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Are you fed up with being contacted by Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors about an outstanding debt? Are they threatening you with court action or a visit to your home? Have you already paid the debt, and have no idea why they are getting in touch with you? If you are struggling with any of these, or similar issues with Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors this article has been developed to help you deal with your situation.

It’s not your fault. Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman have risen this year from 830 to 2,006, so it’s safe to say that you’re not alone.

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Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors

Who are Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors?

Sherforce is a registered debt collector in the UK that works to collect debt on the half of clients throughout the country. Sherforce 9has more than 100 staff in its employ with offices throughout the US, India and the UK.

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You could get rid of debt collectors by writing off some of your debt.

There’s 7 debt solutions in the UK, choosing the right one can take years off your debt, but the wrong one can be expensive and drawn-out.

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What do Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors want – why are they contacting you?

Debt is such a widespread problem in our society these days that the debt collection business is massive. With credit cards and loans being readily available, even with one click on the internet, it is hardly surprising that many people are getting in over their heads as far as finance is concerned. Debt collection agencies are in plentiful supply, as they can do well from people who are dealing with debt problems.

Although they work in different ways, the main business model is the same, regardless of the type of debt collection business. The credit company you have the debt with, will pass your debt over to a debt collector when they are having no success in getting the money themselves. They sell the debt on at a much lower cost than the face value. For instance, if the debt value is £2,000, they may sell it for as little as £500 or even less in some cases. This is good business for the debt collectors, as they can make a good profit from it. Of course, that all depends on you paying it! Unfortunately, this often leads to debt collectors operating in destructive ways, in their quest to get you to pay up.

Is this your debt?

First thing’s first. Before you pay the debt, make sure you owe it and it is accurate. If you don’t recognise the debt, you shouldn’t pay it, as it could be an error. Even if you do recognise it, the value of it is likely to be significantly higher than you remember. This is because the company may have added on charges and interest.

To get confirmation, you can just write to Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors, and request a copy of the credit agreement, with a breakdown of the costs. They may say they don’t have it or refuse to provide it, and in which case, you would not be under any obligation to pay the debt.

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how to debt

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When should you pay?

It you have received clarity that the debt is yours, and you have the funds to pay it, the best thing to do is just to clear the debt, as quickly as possible. This is not always possible, but you should still make arrangements to pay it at a rate that is best suited to your circumstances. Speak to Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors, advise them of your financial situation, and they should be able to give you a monthly figure to set up on a repayment plan. In some cases, debt collectors will take a partial payment to clear off the debt. They can afford to do this, as they have bought the debt at such a low rate.

How debt collectors can bring you down

Unfortunately, there are debt collectors out there who will resort to bullying and threatening behaviour to try and get you to make a payment to your debt. If this behaviour is bringing you down, don’t worry, you are not being dramatic, it is perfectly normal to get upset by these questionable tactics!

Some debtors have reported feeling upset, distressed and even depressed about the contact they have received from debt collectors. It was even reported by the debt support trust that many debtors have considered suicide, due to their escalating debt problems. It was found that many debtors reach a point where they feel isolated, humiliated and entrapped with their debt problems. This is made worse when they receive threatening calls from debt collectors, or are even bullied into making payments they can’t really afford. As a result of the behaviour of many debt collectors, and the effect it was having on debtors, the government were asked to step and take control of the situation. This was a huge job, which resulted in new legislation being brought into force, specifically for debt collection agencies.

Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors – the legislation

The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012) determined that there would need to be a new set of guidelines put in place for the debt collection industry. According to these, Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure that debtors are treated fairly, without aggressive practices being used to try and get the payments.
  • Treat debtors in a fair and empathetic way, regardless of their situation. This includes being truthful and proper in any practices.
  • Ensure transparency with any information provided to the debtor. There should be no confusion or misleading information.
  • Show consideration towards the debtor, who may be experiencing extreme financial problems
  • Take the individual debtors’ circumstances into account, before determining appropriate action.

Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors do not have a right to try and intimidate you. If they are doing this, or they are failing to abide by the guidelines in any way, you can complain to them directly.

If you want to complain to the bailiff company you can use our free letter template which outlines exactly what you should say.

If their response isn’t satisfactory, you can escalate your case to the OFT. The OFT have been known to remove the license of debt collectors, in some cases.

You should be aware of the mistruths of some debt collectors. They may tell you they are operating in a way which isn’t necessarily true. Make sure you have as much information about the company as possible, and that everything they are telling you is truthful.

What you need to know about Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors

If you haven’t heard of Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors before, or had any dealings with debt collectors, you probably don’t know much about how they operate. These are some things you should be aware of when it comes to debt collectors.

