, or income tax.

These are some actions that Grencar Ltd are not permitted to take, if it is just normal debt:

  • They are not allowed to force past you and into your property
  • They must not enter your property if there are people under the age of 16 at home
  • They cannot enter before 6am or after 9pm
  • They must enter via the door, not through the window or any other means.

How to Deal with a Visit from Grencar Ltd Agents?

You will not be required to give access to the agents from Grencar Ltd, unless it is an extreme case. For instance, if you have an unpaid tax bill. They may try to persuade you otherwise, but this is because they won’t realise you have this information! If they are permitted to access, you should request that they provide you with paperwork to support this. They may go as far as to access your property by using a locksmith. If they break your door down, you would have a case for reporting them to the police.

If an agent does show up from Grencar Ltd, you should ensure they have identification with them. These are some of the different types of ID they should be able to provide for you:

  • Proof of their name and a photograph, for instance on an ID badge.
  • Proof that they are allowed to represent the company (ie, Grencar Ltd)
  • Proof of what you owe, together with a full breakdown
  • Proof of whether they are allowed to force entry, such as a warrant

You can request that they pass the relevant documents through the letterbox, and you can check key information, such as whether the details are accurate and up-to-date.

If you are not happy with the documents you have received, i.e. they don’t have the legal right to enter your property, you can ask them to leave, and then you can contact the head office directly and either arrange payment or pay off the debt. If they are chasing you about debt that doesn’t belong to you, just ask them to leave, but make sure you update head office.

Grencar Ltd will keep trying to get the debt paid, so you will need to either pay it, or update them with the correct details. Ignoring it won’t stop them!

What if Grencar Ltd Have Already Taken Some Possessions

You may have already allowed a bailiff from Grencar Ltd to enter your property and they might have taken some of your goods already. If you deal with this situation quickly enough, you can recover your goods before they are sold.

You can get your goods back easily by just paying or settling the debt before they get the chance to sell them. Another option is to come to an arrangement with the creditor to pay back the debt.

Another way to get your items back is it Grencar Ltd have not followed the correct procedure in order to get the debt repayments. If you need further advice on this, you should contact Citizens Advice

How to Deal with Contact from Grencar Ltd

If you are dealing with Grencar Ltd about your debt, these are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t be tempted to ignore them

Whatever you do to resolve the situation, you should never ignore the correspondence you receive from Grencar Ltd. The debt won’t go away because you have ignored it, and it will be likely to make the matter worse. You may even end up being charged with an additional fee, if Grencar Ltd have to deal with the debt on your behalf. These charges include:

  • Compliance – £75. If an enforcement notice is sent out, you may be charged a compliance fee.
  • Enforcement – £235 (or 7.5% over £1500). They may charge this for having to visit your property
  • Sale of goods – £110 (or 7.5% over £1500). The cost for removing and selling your goods.

You should always aim to speak to someone about the debt, as this will stop these charges from being an issue. You should establish whether or not the debt belongs to you, and ensure you take the relevant action.

Confirm the debt

If you have received confirmation that you are due to pay the debt, you should make sure it is correct, and that the debt belongs to you. It could belong to someone who lived at your address before or it may be debt you previously paid, and your account has not yet been updated to reflect the payment.

You might not even need to pay the debt, if it has been six years or more since you last made a payment, or spoke to the creditor. If you were put under pressure to sign the agreement, or there were a lack of checks undertaken to ensure you could afford the credit, there is a chance that you might not be required to pay back the money.

Paying your debt

You need to pay the debt if Grencar Ltd are able to provide you with proof that you are liable for it. If you are able to, the best approach would be to take care of your debt and clear the entire amount, as soon as you can. If you do this, you won’t need to hear from Grencar Ltd again. They will be off your back and onto someone else! If you do pay up, you should ensure you are given a receipt to prove you have cleared the account.

Don’t stress if you can’t pay the entirety of the debt in one go. You should be able to reach an agreement with Grencar Ltd to pay via a repayment plan. It is best to speak to them about your finances and come to an amicable arrangement for repaying the debt. They may allow you to pay the debt back in suitable instalments, while ensuring no further fees are added.

How to Deal With Grencar Ltd

If Grencar Ltd agents have been in touch, you should speak to them straight away or call them back and discuss your debt. If you owe the money, then you should try to pay it all as quickly as possible. If this isn’t possible, there are other ways you can deal with your debt. There are different types of organisations who can offer help in dealing with debt issues, depending on your circumstances.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

If you have quite high levels of debt, an IVA might be the best choice for you. With an IVA, you get all your debt together in one single payment, so you don’t need to deal with different debt companies and have a number of repayment plans set up. You may even benefit from paying at a lower rate. After around five years, the debt you have outstanding will be written off.

Debt management

There are other debt management options available too, and again, these will depend on your individual circumstances. If you find yourself in serious debt, and you don’t believe you can pay it back in the near future, the only option may be bankruptcy. If you would prefer to get a loan and use that to pay all your debt, you may want to consider consolidation loans. It is important that you speak to a professional debt expert before making a decision, as you need to ensure you make the right choice, based on your circumstances.

Citizens Advice

If you would like advice on how to deal with Grencar Ltd or you would like someone to look over the correspondence they have sent you, you may wish to speak to the Citizens Advice. They have highly skilled, professional staff available to help discuss your debt situation, and get you to the help you need. Best of all, this is completely free of charge!

Formal complaints

If you want to find out more about other people’s opinions of Grencar Ltd, you can take a look at the Trustpilot reviews of Grencar Ltd. It doesn’t make for very pleasant reading, but at least you won’t feel like the only one suffering at the hands of them! Some common words you will find on the reviews include ‘mistreated’ and ‘bullies’, not exactly the most favourable choice of words. If you feel that Grencar Ltd have also mistreated you, you have the right to make a complaint.

If you want to complain to the bailiff company you can use our free letter template which outlines exactly what you should say.

If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you may wish to escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Grencar Ltd – Last Words

Dealing with debt enforcement agents like Grencar Ltd. is not something anyone wants to do, but it can be part of the course if you have ran up debt. If you understand the rights you have, and the legalities they must adhere to, you will know what to expect and you will be in a better position to be ready to deal with them. In summary of this article, we would say that you shouldn’t ignore the correspondence you receive from Grencar Ltd. You should speak to them, even if the debt does not belong to you. You do not have any legal obligation to allow them to enter your home, unless they can provide you with a warrant or writ. Don’t be forced into paying debt you don’t owe, but do take action to deal with your debt, as soon as possible.


What will my rights be if a bailiff visits my home?

There are rights relating to the times that bailiffs can visit your property. They are not permitted to visit between the hours of 6am and 9pm. They are also required to provide you with 7 days notice of any plans to visit.

Is there a maximum number of times the bailiff can visit?

There is no limit to the number of times a bailiff can visit. They will be able to visit as many times as they wish, but they must stick to the set hours of between 6am and 9pm.

What will happen if I refuse entry to bailiffs?

If you refuse entry, the bailiffs may end up getting a locksmith to try and gain entry into your property.

Do they have the right to break down my door?

They have no right to break the door down. If they intend on taking drastic action to gain entry to your property, they need to use a locksmith. They must also only enter through the door of your property.

Do bailiffs have the right to take my car, even if I need it for work?

The bailiffs will be able to take your car, even if it required for work purposes. Even if you try to move it somewhere else, such as on another street, they will still be able to take it. The only exception is it if it parked on a private property that is not yours.


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