It’s a sinking feeling when you open up a letter from Dean Wilson Solicitors Debt Collection. If you’ve received a letter stating you need to pay them money, you are probably here to find out your options.

Do you have to pay back the debt? Will Dean Wilson Solicitors take you to court? Can you get the debt written off?

We’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll learn who Dean Wilson Solicitors LLP in Brighton are, why they are contacting you, and what your options are regarding the debt owed.

Dean wilson solicitors debt

Who are Dean Wilson Solicitors Debt Collection?

Dean Wilson Solicitors in Brighton are a legal firm specialising in property litigation, licensing, family law, personal injury, and debt collection.

They work on behalf of commercial lenders and property owners to recover debts owed including unpaid rent, unpaid loans, credit cards, and more.

Are Dean Wilson Solicitors a Scam?

No, this is a legitimate solicitors firm. They are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are accredited in conveyancing, personal injury, and inheritance law.

If you receive a letter from them, it’s not a scam, so don’t ignore it!

Why are Dean Wilson Solicitors Calling Me?

Businesses and landlords employ solicitors to chase debts on their behalf. You’re likely receiving letters or calls from Dean Wilson because you have outstanding payments on either a credit card, loan, rent, or bills.

This debt will be with a third party lender, which is why you might not recognise the name of the solicitors.

Although they deal with landlords frequently, they represent a range of clients. So the debt they are chasing may be from a private company or even HMRC.

What will Dean Wilson Solicitors Do if I Don’t Pay the Debt?

Contrary to popular myths, debt collectors won’t just go away if you ignore their attempts to get in touch with you.

Having said that, you also do not need to immediately pay the money they are asking for. You do have options available and you should do some simple checks first to make sure the debt is legitimate (more on that later).

If you totally ignore calls and letters from Dean Wilson Solicitors Debt Collection, a member of their team could come to visit you at home.

However, these agents are not bailiffs and cannot remove property from your home. You should also not agree to pay anything with them but arrange to get in touch with the company directly by phone or letter.

What Legal Action can Dean Wilson Solicitors Take?

There are a few legal routes Dean Wilson can take to recover outstanding debt. But remember, they are a business and so will make every effort to recover the debt owed without taking you to court – which can be costly.

Even so, Dean Wilson does have the right to file for a County Court Judgement which will compel you to make payments towards the debt.

If the debt is still not paid after this is issued, they then have the right to send enforcement agents to your property to recover assets.

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Make a Complaint Against Dean Wilson Solicitors

If you feel you’ve been untreated unfairly by Dean Wilson Solicitors Debt Collection, you can make a formal complaint.

Lodge an official complaint with Dean Wilson Solicitors LLP in Brighton directly with their Client Care Partner:

Post: Andrew MacFadyen, Ridgeland House, 165 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN3 1TL

Tel: 01273 249 200

Email: [email protected]

After this, you can escalate the matter to the FCA.

Note: Dean Wilson states in their complaints procedure that they retain the right to bill you for any legal fees incurred if your complaint is not upheld by the FCA.

Will I Lose My House if I Don’t Pay Dean Wilson Solicitors?

Most debt is unsecured, meaning your assets are not used as collateral. However, if Dean Wilson Solicitors applies for a County Court Judgement, they could then apply for a Charging Order.

This means your house will be put up as collateral on the debt owed and if it’s not paid, your house can be repossessed.

But don’t panic – this is only done in instances where the debt is substantial. Plus, there are many steps Dean Wilson Solicitors need to take before getting to that point.

How Do I Know if the Debt is Legitimate?

Before you think about making a payment to Dean Wilson Solicitors Debt Collection, you need to check the debt is legitimate and in your name. You can do this with a few simple checks:

1. Check your credit report

If you don’t recognise the debt they’re talking about and you’re unsure it’s even yours, you need to check your credit report.

This will list any outstanding debts listed under your name so if the debt is legit, it should be listed there.

2. Ask them for a ‘prove the debt’ letter

It’s the responsibility of Dean Wilson to prove the debt they are asking for is legitimate. So send them a letter asking for proof of the debt.

If it is legitimate, they will need to send you an original copy of the loan agreement or equivalent document showing the original agreement.

If they can’t prove you owe the debt, they can’t chase you for it.

3. Check if the debt has expired

If they’ve proved the debt is yours, has it expired? In England, lenders have six years from the date of the last payment made to retrieve the debt owed.

If six years have passed since you made a payment (or took out the loan if you’ve never made a payment), your debt is Statute Barred and they can no longer take you to court over it.

Although they can still send letters, they don’t have any legal recourse, so there is no legal reason to pay the debt owed.

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What Do I Do if I Can’t Afford to Repay Dean Wilson Solicitors?

So, if they’ve proved the debt is yours and it isn’t Statute Barred, do you have to pay them in full?

The short answer is no. And in fact, you should not pay any money to Dean Wilson Solicitors if it means putting yourself in more debt or financial hardship.

If you can’t afford to pay back the debt straight away, you should write to Dean Wilson and let them know you need some time to explore your debt management options. They should then give you reasonable time to figure out your next move.

Here are some of your options if you can’t afford to pay the debt owed:

1. Agree to an affordable payment plan

Dean Wilson should offer you an affordable payment plan if you simply can’t afford to pay the debt in a lump sum.

Make sure to do a financial snapshot to figure out how much you can afford to pay back each month without going into the red.

2. Debt Management Plan (DMP)

This will freeze interest to allow you to get ahead of debt payments. This is usually a good option for those who have lost their job and are going through a short period of financial difficulty.

3. Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

This is a better option if you owe over £6000 and are struggling to make payments. It will consolidate your debt and give you one low monthly payment for around five years. After that time, the remainder of your debt is written off.

Want some more options? Discover more debt options here.

Can I Get My Debt Written Off?

Although it is difficult to do, you can get your debt written off. In exceptional cases, the lender may agree to write off the debt owed so you no longer owe it.

However, this is usually done for extenuating circumstances such as old age or suffering an incurable illness. You may be able to get a refund if you’ve taken out a loan and the lender has done something wrong. You can read more about getting a refund here.

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