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Have GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors been contacting you about a debt you have outstanding? Do you feel that you will be unable to repay the debt? Are you being asked to repay debts and you are not sure if you even owe them? Are they threatening court action against you? Why not read this article to find out more about dealing with debt collectors!

Who are GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd?

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd were incorporated in February 2014 and are based in Manchester. They are a debt collection agency.

George Murphy controls the company and is the sole shareholder. He is authorised by Burnley Combined Court Centre as a certificated enforcement agent.

83 Ducie Street, Manchester, England, M1 2JQ

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Why are GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors trying to reach you?

Debt is a major problem, and there are literally thousands upon thousands of people who are struggling with money worries. This is why the debt collection business is so profitable. Debt collectors like GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors come in a range of forms. They make work as part of the original creditor you owe the money to, or they may be an independent business. They could also be a sole trader – but they all operate in pretty much the same way.

The reason it can be so lucrative is that they buy the debt much cheaper than the face value. The original credit company just want to get it off their hands, and make a bit of money from it. It usually only goes to debt collection agencies when the original creditor has exhausted all other methods of trying to collect it. There is a desperation from the debt collection agency, as if they don’t collect any money, they will lose money. This is why they often go to come extreme lengths to get it!

Is it your debt?

If you don’t recognise the debt, you should seek to get confirmation about it. You want to establish where the debt came from and the total cost, including any charges and interest. The debt will probably be inflated if it has been around for a while, as there will be interest added on. If you don’t recognise the value, this is probably why!

In order to get the evidence about the debt, you can write to GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors and request that they send you a copy of your original credit agreement. If they fail to do this, you won’t have any obligation to pay the debt. Quite simply, if you ignore it, they can’t do anything!

Can pay but won’t pay?

If you really do owe the money, then the road of least resistance is to repay the debt if you are able to do so, but if you can’t afford to repay it, or if doing so would prevent you from servicing more important credit such as your rent or mortgage, then try to make some arrangement with GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors, perhaps offering them a partial repayment.

Are debt collectors ruining your life?

If debt collectors are ruining your life – you are, unfortunately, not alone! There are many debt collectors who use unfair practices to try and obtain their money, and these could include bullying tactics, harassment and threatening behaviour.

If you are being hassled by GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors, this could have a terrible effect on your life, and could even lead to emotional distress, poor mental health, and even suicide. According to the debt support trust, debt issues are way out of hand and they are causing untold stress and grief to people, with many even contemplating suicide as a consequence of their debt and debt collectors. This is why the government were asked to step in and take action in relation to the escalating debt issues. New legislation was put into place to try and combat the issues.

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors and what the law says

The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012) put a set of guidelines into place which was designed for the debt collection business and the way they were obliged to operate. In summary, these are some of the actions GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors should put into place:

  • Deal with debtors fairly, and try to support their debt problems without the use of aggressive practices.
  • Ensure transparency and provide clear information, without misleading customers
  • Show consideration towards debtors who are experiencing difficulty
  • Keep the debtors circumstances in mind when dealing with their debt situation

If you feel that GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors are acting in a manner which goes against the guidelines, you would have a good case for reporting them to the OFT, and they may lose their license as a result.

There have also been instances where some debt collectors have pretended to be an external agency, when they are actually a business arm of the company you owe money. As this is clear deceit, you may have a case for making a complaint.

How do debt collectors like GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors operate?

If you have never dealt with debt collectors before, you probably don’t know a lot about why they do what they do – and what makes them tick! These are some things you should know about debt collectors and the agents.

They get bonuses

The GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors agents who contact you none stop, will probably be on bonuses, which is why they are so persistent. If they don’t collect payments, they will have questions to answer and will not hit their targets. The last thing they want is to come off the phone without a payment, and they’ll often do anything to get the money. This is why they may seem rude and abrasive. Unfortunately, some of them will be deliberately intimidating to get the payment.

Knowing this, they key to dealing with them is to stay strong and try to stand up to the threats from GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors. In most cases, the threats are empty, but this doesn’t make the situation any easier to deal with. The best thing to do is deal with the situation head on, but don’t be made to feel bad about your situation.

They often have call technology in place

There is no doubt that there is a strong temptation to just ignore calls from debt collectors such as GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors, but you may find that they have automated call technology in place anyway, so you can run but you can’t hide! The call technology is used as a means of intimidation. If they call often enough, you may answer just to get them to disappear!

If this happens you should make a note of all the calls you have received, together with the times. This is because, such behaviour by the debt collectors is a breach of the OFT guidelines. You may wish to inform the debt collection agent that you will be reporting their behaviour to the Financial Ombudsman.