They work to targets

Debt collection is ultimately a sales job, and with this, comes targets and bonuses. If you feel that any debt collection agents are hounding you, then this is why. They have targets to achieve, and they will often stop at nothing to get payment. They could ultimately leave you with nothing, but in most cases, that doesn’t particularly matter, as long as you pay. There is no room for empathy in this industry. The belief is that you owe it, so you must pay it!

In most cases, the threats you receive from Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors will be empty. They only have certain legal rights, and they can’t just harass or bully you into paying. You should sort out your debt issues, but not in a way which will leave you unable to fulfill your day to day bills.

They often use call technology

If debt collectors are calling you every day at the same time, or they call every hour on the hour, the chances are that they have call technology in place. This allows them to contact you on a cycle, in an attempt to drive you crazy so that you eventually pick up. The call may even be silent when you do finally answer, and that is because they want to intimidate you!

You could say that this is a form of harassment, and if they are doing this, you should keep a note of the calls and the times. As this is a breach of the OFT guidelines, you would be within your rights to report them to the Financial Ombudsman. Don’t hesitate to do this, if they are contacting you in an over the top way!

You can reach the Financial Ombudsman by phone on 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123

Changing attitudes

One of the tactics which seems to be quite apparent within the debt collection industry is when they quickly change their attitude when they realise you don’t have the means of paying your debt. Typically, the call will start friendly and helpful, but when you say you won’t be able to pay, they will quickly switch to become abrasive and even abusive. This is difficult behaviour to deal with. If you are in debt, it is difficult enough without having to be on the receiving end of abuse. You don’t need to put up with this behaviour though – and you shouldn’t. Debt collectors have no right to treat you in such a way!

Standing up to this behaviour is difficult, but if you understand what they do and why they do it, you will be able to deal with it appropriately. Understanding your rights is key. If Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors are treating you unfairly, do not hesitate to report them to the OFT using this online complaint form.

Should they discuss your debt with third parties

There is no reason why debt collectors, including Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors should discuss your debt with others, even if they can’t reach you. Debt is personal and it is not up for discussion with other people. Unfortunately, there are many debt collection agencies out there who believe they have a right to discuss the debt with whoever they wish. They may even discuss it with someone in your workplace. If they have discussed your debt with someone else, they have breached the OFT guidelines and privacy laws.

You have the right to report them to the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123

The lies they tell

It is not unusual for debt collectors to put a bit of a ‘spin’ on the truth, in an attempt to scare you into paying up. For instance, they may say they are on their way to your house or that they are planning to prosecute you. This is not behaviour that is permitted, according to the law, and therefore, you do not need to listen to it.

If they advise that they are planning to visit you, do not give them permission to enter your property. If you feel that you are under threat, you should never hesitate to contact the police.

Staying in control

It is important that you keep in control when dealing with debt collectors like Sherforce Bailiffs Debt Collectors. They are not in the driving seat, and they cannot make up the rules as they go along. Most debt collectors don’t expect you to know this information we have provided, and this can go a long way to helping you deal with your situation. Don’t despair about your situation, regardless of how bad it may seem, as there is always a way to get out of debt and in a way that will not cause you stress.

Where to find debt help

If you are struggling with your debt, you don’t need to deal with it alone. There are organisations out there who have specific experience in dealing with debt issues, and they can help you get out of debt. Many of these also offer this service for free. These are some organisations to be aware of who offer free debt help and support.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) a popular organisation who help people deal with day to day difficulties, including debt issues.
  • Christians Against Poverty (CAP) an organisation with a wealth of knowledge in debt problems.
  • StepChange provides free online debt advice and help people gain control of their finances.

A simple way to write off debt

When debt is a real issue for you, there may seem like no way out. However, you can write off some of your debt by entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). With an IVA, you make one payment each month towards the debt. Eventually, you can write off a chunk of this, usually when five years has lapsed. You would need an insolvency practitioner to help with this process.

Find a local licenced IVA insolvency practitioner here.

You also have the option of a Debt Relief Order (DRO). This is only applicable to those who have £50 or less each month to live off, after taking care of household expenses. You must not own your home to be eligible for this.

If you wish to apply for a DRO you will need the help of an authorised debt advisor. You can find a list of authorised debt advisors here.


The debt collection business has been under scrutiny for some time, and despite the lengths professional bodies and the government have went to in an attempt to deal with debt collectors, it is still an issue. There are some debt collectors who behave in a complete inappropriate way towards debtors. They hound, abuse and even threaten them into paying the debt.

You don’t have the right to refuse to pay the debt, but you can pay it back in a way that works for you. This means setting up a repayment plan or offering a partial payment to clear off your debt. If you are being subject to any inappropriate behaviour, such as being harassed, bullied or threatened, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman. They could even lost their license as a result!

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