It’s never nice getting a letter from a debt collection agency, but it is, unfortunately, a part of our modern, day to day life. We will all know someone who has had to deal with a debt collection agency at some point. If you have received a letter from debt collectors Redruth Cornwall, you may be upset and worried. We take you through how to deal with them and answer some of the more commonly asked questions about debt collectors Redruth Cornwall and debt collection agencies in general.

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Debt collectors Redruth Cornwall 

The first step in dealing with debt collectors Redruth Cornwall is understanding and knowing who they are. It’s unlikely you would have had dealings with debt collectors Redruth Cornwall in the past, so getting a letter from them can be a cause for worry. 

There are a few different ways of finding out who the company you are dealing with is. These include a quick search for their official website online, as well as searching for the company on Companies House

All legitimate and registered companies in the UK will have a Companies House page. However, debt collectors Redruth Cornwall do not have a Companies House page, nor do they have an official website.

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Who are the debt collectors Redruth Cornwall?

So who are the debt collectors Redruth Cornwall? Well, that’s quite a tricky question to answer. A quick search doesn’t give up too many answers. 

A large number of reports dictate that debt collectors Redruth Cornwall stems from a PO Box address that a large number of debt collection agencies appear to use. This address is PO Box 106, Redruth, TR15 9BN

The debt collection agencies that have been reported to have used this address for their return post are:

  • Collectica Enforcement Services
  • Intrum
  • Amigo Loan Recovery
  • Gladstones Solicitors
  • Marston Group

There may be other companies who use this address as well. It’s worth noting that none of these companies have their official registered office address in Redruth, they merely use this PO Box address for return post. 

Debt collectors Redruth Cornwall – next steps

If you’ve received a letter from debt collectors Redruth Cornwall, you may be confused and a little worried. It may be a surprise that you have a company you don’t recognise contacting you about a sum of money you didn’t even know you owed. 

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how to debt

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Who do you owe the debt to?

One of the first things you should do is to read the letter really carefully. The letter that you received from debt collectors Redruth Cornwall will state exactly who they are collecting the debt on behalf of. 

Debt collection agencies collect debts for a variety of different companies. If you have an account or any unpaid fees with any companies, and you do not stay up to date with your payments, these companies will get in touch with a debt collection agency. 

Debt collectors Redruth Cornwall are a collection of these companies, all united by a single PO Box address. The companies that they collect for are very varied, but they could include the following industries:

  • HMRC
  • Council tax
  • Utility providers (gas and electricity companies for example)
  • Parking tickets
  • Catalogue debts

So as you can see, it can be nearly anything that debt collectors Redruth Cornwall collect for.

Is the debt yours?

You may not even realise that you have gone into debt. Our lives can be really busy nowadays, and we all have a lot on our minds, so it’s quite easy and fairly common for payments to slip between the cracks. 

You may be surprised to receive a letter from debt collectors Redruth Cornwall. You may also think that you don’t actually owe the debt at all. However, it is very rare that debt collection agencies will contact you in error.

If you don’t think that the debt is yours, you can send a ‘Prove the Debt’ letter to the debt collection agency. This is a letter that they have to respond to in writing that proves you owe the debt they say you do.

You can find some good templates for the letter following this link.


Here we answer some of the commonly asked questions about debt collectors Redruth Cornwall and also have a look at debt collection agencies in general.

Will they have told me about the debt before?

Yes. Companies only ever reach out to debt collection agencies like debt collectors Redruth Cornwall after multiple attempts at contacting you with regards to the money you owe.

Check the company on the letter and cross-reference it with any other correspondence you can find.

Should I ignore them?

No. You might think that by ignoring the debt collection letter, they will simply leave you alone. Unfortunately, debt collection agencies are notorious for being persistent. They will continue to send letters and make phone calls until you respond, and if you don’t, they may end up sending a representative to your home.

Should I pay them?

If you have the funds, and you are absolutely certain that the debt is yours, you should pay them as soon as you can. This will stop them from sending any further letters or making any further calls.

What happens if I can’t pay them?

If you don’t have enough to pay the debt in full, you should reach out to them as soon as you can and explain your situation. You may be able to negotiate a monthly repayment scheme where you pay back the debt in monthly instalments.

If you are having continued financial problems, there are a number of services out there that are designed to help you. These include Citizens Advice Bureau, The National Debtline and the StepChange Debt Charity.

Can I make a complaint?

Yes. If you think that debt collectors Redruth Cornwall have behaved in an unacceptable or disrespectful manner, you can make a complaint about them. First of all, you should send a formal complaint directly to them.

If they don’t respond to this, you can escalate matters to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will take matters into their own hands.

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