Common attitude changes

It is often the case that debt collection agents will be friendly and welcoming towards you in their initial calls – that is until you say you can’t afford to pay the debt. You may notice a change in attitude, which may even verge on abusive – or it may be downright abusive. Be aware that you are under no obligation to put up with such behaviour. This is done to try and intimidate and embarrass you into paying the debt. Although it can be distressing and frustrating, you do not need to put up with it. If they are failing to follow the guidelines, you have the right to make a complaint.

Embarrassing you by talking to third parties

If someone apart from you answers the call then agents frequently attempt to embarrass you by discussing your debt and financial problems with whoever answers the call. This could be a family member at your home, or it could be someone at your workplace. This is certainly illegal behaviour and breaches not only OFT guidelines, but also other privacy laws.

Again, such behaviour should be reported to the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123

Dealing with empty threats

If other tactics don’t work, the debt collectors may try some extremely underhand tactics which are against the law, by telling you that they are a bailiff, and they are planning to take you to court. They might even go as far as to say that they are calling you from the court, that they are a bailiff and will be visiting your home to remove your possessions, they may even threaten you with criminal prosecution.

You should not give them permission to visit you. If they say they will anyway, you can ignore them or alternatively, if you are worried, you can inform the police.

The stress of debt collectors

In some cases, debt collectors like GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors will stop at nothing in their pursuit for the money, and this kind of behaviour can lead to mental health problems, and even suicidal thoughts. It can be difficult to stand up to GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd Debt Collectors. You need strength and courage to be able to deal with them in a calm and patient manner. There is help out there if you need it know. It is always possible to get out of debt, no matter how bad your situation may be, and thankfully, there are a lot of companies who offer a free debt service.

How to get debt help

If you are looking for help to get out of debt, there is plenty of debt help available. In the first instance, you may want to use a not-for-profit agencies who will provide a one-to-one service, which is free of charge. If you fail to get the help you need via this avenue, there are also commercial debt management companies who offer the same service, but they will charge you for it. These are some of the most widely used and recognised organisations who provide a free service.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) – an organisation who provide free support and advice on debt, as well as other issues which may be affecting you.
  • Christians Against Poverty (CAP) a popular service for providing free debt help
  • StepChange provides free online debt advice and help people take charge of their finances.

Writing off your debt entirely

There is even the possibility of writing off your debt entirely by signing up to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). An IVA is a formal agreement which you reach to pay the debt collectors an amount, which is affordable, as either a one-off sum or as monthly payments, if this is more affordable. You can then write the rest off and the rest of the debt after around five years. This process must always be carried out by an insolvency practitioner.

Another option worth considering is the Debt Relief Order (DRO). You will only be able to access this if you have £50 or less each month after taking care of household expenses and additionally, you must not own your home or have other assets which are worth over £1000.

What next?

Although there have been many warnings and changes to the legislation, as well as interception from professional bodies, some debt collectors are still failing to abide by the required guidelines, and are preying on vulnerable people. It is possible to get the help you need. You can’t just decide not to pay, but you can repay in installments, if you are unable to afford the full amount. You will be able to stop any bullying or harassment by reporting such behaviour to the Financial Ombudsman.. Some companies have been known to lose their licence for such behaviour.


Is it possible to just ignore debt collectors?

If you ignore debt collectors, they will continue to pursue you for the debt, and they might end up sending doorstep collectors to your home. It is best just to speak to them, and come to an arrangement to repay your debt.

Will GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd be able to take you to court?

They may take court action against you, if you don’t make any arrangements to pay back the loan. If you get taken to court, you will have a CCJ letter.

Can you go to jail for debt collections?

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd can take you to court in order to claim the money owed. If you have been taken to court you will have received a County Court Judgement letter.

What would happen if I ignore a CCJ?

If you ignore the CCJ, you may end up with bailiffs at your door to try and recover the debt by selling your possessions.

Will GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd issue you with a warrant?

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd don’t have the legal right to issue a warrant, they can request a CCJ though, which means they may send a bailiff to your property.

Are GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd bailiffs?

No, they are not bailiffs, they can request a CCJ which may involve sending bailiffs, but they cannot directly do this.

Will GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd visit your house?

They may do this, it is not unheard of. They don’t have any legal powers though, so you can just ignore them. If you decide to

Are GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd going to force entry into your home?

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd do not have legal powers to be able to force entry into your home.

Will GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd ever give up trying to recover the debt?

They will not keep trying to recover the debt, until they have exhausted all other avenues.

Will the debt become too old to collect?

GTM Debt Recovery Services Ltd will have a maximum of 6 years to collect the debt, unless they issue a CCJ.

Are debts ever written off?

The debt can be written off it if expires (with no CCJ), or you can enter into an IVA and get it written off.

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