Who Called Me from 01414470372?

The company who called you from 01414470372 is Past Due Credit Solutions (PDCS). They will call to collect payment on behalf of companies like Sky, BT and British Gas.

Don’t worry, here’s what to do

You could get rid of debt collectors by writing off your debt. I’ve put together a 4 question debt calculator which will tell you if you’re eligible:

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This 4 question debt calculator will tell you if you’re eligible.

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Reasons why you were called by 01414470372

Past Due Credit Solutions (PDCS) could call you from many different numbers. The primary reasons they call people are: 

  1. To collect payment – PDCS are likely to call you for the principle reason of getting you to pay the debt promptly over the phone. They will ask that you make a payment via credit/debit card covering the whole sum or that you agree to pay monthly instalments until the account is paid off.

  2. To gather details – a common debt collector tactic for finding debtors is to send out automated letters to all potential addresses to those with the same/similar names. By calling, debt collectors may be able to identify who owns the debt and then start making plans on how to retrieve it. A phone call from PDCS is likely to be made to gain information about the debtor such as their income, expenses and ownership of items of value which may help them pay off the debt in the future.

  3. To intimidate you – as previously mentioned, debt collector letters are automated more often than not and therefore not hugely threatening. However, a follow-up call is more likely to put a debtor under pressure and encourage them to pay to prevent collectors from PDCS from coming to their house.
01414470372 Debt Free

How to deal with PDCS?

I’ve written a step by step manual on how to act when PDCS contact you and methods you can use to stop them in the article linked below:

Past Due Credit Solutions– A Complete Guide

Find your best debt solution

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Is all this information starting to feel overwhelming? Don’t panic! I’ve put together a 4 question debt calculator so you can quickly and easily find the best solution for you. Answer the four questions now.

Should you ever try to ignore Debt Collectors?

You can watch this short clip to learn what the law forbids and what you can do to evade exploitation from these debt collectors: 

PDCS Contact Details:

Phone number:

  • 01414470372


Blair Court, 5 North Ave, Clydebank G81 2LA

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